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1 French

Such a romantic language and not harsh like some of the other European languages. Also, the French people don't talk loudly which makes their language even more endearing.

I'm French and it's funny cause in another top ten, some people were saying that it is "the most annoying" language because we speak fast but we actually don't. I'm proud to be French and I love my language even if it is hard and there are a lot of rules in grammar... It is an ancient beautiful language! French love songs about the city of love are my favourite! It makes me even more proud to see that my language is number one... Thank you for loving it and making it first romantic language!

When I started learning French, I realized the beauty of the language as opposed to learning Spanish. I adore the accent and how romantic it sounds when speaking it, especially with other individuals. This language is also integral universally.

The french is beautiful. They have the best love song in the world. The language may be hard, (it is even hard for french) but the difficulty able you to express feeling better. Believe me, be able to sing in french work with laddies ;).

2 Spanish

I agree that Spanish is by far the most romantic language, but I disagree with some of the above comments. I feel that Mexico has the best accent, certain parts do at least. This is probably because it's closest to our English and all consonants are pronounced. In Puerto Rican speakers usually switch the R and L and bunch words together, as do Cubans and a lot of other countries, they also tend to speak faster or seem faster and harder to understand because of this... Spaniards tend to have a bit of a lisp. I am part Spanish so I am being objective... I do agree at how descriptive and poetic one expresses themselves in Spanish, I sometimes think of things in Spanish and then translate to English when I want to melt a special lady's heart...

Spanish is not just a form of communication, but numerous words that come together in a form of song. As native speakers have conversations, you naturally hear every other word rhyme. As a native speaker, I catch the phrases every now and then and see why people use them as melodies of songs. Italian, French, and English (when spoken correctly) are easy to be noticed with this as well. I am sure if I was to understand other languages I would see this in them as well. Spanish sounds so fluid though, and many of my friends ask me to speak it all the time and are trying to learn it.

For many south american people Japanese sounds too bad (except for the awfulls j-poppers), english is too come on and is a soft german, german is a military language (then english more or less), Italian maybe the most romantic but exaggerate, is too soft, maybe french is the best one but I had lessons of french and when I compare, spanish is more similar to italian. But it depense on what kind of spanish for example Mexico FD, Lima, Paraguay, Bolivia and ecuador have a beautiful pronounciation. In my opinion those spanish languages that have an african heritage sounds bad.

Spanish is the language of heaven. However, if you go to all those countries, you will hear a different accent, and even in the countries themselves you will hear a few different accents within. It's possible to remove accents to make it more professional, but some accents are sexy. The most prominent accents people like without a special order are: From Spain who is the mother country, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, and Uruguay. I'm Canadian, and it's easy for me to be neutral. I do love English, but it seems to me a more a practical language. I do also love French, and Italian. I love Italian women, especially from the south of Italy, just a comment here. I don't like the Chinese language, but I do like their music. Hindi is a language I really hate, even in music. I was trying to be honest, and I'm not a racist. I do speak English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

3 Portuguese

It's so phonetic! I love the way it sounds.

Portuguese is by far, the most romantic language. Though Portuguese varies from country to country, it stills sounds beautiful.

Portuguese is a beautiful language on earth to me. It's like love but in a language. I think it should be #1 because its so beautiful. I speak that language everyday with my parents! It's beautiful and amazing!

Like portugese. It is the sweetest language in the whole world

4 Italian

As an American I am not exposed to the amount of beauty and true love that is brought through the harsher landscapes of the land. In Italy I see a world that could never be seen here in America and I realized that if the native people of the italian landscapes actualy looked up and saw where they were they would realize that they are the holders of true beauty. Making them cherish other beautiful things so much more than the people of my country.

Here I found comment about an American talking about Italian landscapes compared American ones, come on guy, American landscapes are definitively hundreds times more wonderful than Italian landscapes, which are so monotonous.
And concerning the romanticism of Italian language, just I do prefer hear a nice fart.

Italian is a romantic language as well as being a 'sexy' language. Having the closest dialect to Latin also makes this language interesting and romantic. It truly is a beautiful and not too hard to learn language and can help you learn other romantic languages too, such as French and Spanish.

Oh, come on! French and Spanish sound great, but Italian is on another level entirely. Just listening to two people converse in Italian on no matter what subject, without understanding a single word of it, is pleasing enough to make it your hobby.

