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41 Angry Birds

New birds every season. Boom, fly, crash, win. Don't be worried number 1 I'm coming. Be ready to bow your head to my feathers. Do not run to your papa, me THE ANGRY BIRDS is coming

42 Genghis Khan
43 Crazy Taxi

Why does everybody like parking so much?

44 Pokemon Tower Defense

It mixes tower defense genres with the original pokemon games. It is really fun

45 Falling Sand

Very Addicting and has a website for you to download it, making it flash, I do not think it should be #42 but much above (same goes to Steam Birds #41. You Must consider playing these games

46 Castaway

I'm sorry, but these games are just amazing! You are a castaway (obviously) and you have to complete quests and level up to buy and craft new weapons and equipment. Also, you get to have a pet that murders monsters by your side.

47 Mardek 3

This game is amazing a played it billions of times but sadly it gets a remake that changes everything in the game *sigh*

Well, at least it deserves #1, because it's the best flash game ever and I understand what I wrote. - GoodKevin111

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48 Slam Drift 2

This game made me addicted to flash games

Plly this and go crazy

49 Tag Team Titans
50 Run 3

I'm surprised this game was't on the list when I made this. This game is so simple and fun I love it.

51 Madness Retaliation

What's this awesome game doing so low? World's hardest game is not even very good, this game is a flash materpiece!

52 Gemcraft
53 Other Age
54 Stickman Sam
55 Neave Tetris
56 Ray - Part 1
57 Bowman 2
58 SteamBirds
59 Reimagine :The Game:
60 Canyon Defense
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