Naughty Dog


Not #1 quality. It should probably remain #11-13. Why? It scrapped Crash Bandicoot, one of their best franchises. It hardly ever, if not, never uses Jak & Daxter anymore. And while The Last of Us is a gaming gem and Uncharted is pretty great, right now that's mostly all it's got going for it.

I started playing Naughty Dog games with the Uncharted Series. They were awesome, but when The Last of Us came out... I've been checking for the official announcement for The Last of Us 2! Best game ever!

I think that this is the best because it has the best game that no one can beat, the last of us. It inspired me to use them 4 my game. Thanks.

Jak and Daxter was simply awesome. The first, second, and third were all good. But the spin-offs were not as awesome as the main trilogy. - Persian

Best game developers ever!
Games such as Uncharted, The Last of Us, Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot!
Some of the biggest franchises in PlayStation history! Just try to think of one bad game they made. Even Jak and Daxter alone is a reason enough for Naughty Dog to be first.

Most of these people don't know what the difference between a PUBLISHER and DEVELOPER. Naughty Dog is one of the only developers on here, and no, Nintendo is not a developer. Even though I am a PS fan I agree, Bungie should be higher up. (1. ) Naughty Dog (2. ) Insomniac (3. ) Bungie - umbreon8

Best games ever I can't wait to play uncharted 4

Come on! They made the Uncharted series. The best series of all time!

Naughty Dog deserves to be the #1 The last Of Us and Uncharted series are true masterpieces!

This is definitely better than several companies above it.

The Last of Us alone has earned my utter respect for this company already!

Crash bandicoot games, Uncharted series, The last of us.. enough said.. Naughty dog deserves number 1

Technically Sony owns naughty dog so shouldn't they not be on the list

This company gave us masterpieces like uncharted 2 and the last of us

They made crash bandicoot and that's pretty much sums up why I love this company

The Last of Us and Uncharted... I think that explains Naughty Dog enough.

The Last of Us - Best Game of All Time, Naughty Dog - Best Company to Work at!

How is this not one? Or top 3? Or even top 10? The Last of Us was one of the greatest zombie games ever... no... one of the best games ever and cannot be ignored! The uncharted series deserves something! Even old Jak and Daxter?

Nintendo: we have a Mario. Naughty Dog: we have a Nathan and a Joel

Best game I have ever played the story in each game is amazing

You can't compete with the last of us and uncharted series.

Why is naughty dog down here. I mean its not like they have made some of the most respected games in the world. Examples uncharted 1,2,3
The last of us
Jak and dexter 1,2,3
The list goes on and on, please vote naughty dog, please

Naughty Dog is even better than Nintendo and deserves first place.

Absolutely deserves 7th place or higher

I think their best game is sonic boom