5 Japanese

Japanese in my opinion is the best language for singing. It's unique because all syllables are open, and even n sound is syllabic so it sounds like a vowel in songs... I haven't found a language that would suited for singing better then Japanese. (some Polynesian languages have some similar qualities in the way their syllables are built (for example Maori), but unfortunately these languages are mostly dying out). Japanese culture and science is very rich and in many ways unique too. I think Japanese is very romantic (except for gangster speech... Like.. Kora teme wa dare the! Ore wa dare the to omou.. Etc) but ladies usually don't use such kind of language, and gentlemen too. So Japanese is the best for singing, very romantic and pleasant to listen to. Rap is the only thing Japanese language is bad at=) But I don't care about it, because I hardly listen to rap. Well it doesn't mean that every song in Japanese is nice, no.. Not at all.. There are tones of bad ones.. But tones of good ...more

Japanese is one of the difficult language, but it is also very beautiful language! That's why, I'm learning Japanese in Japanese university.

Simply the best language ever. The range of emotions is very wide, from the most vicious, to the most romantic as well as to the cutest voice

The Japanese language, (I am learning currently) is more beautiful then what I thought. When I talk in Japanese, I seem... Younger, and I'm in my late teens. Italian is nowhere near romantic in my opinion. French is only on here due to stereotype's on T.V.. Spanish is kinda... Ugly in my opinion. - Buddha

6 Greek

When I hear Greek girls talking..its a turn on - matty101

Sexiest Language in the world! '

Very smooth flowing and romantic, you get a feeling for how ancient and developed of a language Greek really is! Just listen to anything by Nikos Vertis or Hristos Holidis and you'll see!

I speak Greek too my wife all the time an she has
No idea what I'm saying but she loves it

7 Korean

I love Korean, cause it sounds romantic it's has many Vowels that's why it is smooth to the ear... Example SARANGHAEYO (I Love You) and Keuraeyo? (RIGHT? )... The "yo" it sound's sweet... Because it is WAVING and other words.. And it is simple to learn I know how to write and Read.. In the grammar it's quite difficult...

Songs in this language are the best because they flow so easily. The characters are beautiful and easy to learn. The language is so expressive and you can convey any feeling like when you say (I miss you) you can really hear the feel and the love. So romantic!

Korean words are very unique, in comparison wit Japanese Korean language very different. particularly songs, them are so beautiful. then you listening them you even can't image that this is Korean. I love how they speak in informal and formal way, its like two different languages, but is it not. I'm from Europa and my biggest dream to speak Korean.

Echo the comments... it is also the only written and spoken language that was wholly created by the 1st emperor of Korea. It had not evolved as other languages have done in a natural way. Prior to the invention of Korean, their country relied on the Chinese in language, arts and all things cultural. The first emperor did their country a huge favor. - mgenet

8 English

The thing about English is that we have SO MUCH flexibility that almost every other language does not have. We can mess with our own rules so much and have it still make perfect sense. We can abuse word play when it comes to flirting, we can change the tone of our voice in so many different ways, English is just so damn flexible, it's not even funny. There are so many ways that we can flirt and turn people on that other languages cannot do because they are a lot more constrained by their very strict rules that English doesn't really have. VERY difficult language to master, but extremely easy to pick up and learn the basics. We just use so much slang and so much witty word play that you can't really learn it unless you're experiencing it.

Let's be serious. The only ones that beat English are Spanish French and Italian ( maybe Portuguese depending on the speaker) English is at worst the 5th most romantic language in the world. Eloquent speakers can use the language to create unmatched beauty just like Shakespeare used to do.

English is not THE most romantic sounding language in the world, but it does not deserve ninth place. English is far to popular and widespread to not be considered in at least the top 5! Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish and then English. English, though extremely difficult to learn, opens up an innumerable amount of phonetic freedom when honed and used properly. English is by far in the top 5!

Is this supposed to be a Romance language, such as a language originating from Rome, or just languages that sound Romantic? But if you say that it is dirty-just listen to other dialects.

9 German

I am german...

I am pure German, I embrace myself.

Especially when spoken by Germans, Austrians and the Swiss

Amazing language, so many different words to express oneself.

10 Arabic

One of the only ancient languages that is still used commonly, every word can have 100 meanings to it, a language that may sound odd to outsiders, but to those who understand it realize it's a language that purely comes from the heart.

