Most Underrated Eagles Songs

The Top Ten

1 Try and Love Again

Can't understand why it's not rated their best

2 Wasted Time

A great, great song!, Fantastic lyrics!

3 Pretty Maids All In a Row

This and Wasted Time are definitely my two favorite Eagles songs.

Easily one of the best. The piano is great and it is amazing and flows super well.

4 Desperado

Beautiful classic song full of evocative longing for a shared history. It answers the critics who say that the Eagles music is lacking in feeling.

Voted for it but I'm pretty sure this isn't underrated.

5 Tequila Sunrise

Lovely sleepy sounding melody with lyrics that ring true for most of us.

6 Nightingale
7 Get Over It

Perfect take on today's world

8 The Last Resort

Epic song that with a message about the environment and self-destructiveness. One of Henley’s finest vocal performances.

Easily, the second best Eagles' song after 'Hotel California'. You'd all agree once you listen to it

9 Learn to Be Still
10 Saturday Night

Really pretty song with lovely instrumentation.

The Contenders

11 My Man

This is a lovely song and captures the beautiful vocal harmonies and guitar textures that is the real essence of their music.

12 All Night Long
13 Earlybird
14 On the Border

Such great guitar, gets really catchy towards the end. Should really be one of the top 5 Eagle's songs. I can't believe I have gone so long without knowing this existed!

I'm surprised that as the title song on this album it never got air time. As much as I love Desperado, On the Border has to be my favorite; album and song.

Great song with vocal contributions from each band member and a cool funky vibe reminiscent of an R&B group.

A hidden beauty by the Eagles, rockers need to listen to this.

15 Too Many Hands

Great dueling guitars, Henley on the tablas and Randy Meisner's awesome vocals about mankind's impact on the planet. A true rocker!

16 Doolin-Dalton

What a great way to start out a concept album about the Ol' West. The harmonic vocals of Henley and Frey along with their respective solos were extremely well done. This, in my opinion, is one of their best songs of all time.

17 After the Thrill Is Gone

A really moving song with great lyrics and melody.

This is a song of fragile beauty about an eperience of the heart that is a common occurence. The guitar break is lovely.

18 In the City
19 The Sad Cafe

Memorable melody and the lyrics feel heartfelt. This song conveys the sense of loss at the passing of time.

20 Midnight Flyer
21 James Dean
22 Is It True?

Lovely, quaint ballad with a pretty slide guitar solo by Frey.

23 Good Day In Hell
24 Doolin-Dalton / Desperado (Reprise)
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