Top Ten Styx Songs

Styx had some great songs, but I don't know which one was the greatest.

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1 Come Sail Away Come Sail Away Cover Art

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me. Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.

This is what is would sound like if the song did not fade away and the Styx just kept on playing. I have recently taken a break from the Styx and am about to try and get back on the horse. Let's see what happens.

AWESOME man, I mean the piano is just amazing to begin with, and the strong strengthens when the guitar enters and it just freaks me out how the hell do people do awesome songs like those bands in the 80's. However, I wouldn't say that Styx doesn't have better song like boat on a river (surprisingly still about water and sailing) and Renegade with an awesome riff, but this one speaks to me the most. After all you decide what's best depending on your opinion (I'd be ok with anything on the first ten list)

For the most part history has shown that Dennis DeYoung was the creative leader, best song writer, and the reason for the band's success. I do like Tommy Shaw and JY songs, however, Dennis DeYoung is Styx.

Styx was a great group with a great sound. My pics may be more from radio listening than concerts, so the super fans may know better, but for pop-I think this song has to be #1.

2 Renegade Renegade Cover Art

Renegade is Styx's greatest song. How could it not be #1? Renegade is my favorite song ever. I love how it starts out kind of on the slow side & then Tommy Shaw yells out, "Yeah! " & the song just keeps getting better at that point. It just keeps getting better, & better. I hope Styx keeps going on making more songs like this.

No way!
How is this not #1
Come sail away just repeats itself although it still is an instant classic
Renegade is just better in every way

Renegade it has the most real lyrics... Can you imagine getting ready to hang and what your mom would go through... Love Renegade

Love it! Am going to Styx concert this weekend... Can't wait. This song takes me back to high school

3 Mr. Roboto Mr. Roboto Cover Art

Styx had Come Sail Away, Renegade, Blue Collar Man but they're not as conceptual and operatic as this one) doom arigato mr roboto
P.S. best vocals from Dennis))

Song was heard in the Universal Studios film, The Perfect Man, in 2005 due to the reason that Universal Music Group owns A&M Records.

This is the very first song I remember hearing as a child, so it has always had a special meaning to me. I just love it!

Mr Roboto is a terrible song. It marked Dennis DeYoung's destruction of the Styx era.

4 Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) Cover Art

I remember it when it first came out, and even today, I play the ass off it. It resonates raw energy, and our Country relies on it's Blue Collar Work Force's energy, to be a Country.

Blue Collar man is a song that's message still applies today. Also, it's introduction is outstanding.

If I had to pick a personal theme song for myself, this would be it!

Love this song almost as much as Renegade! Should be higher up!

5 Lady Lady Cover Art

You can't think of my all time favorite band without mentioning this song as a favorite. This was always the first song people would mention. If you mention videos,most would say Mr Roboto. I myself loved Paradise Theatre. If you have the DVD, you know what I am talking about.

Lady was one of the anthems of my youth and Styx one of the most unique bands of the era. Lots of great memories associated with this one...

How can you go wrong with this song. It set the band on the path to stardom. It's lyrics tells a story and the melodies are tight

I'll never forget when a guy I had a crush on played this one song for me on a jukebox. It let me know how he felt about me in words he was too shy to say. VERY ROMANTIC song :-)

6 Suite Madame Blue Suite Madame Blue Cover Art

Suite Madam Blue is the best Styx song ever. The real question is, which is #2? Come Sail Away, Lady, Lorelei, Crystal Ball or Renegade? Or Light Up...

Honestly, I love all of Styx's songs, but I feel that this one is especially underappreciated.

How on God's green earth is this not in the top 10? Wow...

This so is super underrated.

7 Too Much Time on My Hands Too Much Time on My Hands Cover Art

I really like this one! I can't believe its not in the top ten! It is more outside the box for these guys! They get away from the ballads with this one. Its got a strong groove and a great beat!

Tommy Shaw at his finest. Excellent chorus and guitar work

This should be in the top 5 in my opinion.

Should be one of their top 3 songs.

8 The Grand Illusion The Grand Illusion Cover Art

I was sixteen when I first fell in love with their music. It always brings back wonderful nostalgic memories. This is an awesome album. I used to listen to their music on an eight track tape player in my car until it had worn out. Such a wonderful combination sounds & words. This is a magically musical album.

First Album I ever bought, First song I ever listened to in head phones as a little kid sitting cross legged in front of and old Sylvania Hi-Fi. Not only does this song bring back great memories, It is a structural masterpiece.

Great song and it's hard to pick but this would have to be my favorite of Styx. Going to their concert tonight.

This is the best song it has well and past and future Jimsjag91 says #1 With cacer on my back it just lets me know its ony a well you know the song

9 Babe Babe Cover Art

Nothing against hard rock and progressive songs... I love Zeppelin for example... But for me, the most melodic, emotionally tugging and memorable of all their songs. As an analogy, "Ten Years Gone", "Thank You" and Going to California" were some of Zep's best stuff, even though their harder stuff got more air play.

Babe captures my emotion greatest love song, it takes me back to the time I have spent with someone I loved. Still makes me cry sometimes at night when I'm listening to it in the middle of the night

Love this song. Great music and lyrics. Takes me back to a great to a great memory of someone I loved and now is gone.