I agree with the pure heart thing, I speak a little arabic, and I have to say it's the most beautiful language ever, there are so many ways you can express your feelings through, more than any other language.

Simply about this language, that all of its rights has been demolished because of political and religious reasons. This language must be the first romantic language as you are able to express yourself well in. Arabs have the most romantic expressions and phrases over the world.

I'm native Arabic speaker and I can speak English and Spanish by far Arabic is the most romantic language I've ever seen it's ancient and pure and beautiful you can say romantics word for over 20 ways

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11 Romanian

I have a Romanian boyfriend, and know have to admit, I sometimes ask him to speak in Romanian to me, cause it's so darn romantic. He actually proposed in Romanian. And I say this as a person who grew up just outside of Madrid, Spain.

Romanian language is the most related to Latin language and sounds very beautiful. So, Romanian is my favorite language in the world!

it is one of the most romantic launguages so you can't beat that its the 3rd most romantic language.

A sharp, yet smooth and amazing language. The idiosyncrasies and various influences make it truly a one-of-a-kind and beautiful language~

12 Hindi

In Hindi you can find word for each and every thing in the world. Other than this it gives respect to each and every individual irrespective of their age, qualification and religion. It's not like English in which everyone is either uncle or aunty.

This language has it's own beauty but person who don't know it how he/she could be able to vote it. After all it needs beauty to find beauty So, learn this language then you will realize I was faking.

Its Hindi that admires beauty through its songs at least listen to them.

Just hear some Hindi songs and think of this list again. When anyone speaks Hindi it seems that he is reciting poem

Love has no language... If you love someone than you can say everything without saying anything. Although everyone like their own language. So I'll say Hindi is my language which is mother of every other language as our culture is the oldest in the world.

Hindi is a beautiful language and one can understand this beauty only if you understand it. if you want to learn Hindi, don't learn the typical new aged Hindi which has now been modified. The real ethnic Hindi and its sweetness lies in the languages used till a few years earlier. Anyone interested should listen to some nice melodies of Sonu Nigham, Jagjit Singh and a few more. And make sure to read the translations in your language to realize it's beauty

13 Persian

The only other language that might come remotely close to Persian in this respect might be French. Spanish? English? Russian? Korean? Are you kidding me? These languages sound mechanical or low quality in comparison to Persian. Persian is simply an art. I've been learning Persian for only one year, and I still can't understand majority of words; however Persian poetry is simply amazing. The Rhythm, the sound, the way the words are juxtaposed is simply unrivaled. From what I understand, they have more poetry literature than the whole Europe combined. Shakespeare sounds armature in comparison to some of the great Persian poets.

There are so many different ways one can say "I love you" or "sweetheart" or "my love" in Persian. Just using different combinations make me sound like a love poet. The greatest love poets of all time (Rumi) wrote in Persian and to this day people translate it into their native tongue, but its original wording is so beautifully written it loses some value once translated. Not only that but the culture is very warm and loving (if you ever visit you would know)

Are you kidding me?! Korean, Romanian and Hindi are among the top ten and Persian and Latin are not?! Then I really have no idea what you mean by Romance! Persian alone has more masterpiece of romantic poems than your whole top ten languages combined. It is so poetic and beautiful that you should really really try hard not to be poetic. The first sentence that I wrote in Persian is most beautiful than many of the English poems that we learned at school. And Latin?! Don't even get me started on this one. !

Persian is the language of poems

14 Latin

It's very structured and logical language and that's why it's very beautiful and so romantic. Because it is very logically consistent and structured, it's very well suited for poetry. As a linguist, I think best romantic languages are;
1. Classical Latin,
2. Classical Greek,
3. Old Persian (Avestan),
4. French,
5. Italian.

Latin is the most beautiful ancient language. Even till this day it has such a smooth sound. Like Italian. English and Spanish combined.

My older brother is learning Latin and I know some words, and they sound musical.

