Top 10 Video Game Companies Of All Time


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81 Remedy
82 Techland

The lowest one on this list.

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83 Sonic Team
84 Jakks Pacific
85 Eidos

Eidos has an amazing track-record and are the best developers in the stealth genre of gaming. Just look at their amazing franchises: Deus Ex, Hitman, Thief, Tomb Raider (in the reboot, you can be stealthy).

All of their games are 10 out of 10 quality.

86 Codemasters

I like ashes cricket 2009 of codemasters very much

87 Eurocom

They made spyro, a heros tail, an underrated game that is my favorite - Harri666

88 Rising Star

Harvest moon is just one game series they run, with many other anime type games... I can't believe they haven't even been added to this list yet

89 Ocean Software Ocean Software Ocean Software Ltd, commonly referred to as Ocean, was a British software development company, that became one of the biggest European video game developers/publishers of the 1980s and 1990s.

Creators Of The Jurassic Park Series, And Head Over Heels.

90 Lionhead Studios

Fable was the best game I've ever played. It's a shame Microsoft shut it down. Lionhead should be No. 1.

91 Nexon Nexon Nexon Co., Ltd. is a global developer and publisher of free-to-play (F2P) PC and mobile online games. V 1 Comment
92 Coffee Stain Studios V 2 Comments
93 Media Molecule

Really 117!? BELOW LJN!? They made great games like little big planet,and teraway!

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94 ND Cube ND Cube
95 Data Design Int.

The worst Wii game publisher on earth.

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96 Milestone
97 Grezzo
98 Magnavox

I know that Magnavox isn't a video game company. Magnavox manufactured the CD-I gaming system, the LaserDisc player, the VCR, the HDTV, a DVD player and a Blu-ray Disc player (which I accidentally broke during a BD playback error of The Princess Diaries 2-Movie Collection and got buried in a landfill). - playstationfan66

99 Good-Feel
100 Guerrilla Games

Horizon zero dawn is literally the best game

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