Top Ten Rappers from Houston

The best rappers all time coming out of Houston, Texas.

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1 Z-RO Z-RO Joseph Wayne McVey IV, better known by his stage names Z-Ro and The Mo City Don, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas.

Hands down best rapper ever no one even comes close

Z Ro is the realest on any coast hands down! I've got 25 songs that are TOP NOTCH from Ro... Screw 4 Life

My vote on Ro as always!

Jazzy Red

One of the best artists on the planet for real. In my opinion the best.

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2 Trae tha Truth

trae is one of the realest rapper to hit the streets on the cool. I got love for any one trying to come up in this world. knowing how it feels is just the beginning

cause no matter where he go he stays the same. no drugs or nothing just str* like it is

Great going' for a cool rapper. He's got talent and will keep on stayin' cool. Yeah, no drugs. Stays straight. Knows where its at. He's real, the deal.

Z-Ro and Trae ABN

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3 SLIM THUG SLIM THUG Slim Thug gained mainstream attention for his contribution to the popular single from rapper Mike Jones, "Still Tippin'".

slim thug and boss hogg outlaws realest rappers ever best music ever done

He is tremendously good to me as I have listened to him almost for 10 years but he is comin back with some new music which is really getting his name more known and is getting people to like him as a rapper and entertainer but there is lack in meaning and therefore nobody will look up to him as a role model.

He keeps it real an let's you knw he run the streets

The king of the South

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South Park Mexican, all politics aside, I think he was/is quite the lyricist. Created beats and lyrics really hardcore and original, I.E. "Graveyard", "Mexican Radio", "Mary Go Round", "I Must Be High", etc. As well as strongly helped build up the chopped and screwed scene of music (even though not all of us like C&S music, I include it because it was a style in music).

SPM was the inspiration to many struggling from the hood and pushing passed our "Limits" he not only had a flow that hit with the most powerful grace we could hear, he also dropped the heaviest of beats.

SPM also was a four-father and leader in Latino culture and a strong presence in the hearts of many southern and Latino American's.

SPM is one of two rappers (SPM, and Tupac) to give rise to a struggling American in the ghetto, not only in poverty and low classed, but handicapped with lung disease, and deafness. He gave rise to a young Houston man named Joshua S. from Maple Leaf who is now an Opera ...more

as I was learning english I was also learning about rap and I owe it to spm for introducing me to the rap and most of all to dj screw w the power moves

Spm would have to be one of the best rappers in houston hands down. As I was growing up in the same nieborhood as spm I was listening to him as a kid I was inspired. I am also stuck in some of the same situations as him and listening to what he hgas to say really helped me know what to do.

Best Rapper Ever! Free the MEX!

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5 Bun B Bun B Bernard Freeman, known by his stage name Bun B, is an American rapper and was one half of the southern rap duo UGK.

Are You kidin me these cats got nothing on the underground kings UGK 4 Life

Bun B should not be this low on the list

Bun B should be top 3. Trill for real

I agree Bun B top 5 go sho

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6 SCARFACE SCARFACE Brad Terrence Jordan, better known by his stage name Scarface, is an American rapper, music producer, and author.

Not even much of a question. Face is by far the best Houston rapper he is the best lyricist and he influenced all these guys and to have Chammillionaire and spm ahead of him is a disgrace. Now Z-Ro is good but please Face owns him to.
All real hip-hop fans vote for Scarface.
- Chris-1

Nothing but classic's... put the light on h town and Texas. great story teller

scarface paved the way 4 all the guys on this list. Respect the game. Facemob #1

Is the best rapper from Houston

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I can't believe this can should be on top I know everybody says this that he's the most underrated rapper alive but he really is. Stay fresh cm

King Koopa is a beast on the Mic if you don't understand how good he truly is go listen to get ya mind correct and chamillionaire's greatest hits the of run c one. Even if the tip of my dick was ashy you misses would still harass me about doing the nasty mouth glassy looking like a swallow a mirror gotta brush my teeth with Windex to see my I ice no clearer- koopa

Cham manages to keep making high quality music. Even though he has been having a long delay on his Poison album, he's still released several albums, such as Elevate and Reignfall. He releases songs on his YouTube page and on and interacts with fans. I have to say, he is certainly the coolest rapper, particularly towards the quality of his music and the dedication to his fans.

Whoever said something about his d! ck being ashy…that's disgusting

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8 DJ Screw

So six artists out of the top 10 are either direct results of the movement he started, or were actually artists that were on the first gray tapes themselves. Yes, it is a travesty that he is not in the top ten. We're talking about someone who deserves a Houston landmark for crying out loud!