Latin is by far the most romantic language

15 Tagalog

This language is the most expressive lyricism for song, eventually also for drama.

mahal ka (i love you)
mahal mo ba ako (do u love me?)
kinikilig ako (i'm blushing)
gusto kita (i want u)
papakasalan mo ba ako (will u marry me?)
saan, gusto mo ngaun na? (where? do u want it now?)
teka, tanong ko muna sa mga magulang ko (wait, i'll ask my parents first)

gagawin na ba natin ung alam mo na (shall we do the u know?)
sa susunod.. (to be continued..) - ronluna

Tagalogs have romance seriously, okay. And romantic it definitely stands for. Love that Tagalog is one amazing mix of culture, Asian, American, and Spanish all. Therefore, the romanticism of language is definitely deep and is wide range. - arianejoypiu00f1olcoronel

a mix of asian and spanish culture

16 Swedish

Swedish is just fantastic.

If you summed up all the things sweden is good at and gave it a number, it would most likely end up as one of the top 5 nations.

I mean, highest quality of Life in the World. Biggest gamer population in any country. One of the top 3 countries with the lowest infant mortality rate.

Is ranked within the top 20-10 wealthiest and richest nations (on Earth).
Is one of the top 5 nations with the best Healthcare (of which is founded by the stat, ).

And I mean, the language is just awesome - yklo005

Wonderful language and wonderful people! Beautiful Country!

Swedish all the way!

I love you at once please understand

17 Ukrainian

Ukrainian language is very gentle and colorful. If you even shout at somebody in Ukrainian, it sounds as if you make a declaration of love))) Ukrainian can sound like gentle whispering as well as singing of nightingale. That's why among Ukrainian-speaking people Ukrainian is called 'the nightingale's language'.
Besides Ukrainian songs are widely considered as an outstanding contribution to the world's culture. Just find them on the Internet and enjoy listening)))

After Italian the most beautiful and melodious language in the world - Irina2932

You won't find another language where you can describe something in more than 10 ways. And only if you are a native speaker you can catch a slight difference between those words

The most beautiful language I've ever heard!

18 Russian

People say Russian is "violent" and "angry" but I think it is beautiful and romantic. I would much rather be spoken to in Russian than French by my lover.

I'm Russian and have been told it sound very violent but to me it sound so sweet and romantic.

Most beautiful words and you can say EXACT the way you feel and make point across

Russian sounds like a violent language and I like it very much. It's too much strong

19 Norwegian

Norwegian is such a beautiful language. The people in Norway are also very nice and their accent makes them sound even friendlier.

Just like the country itself, Norwegian is the most beautiful and gorgeous language in the world.

Norwegian is a lovely language. You'll fall in love when you hear this attractive accent.

20 Tahitian

Its awesome bruh

21 Melayu

When my malay boyfriends read to me malay poems, it really tugs on my heart strings because the language itself is just so beautiful and in addition to the man himself who is reading it, I can just fall in love in an instant.

unique language come in a very soft tones

I like it.. Even though I'm Indonesian and most Indonesians hate Malay, but for me it is more smoother and it flows better than Indonesians.. There's many word you can adress yourself too.. One of top unique Asians languages

I love words by words sounding

22 Vietnamese

Unlike other languages, Vietnamese has 6 tons. Therefore, every sentence is produced, especially by the people from Hanoi - capital of Viet Nam, is completely as beautiful as a song.
Vietnamese grammar is really flexible but sophisticated, for example, in one sentence, if you change its word position, you may have different meaning. The diversity of personal pronoun also contributes to the uniqueness of language, when choosing pronouns to use, you indicate your attitude to your counterpart in communication : love, hate, angry, despicable, privilege, power, status...

Its unbelievable richness in vocabulary and sounds make it super attractive!

Songs, Poets, and any art forms...Yes! This language is absolutely colorful & stunning. - VNTMFans

A variety of sounds. People speaks as if they sing! Love it!

23 Hawaiian
24 Chinese

Chinese is a graceful language!

It's actually a very sentiment language with lots of literature. No wonder why its subject bases on writing knowledge and literature than grammar, and the westerners find it so hard. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Once of the oldest language, it's rich in history and when you learn the culture, you will love and appreciate this beautiful language.

As a native mandarin speaker, I'm more than proud of my language. Considering its cultural richness, I would say it's more than just a language, it's a book of history.

25 Bengali

It is the best and the most romantic language..however I would rate Spanish as nearly the same and French the next(French sounds better with only a few people)

Bengali is really sweeter than any other language in the world!

Who dare to rank bengali like this. whoever it is he or she is mentally retired

Bengali is the most romantic language I ever hreard.

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