Synyster Gates

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Brian Elwin Haner, Jr., better known by his stage name Synyster Gates or simply Syn, is an American musician, best known for being the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Avenged Sevenfold.


I guess this isn't titled "most talented young guitarists" which is lucky too. He most certainly doesn't have the speed of Michael angelo batio... although I agree with the "melody of slash" (then again it doesn't compare to the melody of batio. ) not that batio is the fastest or most talented metal guitarist either.

So far the only valid reason for having him here by anyone is that he inspired them personally... or that he plays in their favourite band? Then again... look at the rest of the artists on this list... the majority of them aren't metal (synyster gates isn't really A metal musician either BUT unlike A lot of people on this list... At least his first couple of records were related to metal. )

As I said there could be worse things at the top of the list and this isn't "most talented" so I guess his place on the top of the list makes sense as it's all completely subjective... I just think the reason are ridiculous. - technicalbrutaldeath

The theory behind his music is great. It seems to all have a complete purpose in the song, every single little motif or riff. There is a reason why he has been rewarded with a custom guitar and amp. What makes his music so great is that he doesn't lose in melody by adding speed. He specifically focuses that the melody is there and still the most important part of the riff/solo rather than speed. No one cares about speed, we know you can play fast but can you write like a musician?

Syn was the influence that got me started playing guitar, and A7X has been my favorite band since I discovered them years ago. He uniquely incorporates classical, jazz, and blues styles into his metal playing and solos--which are both intricate and monstrous at the same time--and this combination of speed and creativity with Syn's song and solo-writing ability is what makes him the best young metal guitarist today. In my opinion!

Synyster Gates is the best guitarist, only hear his guitar solos and the reaction will be so emotion! Synyster Gates and Papa Gates are my inspiration to want play guitar, because it's amazing the way that you can express your feelings through music, love, inspiration! So Synyster is the best, and I support him and the band ever because they save a lot of lives to fell in suicide or whatever so I love A7X

He's truly amazing.
He's put a lot of hours and hard work into his craft and can literally make his guitar sing.
He comes up with melodies and rhythms no one else in our generation has come up with.

He brings to music the perfect combination in his albums of Rock/Metal/Heavy/Alternative with a wide variety in songs.

A true visionary.

Synyster Gates has a style unlike any I've ever heard he has such a recognizable tone while keeping everything fresh and different he doesn't sound like a cheap knock off of any of the metal legends he has his own new inspiration to give to any player learning and anybody who gets their inspiration from him is proud to say so.

I don't know why he gets so much hate on the other guitar player lists! I've never heard a guitarist besides Syn who can play at an incredibly fast speed yet you can still tell one note from the next. He can play insanely fast and still be able to sing backing vocals for M. Shadows. All in all, he's super talented and just getting better. Give him ten years and he'll be the best ever!

Simply the best guitarist here. He's got a very good technique, can play both fast and melodic and uses a lot of scales (generally he uses his own scale... Oh well). Maybe the general 'style; of his band (their looks and the fact, they were playing metalcore before) don't suit everybody, but still - Syn is a very good guitarist and here, he could only be prepared to Alexy Laiho and Gus G. In my opinion, Syn wins and he is still getting better.

The first time I listened to the solo of afterlife and the solo of seize the day I really was crying because I've never listened to a guitar player who puts so much feelings into his guitar play. In my opinion no one else than synyster gates alias Brian Elwin Haner Jr. Has deserved it to win the top ten young metal guitarists.

He is an amazing guitarist. Avenged Sevenfold is one of my favorite bands. We took our oldest son to see them for his 1st concert. We all seriously enjoyed it. Can't wait to see them again. Because of Synyster Gates my son spends ours learning to play the guitar and their songs. He hopes to one day meet him.

Guitar solos play out like mini compositions,
Speed is present in his playing, but not overused,
Probably my favorite current guitarist, and the first time I heard one of his solos was the day I decided to pick up the guitar. So inspirational indeed.

Syn is the greatest guitarist there is besides slash and paul McCartney, jhon Lennon, George Harrison. His solos are great I love hearing his music and the fact that him and his band Avenged Sevenfold care a lot bout their fans. I want to learn how to play because of him. He has a good since of humor and plays his heart out in all he does. He's number one in my book of great guitarist of this generation.


Synyster gates is one of the most accurate and speeding guitarists in the world. His skills are wide ranged, from slow, melancholic to fast and devastating.
For all the ones who don't think that this is enough:
Synyster Gates is the best guitarist, because pink is the new black!

There isn't many guitarists out there that you can recognize within a few notes. When gates starts playing you can't mistake it for any other guitarist. He has his own sound and his own style that is second to none in my opinion. Long live the Syn.

He is just absolutely amazing at what he does! His solos are flawless and clean. Nothing is ever wrong when I am listening to him play anything ever! It's pure beauty, what he does. Not only is he awesome at it, he has his heart and soul in it. He was meant to be a guitarist!

Emotions and feelings are only something over the quality of his way of playing guitar. He's for me the source of inspiration that kept me on playing guitar at the beginning, when I was in temptation of giving up.

Everything he does is just brilliant and every solo gets even better, he is just like the best guitarist out there to be honest and he's worked so hard along with the rest of avenged sevenfold to record 'Hail To The King' without The Rev

He is the best guitarist ever. I know all his songs and I look up to him and always have ever since he inspired me to pick up guitar and learn all my favorite songs by A7x. He deserves this title more than anyone else in this contest.

I love Synyster! He and Zacky V. Are my favourite guitar players and he's a genius and he is a very talented musician! When I'm older, I want to be like Synyster Gates, because he's awesome! I vote for the best guitar player on the world who is in the best band ever! A7X foREVer!

:3 I love his solo's
He's one of the best music guys on the World! I love him with Avenged Sevenfold! Let him be the best dude on the world :)
Vote 100x for him! He must do much more music! We need guys like him on this earth!

He's one of my favourite guitarist because his solos, give me amazing emotions. He has an incredible technique, he's an inspiration for every guitarist, he's one of the best guitarists on the new century.

Synyster is just the best guitarist of the new generation. His solo in Afterlife and Second heartbeat are the most popular and he is a legend. When he play, I just imagine his guitar burn because he is so fast! Synyster deserved the first place and I am not surprise if he get so many votes. - Olive855

Synyster is one of the most talented guitarist in the world: he deserves to win! He's a very special guitarist: his solos are beautiful and fast, but the most important thing is that they are very EXCITING, powerful and full of PASSION... =)

His so talented. When he sings, his guitar speaks. That's because he loves what he's doing, and he's doing it right. His the guitar and the guitar is him. He has magic in him, his amazing. He's the best guitarist I've ever seen. His solos are magic, they take you far away.

Synyster gates hands down
He is one of my biggest inspirations to my styles of playing and always will be and he is all around an amazing person if you ever met him in person you would know what I'm talking about laugh out loud