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41 Takato
42 Tie V 1 Comment
43 Mimi

One of my favorites. She changed a lot. - 906389

44 Seadramon

I like him, but his reputation is ruined by metal seadramon

45 Taichi Kamiya

So cute! I like his hair, everything

We are so much like each other. but I do care for others unlike him in adventure/1

46 Greymon

Come on guys! Greymon is the original Champion Digimon!

V 1 Comment
47 Mikey

Mikey is awesome!

Everybody, listen. This guy has more digimon than ANY other Digi-Destined leader.

48 Zoe
49 Falcomon
50 J.p
51 Henry
52 Boimon
53 Megagurfermon
54 Gaiamon

Gaiamon is the one who created everything and Omnimon X can't even destroy this guy with is all delete attack " I think "

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55 Zudomon

I can't believe I had to put him on here

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56 Lucemon

So much cooler than Myotismon, he destroyed whole moons and has a badass dragon thing as a final form!

57 Susanoomon

Stronger than shoutmon, x1, x2, x3, x4 and x5 and I don't know anything that can beat it not even omnimon

"Its stronger than shoutmon- shoutmon x6 nothing I know can beat it not even omnimon"

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58 Pumpkinmon

How can you not love this guy!?! PUMPKINMON IS SO AMAZING! HE IS MY PARTNER! When I first saw this amazing pumpkin head, I knew he was the guy for me Brittany! He is so fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! FROM PUMPKINMON!

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59 Rika

I don't get why people pass up Rika for all the other digimon characters. To me she was cool

60 Omegamon Zwart V 1 Comment
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