Best Types of Milk

If you have strong bones and aren't lactose intolerant, chances are you drink milk. This list compiles the best varieties of the stuff.

The Top Ten Best Types of Milk

1 1% Milk

It is good.

The standard. The most popular. The best compromise between healthiness and taste. - BKAllmighty

I drink 3 glasses of sugarless milk a day. - Animefan12

2 1% Chocolate Milk

Choco milk is disgusting in my opinion. - Luckys

Chocolate milk is tasty

I love chocolate milk a lot!

Chocolate milk almost always comes in the form of 1%, in case you didn't know. - BKAllmighty

3 2% Milk

This I what I drink. - Luckys

2% tastes better than Whole

Its just better

I, personally, don't drink it. Tastes too much like cream for my liking. But, I understand that it remains popular. - BKAllmighty

4 Buttermilk

Somebody show this list to Margaret Thatcher stat. I want to see her reaction. - TwilightKitsune

Just add some bacterial culture to regular milk and you have buttermilk. It's ideal for baking, soups, and sometimes even salads. Buttermilk vinaigrette, anyone? - BKAllmighty

5 Skim Milk

Trust me, if you drink only skim milk for long enough you'll have no difficulty making it a regular thing. I was raised on skim milk. - BKAllmighty

Makes me finally feel like I did something right.

The only milk I'll have on its own. - PositronWildhawk

6 Organic Milk

Available in white and chocolate, and made from organic-fed cows. As safe as it is nutritious. - BKAllmighty

7 Lactose-Free Milk

There you go, lactose intolerants! Avoiding allergic reactions, made easy! - BKAllmighty

This is the milk I drink for breakfast!

8 Powdered Milk

I loved drinking this as a toddler

Partly evaporated and easy to keep for longer periods of time. However, do be sure to use it fast after opening. - BKAllmighty

9 Goat Milk

Did you know goats produce roughly 2% of the world's total yearly supply of milk? Well, they do. I guess that means that 2 out of every 100 times you drink or eat dairy, it's from a goat! Wait... that's not exactly right. Ah, you get it. - BKAllmighty

10 Whole Milk

People forget that at one time, 2% milk was called "skim milk", and that the term "milk" meant this extremely rich product.

It's either whole milk or no milk with me

#1 all the way, sweetest and tastiest. Who cares about healthiness when you have something like this that tastes so good.

You don't know what life is until you drink Whole Milk, it is so addictive that your family will go "Please stop doing that! how can you inject milk into your veins! "

Not even you know why you do it, it just feels awesome :))

The Contenders

11 Almond Milk

Almond milk is so delicious.

12 Coconut Milk
13 Soy Milk

Asian yeo's brand is so delicious

14 Milk with DHA

Drinking milk that is enriched with DHA? Congratulations! You are supporting the normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves. - BKAllmighty

15 Rat Milk
16 Rice Milk

I love its sweet and delicate taste

17 Acidophilus Milk
18 Breast Milk

Did a baby put this here?

19 Monkey Milk
20 Cashew Milk
21 1.5% Milk
22 Probiotic Milk
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