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1 To Serve Man

First time I saw this, I never would have thought a cookbook. - RdrTech

2 Eye of The Beholder

this twilight zone has the best message out of all of them (y)

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3 Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

Suspicion makes it work. Great episode. - FakeGlasses

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4 Five Characters In Search of an Exit

Had a great surprise ending. - Bluejay3

5 Walking Distance

This episode was kind of sad. But so so true! We all wish to go back to our childhood at some time or another and relive those happy care free days. This episode was just so brilliant! - Bluejay3

6 Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

William shatner alone mkes this a great episode. Also the plot for this episode was parodied many times.

7 The Invaders
8 The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Always fun to watch. Plus, a classic, great ending.

Frighteningly true classic about human behaviour.

9 Time Enought At Last

The ending was brilliant! It was really sad but I never would've expected it!!

10 Living Doll

It's a living doll what's not to like my sister seen it when she was 6 and now she is 11 and still has nightmares

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11 Nothing In the Dark
12 The Howling Man
13 The Obsolete Man

"Any System that fails to recognize the freedoms of man is obsolete."

14 It's A Good Life

How could it get more terrifying? This episode was used the twilight zone movie too, for very good reason. It's like seeing a real life hell.

15 The Masks
16 The Midnight Sun
17 The Last Night of a Jockey
18 Lost Little Girl

Seriously, it's the most under rated, under shown Twilight Zone Episodes of all time. if you haven't seen it, find it... Gives me chills!

19 And When The Sky Was Opened
20 Mr. Denton On Doomsday
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