For one dj screw should be number one cause without him this list wouldn't be here cause more than half of these rappers wouldn't have made it if it wasnt for him he's the one that brought them into the spotlight so yea this list is WACK! Yall need to know the roots of htown rap get sum knowlege in yo system!

Dude made chopped and screwed.. Come on.

There wouldn't b a list without screw, come on bruh

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9 Lil' Keke

ke ke supposed to be up there at least top five or even top three yal trippn h town texas



Dopest Rapper Alive. Don Keke. the Real OG

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10 Lil' Flip

Not sure I would put flip at this rank... Candy freestyles and when the beef came out he's gangsta. Like his music to an extent, but there is way more talent on H Towns Underground scene in my opinion.

Lil flip done went platinum twice kids. only rapper out the H to do it. He came up with the og dj screw enough said. oh ya n the boy can freestyle for ever

be serious the cat is a beast by the way i bought his ablum 25 times

Lil flip has 3 platinum ablums and still worth over 4 million dollars

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one of the early h-town rap pioneers!

he is the best out of houston so is pimp c R.I.P


The greatest

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12 Big Moe

City Of Syrup Is to this day one of the greatest houston rap albums ever released. Moe put his heart into any track he touched, and made a deadly combination when paired with Z-ro or any other Houston artist for that matter.

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Love his music and really is a great person, Just real and down to earth. People's Champ

Amazing metaphor rapper, rocks his grills, hood legend, completely underrated

Walking legend. Master of metaphors and king of the parkin' lot. Definitely underestimated in the scene.

He had some of the best rhymes, and typically kept it clean so you could feel alright jammin it on the fm with your mom or dad. And to state the obvious, he stood his ground as a white dude in a predominantly black field and excelled quite well. He would be in my top 5 with trae, zero, and not sure of my other 2.

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Levi Cev is a gifted artist and performer. His diversified talent offers something for every age. Not to mention his lyrics is something one can relate to as they are about real life issues. He holds nothing back, keeps it real on and off the stage 100% and Never gives up. Can't wait to see him in the top 10 soon.

This is ridiculous... Levi Cev should be in the top 10... We need to wake up and start voting. Stop sleeping on good talent.

He's hot! Love his music.. I mean how did Mike Jones makes the top ten and he didn't...I know he colder than mike and a lot of these other rappers in the list

I continue to love being apart of Levi success!

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pokey should at least 6 in the top 10. yall boys trippin

Line for line bar for bar can't nobody see this Mayan in the game str8 up

Mayne he's the best he can flow on anythng and his lyrics nobody can touch

16 K-Rino K-Rino

The best lyricist hands down the most underrated rapper in Houston not a rapper dead or alive can hold a candle to K-Rino 30 years in the game and still getting stronger every single album gotta love K-Rino for that timeless and priceless and the most humble dude you will ever meet

K-RINO is ahead of his time, deepest lyricist, unlimited creativity, good flows and good sound, strictly underground, no one has come close to match his unprecedented discography in the rap history.

Head and Leader of The South Park Coalition, Best Rapper and Lyricist for Years. SPC4Life!

Underrated asf

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17 Mike Jones

There's just something about Mike Jones. When he broke in the mainstream, he seemed to be everywhere! We are still waiting for his revival...

I'm moving to Houston just because the environment and Mike Jones and Paul wall

I'm from South Houston and I have met lil flip I have been to Kappa beach party and I have smoked with Mike Jones. Who Mike Jones! He's a living legend! By the way I'm a white girl.

18 Kirko Bangz Kirko Bangz Kirk Jerel Randle (born August 20, 1989), better known by his stage name Kirko Bangz, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer signed to Atlantic Records. He is best known for his single, "Drank In My Cup" which was released in 2011 and peaked at number 28 on the US Billboard Hot more.

Kirko Bangz is the best rapper coming from Houston Texas, he puts it all out there, here talking the truth, he's also the finnest rapper alive and I think he should come do more shows up in his home town " Houston "!
I really am like in love with his music and he is just awesome and knows what he is talking about, not like all the other rappers that just be cursing out their and not knowing what their saying!

Kirko is the next generation of tx rap he has made a original sound of his own but is easy to see where his roots came from,

Kirko is the best rapper ever there's never a time when I am not jamming to his songs

Dope artist

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19 Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano is the best rapper I jam to him in my ride everyday all day lucky the God

Coldest on the mic, hottest freestyler this Mexican wont be touched

Lucky go hard in the paint!

Lucky should be top five with spm and that boi t and gt garza

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20 South Park Mexican South Park Mexican

Every from the south gotta love spmex and the wholw dopehouse familia


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