Most Unattractive Things a Woman Can Do

We love women. We can't live with them, we can't live without them. Here is a list of things that some women do that is not attractive. They may think it's sexy, but is the complete opposite. If you think of more, feel free to ad to the bottom of the list.

The Top Ten

1 Get multiple tattoos

WHY? It's her body and if she wants tattoos, then she should be able to get them without feeling like she will be ridiculed for it.

Especially on their face and thighs - mikeyjay

2 Shave her head bald

If a woman is shaving her hair for a good cause that's great! If you really love her you won't care what she looks like! - BlueDogGirl

Your making people with cancer feel bad

What if she has cancer? - Connor360

A woman without hair is a turn off - mikeyjay

3 Smoke cigarettes

If you are a smoker it's better to be with a woman who smokes. Believe me! The first months gonna be ok with a non-smoker but after a while she's gonna beginning to complain about everything ; " the walls are yellow ", " why don't you quit ", " my clothes are smelling of cigarettes " and so on..If you're a smoker take a woman who smokes and don't take a woman who doesn't smokes, If you're not a smoker don't take a woman who smokes but take a woman that doesn't smoke either.
PS : This is not smoking propaganda but reality because I had those experiences as a smoker!

I hate it when women smoke cigarettes. Smoke weed. - mikeyjay

4 Be a bitch

Well Duh - Rambles

Being a bitch gets you nowhere in life - mikeyjay

5 Try to look like a man
6 Fart in public

It's not their fault, and are men allowed to do it then? - BlueDogGirl

That is so nasty - mikeyjay

7 Forcing out burps (belching very hard)

Well what if she is in a burping contest? - Rambles

Very rude and not lady-like - mikeyjay

8 Home wrecking
9 Manipulate men

These hoes ain’t loyal

10 Do disgusting things

You should be a little more specific. What sort of disgusting things?

The Contenders

11 Read Dumb Books
12 Duckfaces
13 Queef
14 Non-stop talking
15 Be a Feminist
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