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21 Don't aw Pheebs that sucks me yet! - Phoebe
22 No, not the used wax... Because that would be crazy? Phoebe and Chandler

I just love this quote and scenes because its such a sad episode for Ross and rachel shippers I think it really helped to lighten the mood.

I think the timing and expression was just phenomenal from Chandler...

23 Wah-pah! - Chandler
24 Look at this clown! Just because he’s got a bigger boat he thinks he can take up the whole river. Get out of the way jackass! Who names their boat Coast Guard anyway? - Joey

Joey - that is the coast guard.
What's he doing over here coast is all the way over there

25 I'm a nice guy, just ask my parol officer....obviously I'm not a funny guy - Mike
26 Look, suppose we were a divorced couple. And I got custody of the kid, right? Now suppose the kid dies and I gotta buy a new kid. - Joey
27 Ducks is "heads", because ducks have heads. - Joey

Love this. Classic joey logic

28 The last thing she said to me was, you get the eggs, and I'll get the bread, and we'll meet at the checkout counter. And you know what? We will meet at the checkout counter. - Phoebe

It's funny, and sad at the same time. - ilovekelly75

29 That's not even a word ! - Monica
30 This is all a moo point. - Joey

See it's like cow's opinion... Joey says
Then Rachel says..."Have I been living with him for too long or did that all just make sense"

31 Could I be more... - Chandler

Could Chandler BE more funny! Love Chandie my favourite friend

Such a great quote. I love the way Chandler speaks, it's just so funny.

This is very much like How I Met Your Mother's Barney's signature LEGEND-wait for it-DARY! Classic!

32 No, you didn't get me! It's an electric drill! You get me, you kill me! - Chandler

This is such a funny quote, the timing is perfect and I love Joey's genuine concern for Chandler and Chandlers rage at his carelessness! I laugh every time and I have seen every episode of friends more times than I care to remember.

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33 A no sex pact huh? I actually have one with of those going on with every woman in America? - Ross
34 I got off the plane. - Rachel

Who didn't cry when she said this?

In the end this is the quote that basically meant everything to them. It's so important, much more important than Janice's, "oh my gawd. "

The line that finished friends for good

35 How are you doin’?! - Carl
36 I didn't get the part............yeah I did!!!!! - Joey
37 Sup with the whack PlayStation sup. - Joey

This is a brilliant episode

38 Stupid guy on MY phone... - Joey
39 They don't know that we know they know we know - Phoebe

Pretty much ever one of the quotes from this amazing television series are genius. However this is from my favourite episode of Friends and it is really funny, almost as funny as the storyline that goes with it.

This was one of the funniest episodes ever. The on ewhere the girls find out about Monica and Chandler.

40 I managed to survive whatever killed the 3 of you! - Chandler

the one with rachels sister and they are all fighting over who gets emma. - alexx3

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