Top 10 Underrated '80s Albums by a Male Singer


The Top Ten

1 Chris Isaak - Chris Isaak
2 Into the Fire - Bryan Adams
3 Over the Line - Greg Guidry

Excellent singer. Great album from 1982. R.I.P. Mr. Guidry. Thanks for your music! We can have it for all time.

4 Hold Me in Your Arms - Rick Astley
5 The Nightfly - Donald Fagen

Classy is the only word to describe this album. So well produced! So Smooth! So polished! Treat for the ears!

6 Sleeping with the Past - Elton John
7 Bill Labounty - Bill Labounty

Songs like Livin' It Up, Dream On, Nobody's Fool and Look Who's Lonely Now make this a total treat for your ears. Every song is great. Dream On is my personal favorite! It's just so smooth and slick. Give this album a listen and do yourself a real relaxing treat.

8 All Dressed Up - David Roberts

Wonderful 1982 album. Every song is good and no songs you will skip on this. "Wrong Side of the Tracks" is my favorite off the album, but I like the entire albums. Truly terrific!

9 Dream Walkin' - Eric Tagg

Great album!

10 Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood

Back in 1980 this album was highly recommended by most. It's been long since forgotten but is still truly an excellent album that should still be listened to.

The Contenders

11 Somebody Somewhere - Steve Marrs
12 A Hole in the Wall - Marc Jordan

What a gem. Westcoast smooth. "Margarita" from this album should have been such a bigger hit and a top forty hit actually. But this was released in 1983 when the modern new wave sound was becoming so popular that albums and music like this fell through the cracks and no longer as popular. If this was released a few years earlier it would have been more popular without a doubt. Nice album and wonderful music.

13 March - Michael Penn
14 Shadows - Gordon Lightfoot
15 Happiness? - Roger Taylor
16 Jump Up! - Elton John

Of all of Elton's albums this is his most underrated and almost forgotten album. Empty Garden and Blue Eyes are not the only really good songs from this album.

17 The Right Place - Gary Wright
18 Getaway - Chris de Burgh
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