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21 Miss America

James best song of all time without question

Number One, No Question!

Number 6 at the worst

22 Just Get Through This Night
23 Man in the Wilderness

Hugely underrated and finally getting its due as a staple in live performances.

Mostly obscure song on the Grand Illusion album that is highly underrated.

My personal favorite song from styx

One of the best songs I have ever heard and much underratet!

24 This Old Man
25 Show Me the Way

I love this song. The words are powerful and have so much meaning to me. I consider it hymn-like. Roseanne

Awesome song with Amazing lyrics! One of the most versatile bands ever!

Beautiful song! My favorite!

Should be top 15 - Joshgbpack12

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26 High Time

Great tune, and it really fits the theme with the story theme of Kilroy was here. The lyrics are great, a good beat, and its definitely what I think about when I hear Kilroy. (and of course Mr. Roboto. )

27 Superstars
28 Queen of Spades

How this is so low is beyond me. This is a rare gem where Dennis DeYoung sings a harder Styx song. It might not be the best, but it is certainly up there. If you have not heard it yet, listen to it now. You will agree.

29 Half Penny Two Penny
30 Snowblind

Best styx song that nobody ever heard of. Absolutely top 10 come on people!

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31 Why Me

This has to be one of the best songs off of Cornerstone! It has good lyrics and sound to it.

32 Pieces of Eight

This is such a beautiful song. Why is it not ranked higher?

Don't cash your freedoms in for gold

33 Little Suzie

Kick ass song. Great lyrics. Real Hard rock. Creates a great picture of life. There's tons of evil on earth, but having one important thing/person can make life OK.

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34 First Time

Very nice song. Brings back good memories of my younger days!

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35 One With Everything
36 These Are the Times V 1 Comment
37 Rock & Roll Feeling
38 Lights
39 Paradise

Explains itself, it's anywhere where I can be with old lady.

40 Borrowed Time
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