Remembering my first love..

10 Clair de Lune/Ballerina Clair de Lune/Ballerina Cover Art

This has to be the most beautiful Styx song. I love how it starts out with a soft, classical piano intro, but then the singing starts and the song changes completely. At that point it gets more and more awesome. It's such a sentimental song, with such poignant lyrics, and he song builds and builds, with Dennis DeYoung continuing to wail the the lyrics alongside the screaming guitars. It's the perfect power ballad.

When it goes into the string part it's on! "Dance for Me I beg you" sends chills up the spine then the solos/harmonies hit you like a ton of bricks and keeps on going.

This song has this soaring, wild interplay between the guitars and Dennis DeYoung's voice.

A prog rock power ballad if there ever was one

The Contenders

11 Don't Let It End Don't Let It End Cover Art

I love this song. Brings Back memories of my first boyfriend. He moved to Houston and I didn't want it to end. Its been years since then but I still miss him. It was nothing but good memories. We were young and in love but we were just two 16 yr old kids.

12 Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Cover Art

While I am completely a fan, this is truly the best Styx song ever. How different would our lives be if we could only have a Crystal Ball to help us through our difficulties... Or would it only make the pain worse.

I really love this song especially since Tommy wrote it.

I'm in love with this song!

Definitely the best song on this list so much passion in the lyrics music awesome just a great job musically should be number one

13 Lorelei Lorelei Cover Art

I agree that this song should be in the top five. Driving guitar is what rock is all about and this song has it. Roll the windows down, crank it up and rock on.

I love the upbeat tempo to this song! Definitely deserves to be higher up possibly top 5!

This beautiful song has stayed with me a long time

Love this song this song should be number 2

14 Castle Walls Castle Walls Cover Art

While not the best Styx song, this is perhaps the most underrated. I love how the tension builds during the instrumental part, and the guitar right after the chorus.

This has always been my favorite. Their building melodies and they reach a brilliant finish. They tell a great tale. This was a great song in concert.

Brilliant, underrated song! Builds to a triumphant Pink Floyd/Ozzy-like symphony before launching you to the album's epic finale. Awesome track!

Everyone who thinks they hate Styx needs to hear this song.

15 Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) Cover Art

This song is probably their most progressive rocklike. As a Prog Rock fan it's natural that this one is my favorite. Throughout the song it shows off: vocals, insturmentation, quick tempo and slow tempo. What's not to like?

This contains the best keyboard playing than all the other Styx songs in my opinion.

This should be higher up on the list. The keyboard solo at the start is awesome.

Love this band...many great memories cruising down the freeway blasting these songs...I love you guys...thanks for the memories!

16 The Best of Times The Best of Times Cover Art

Just rediscovered this song after many years. Probably my favorite Styx song of all time. This should be a bar anthem right next to don't Stop Believin!

17 Show Me the Way Show Me the Way Cover Art

I love this song. The words are powerful and have so much meaning to me. I consider it hymn-like. Roseanne

Awesome song with Amazing lyrics! One of the most versatile bands ever!

Beautiful song! My favorite!

Should be top 15

18 Boat on the River Boat on the River Cover Art

Come on, how is this not yet in the top 5? Or top 10? The lyrics are very peaceful, telling a story about a man's journey, and the instruments used were perfectly chosen. Renegade is another awesome song but by far overrated compared to Boat on the River.

Tommy Shaw was awesome! This song became a legend to me and my friends. It was our anthem of sorts. Since 4 out 5 of us went into the Navy at the same time. I remember playing this song while stationed in Australia,it became a song that was asked for more than any other.

Styx is the most underrated band in the world and Boat on the River is one of the most underrated songs in the world. With the melody, harmonies, instrumentation - how can you not feel like you're home?

I love this song so much, ever since I heard it, it was my favorite song by Styx. Since I have heard every Styx song, I will keep this one as my favorite for all of eternity! I love it love it love it!

19 Light Up Light Up Cover Art

Light up, everybody!
Join us in this celebration!
Light up, and be happy!
Sweet, sweet sounds will fill the air.

This definitely deserves top 10 come on!

Come on, join us, be happy.

20 Rockin' the Paradise Rockin' the Paradise Cover Art

This song is such a rock anthem. When I went to seem them is april 2013 in Springfield Mass they opened with this song and it was so powerful. This song is a mighty rock and roll classic in my book.

Terrific song, but it really has to be played right after AD 1928 for the best appreciation. I really think they should of just made them one song.

Best pump up song ever!

While probably (definitely) not in the top ten, it's a great song to just listen to or give to your friends who aren't in to music like Styx

21 Miss America Miss America Cover Art

James best song of all time without question

Number 6 at the worst

Number One, No Question!

22 Lords of the Ring Lords of the Ring Cover Art

And though the legend was pure fantasy
We still need the hope it brings, so let's sing

23 Movement for the Common Man Movement for the Common Man Cover Art

Early goes right into mother natures matinee, 1st album was awesome, best thing etc

24 Love In the Midnight Love In the Midnight Cover Art
25 Born for Adventure Born for Adventure Cover Art
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