Top Ten Most Underrated Metallica Songs After ... and Justice for All

NOTE: Songs like Don't Tread on Me and Fuel are great but not underrated.

The Top Ten

1 The Struggle Within

Great song, nowhere near as popular as Sandman and Sad But True though. - Brobusky

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2 Shoot Me Again

The entire album (except for Frantic being liked by fans) is underrated, so you could have any Anger track replace this. - Brobusky

St. Anger sucked. Pre-Load is way better! - Fandomstuck

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3 Of Wolf and Man

Best song on the album. - truckturner

HOW was this song not regarded as one of the best on The Black Album? It's amazing! - Brobusky

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4 2 x 4

Great song buried between two of the more popular tracks on Load makes this an undiscovered gem. - Brobusky

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5 Bleeding Me UListen to Sample
6 St. Anger UListen to Sample
7 Fixxxer

The best song off ReLoad (besides Fuel) in my opinion. An amazing 8 minute long epic that never gets the love it deserves. - Brobusky

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8 Hero of the Day UListen to Sample
9 Cure

For the most part, the entire Load album is underrated because of it being not thrash. This song is no exception. - Brobusky

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10 Low Man's Lyric

Now it's actually turned into my favourite song of all time.

This is probably my favorite from Reload - Metalmaniakkk

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The Contenders

11 All Within My Hands UListen to Sample
12 Dirty Window

St. Anger track = automatically horrible by most fans...before they even listen to the album, and it really doesn't help that Dirty Window has only been played 31 times live! - Brobusky

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13 Mama Said UListen to Sample
14 Sweet Amber UListen to Sample
15 Poor Twisted Me

Another good song from the Load era that is extremely underrated. - Brobusky

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16 That Was Just Your Life

You want thrash? This song gives it to ya

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17 Wherever I May Roam UListen to Sample
18 Nothing Else Matters

I literally never heard of it before I listened to it. I have heard Enter Sandman, wherever I may roam, master of puppets, one, and a guy that trolled me with Slither. Then, I went and listened to this masterpiece, and it is my favorite song now. So underrated and one of the forgotten songs off of the black album - lilrocketman

How is this not number one it is a perfect blend of guitar and lyrical excellence

So underrated a brilliant song

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19 Slither UListen to Sample
20 Prince Charming UListen to Sample
21 The Unforgiven II UListen to Sample
22 Where the Wild Things Are UListen to Sample
23 Through the Never UListen to Sample
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