Top Ten Most Underrated Metallica Songs After ... and Justice for All

NOTE: Songs like Don't Tread on Me and Fuel are great but not underrated.

The Top Ten

1 The Struggle Within

Great song, nowhere near as popular as Sandman and Sad But True though. - Brobusky

2 Shoot Me Again

The entire album (except for Frantic being liked by fans) is underrated, so you could have any Anger track replace this. - Brobusky

St. Anger sucked. Pre-Load is way better! - Fandomstuck

3 Of Wolf and Man

HOW was this song not regarded as one of the best on The Black Album? It's amazing! - Brobusky

4 2 x 4

Great song buried between two of the more popular tracks on Load makes this an undiscovered gem. - Brobusky

5 St. Anger
6 Bleeding Me
7 Fixxxer

The best song off ReLoad (besides Fuel) in my opinion. An amazing 8 minute long epic that never gets the love it deserves. - Brobusky

8 Hero of the Day
9 Cure

For the most part, the entire Load album is underrated because of it being not thrash. This song is no exception. - Brobusky

10 Low Man's Lyric

Now it's actually turned into my favourite song of all time.

This is probably my favorite from Reload - Metalmaniakkk

The Contenders

11 All Within My Hands
12 Dirty Window

St. Anger track = automatically horrible by most fans...before they even listen to the album, and it really doesn't help that Dirty Window has only been played 31 times live! - Brobusky

13 Mama Said
14 Sweet Amber
15 Poor Twisted Me

Another good song from the Load era that is extremely underrated. - Brobusky

16 That Was Just Your Life

You want thrash? This song gives it to ya

17 Wherever I May Roam
18 Slither
19 Prince Charming
20 Nothing Else Matters

I literally never heard of it before I listened to it. I have heard Enter Sandman, wherever I may roam, master of puppets, one, and a guy that trolled me with Slither. Then, I went and listened to this masterpiece, and it is my favorite song now. So underrated and one of the forgotten songs off of the black album - lilrocketman

So underrated a brilliant song

21 The Unforgiven II
22 Where the Wild Things Are
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