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81 Along for the Ride
82 Our New World

The Astonishing really needs more love. And this is easily the best song on the album.

Simply beautiful!

83 Raw Dog
84 Power Down

I don't understand how Power Down is rated as 87th, it holds one of the deepest meanings to any song I've ever listened to. And I have listened to a total of 6 songs in my lifetime.

Power Down is personally my favorite song off of the new album. The weirdness of it plays to it's favor, and what it represents in the story is amazing. When the robot guys die it is the best part of the album. The bodacious shredding by Jordan Ruddess will bring any man to tears. Amazing song!

85 The Silent Man

Great atmosphere and pretty simple structure. The chorus melody is just epic, also thinking of the Erotomania solo. Should be way up to the top.

This is top 20 material

86 Afterlife

Best song from "When Dream & Day Unite" - TrappedInsideIt

Just started listening to this album and I'm still not sure why it's rated so low; With songs Afterlife, Ytse jam, and killing hand, it is in my top 5 DT albums for sure.

87 Begin Again
88 Anna Lee

It's beautiful and sad and gentle. I love their ballads. This is one of my favourite songs of theirs'.

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89 Acid Rain

For the all fans of Dream Theatre band, please listen this song..! It will make you look like so handsome!

90 This is the Life

I don't know why this song is so low on the list. For me this is the best song from latest album. So emotional, amazing solos, great lyrics.

Beautiful song, amazing lyricism and musicianship, off the newest album but deserves a much higher place

Life begins with an empty slate
Fragile left in the hands of fate
Driven by love and crushed by hate
Until the day
The gift is gone
And shadows remain

Not more to say!

91 Repentance

This makes me cry that it's at #99... A phenomenal solo, and the voice samples are very touching. It may be radically different from any other song in the 12-step suite, but that's not a bad thing at all. It's a great piece of music, as is pretty much any Dream Theater song.

Just an outstanding solo.. and the voice samples that lead into it, are climactically emotional.

92 Act of Faythe

Most beautiful song from their new album

93 Astonishing
94 A Mind Beside Itself
95 Take Your Fingers from My Hair

This song is just fantastic. It's such a disappointment it's way down here on the list. More people need to hear this song.

Definitely deserves top 10 at least

96 False Awakening Suite
97 You Not Me
98 A Fortune in Lies
99 The Big Medley

Wow I'm sad that I had to put this on the list myself but it's so cool how they combine all of these classic rock songs but all polished up with their own twist on them. This definitely shouldn't be #101

100 Status Seeker
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