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21 Symphonic Metal

Symphonic metal is truly epic. That's seriously how it's described. Epic movie trailer soundtrack? Symphonic/Symphonic metal. Nightwish is truly an amazing group. Simply beautiful.

Truly beautiful complex music mixing classical music with metal. Heaven

Listen to stargazer - Edgelord

22 Trip Hop

While Chillwave is also on my list, this one definitely takes the cake. If you want to hear an example in this genre of something actually GREAT, then go listen to the album Peeping Tom.

Listen to Kid Cudi fam

23 Nu Metal

Truth be told, this is my least favorite genre

Not for the faint hearted

Nu Metal isn't underrated - zxm

Its not good but not awful system are awesome

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24 Shoegaze
25 Speed Metal

This is skill, talent what ever you wanna call it! But pop, rap and hip hop are just talentless and quite bland.

One of the purest forms of metal and one of the best. - Metal_Treasure

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26 Ska

Ska is amazing yet if people ask what music I like and I say Ska they always say "What's Ska? " Operation Ivy, Less Than Jake, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are amazing bands

Ska is just epic. Give it a listen, and you will smile. I suggest Suburban Legends and Reel Big Fish.

Ska is just awesome

It truly is sad how few people know what ska even is. hopefully streetlight/botar and some other bands kick start a fourth wave and fast.

27 Folk

No one of my friends listens Folk, so it's not quite easy to find new bands or songs... I wish there'd be more awareness for that genre, because it's the most peaceful, but energetic music I know. - stockiiii

Folk and folk rock both are underrated,only few artists are known - zxm

28 Noise Rock
29 Industrial Dance Music
30 J-Pop

I love J-Pop. I like the group AKB48, especially their song Fortune Cookie. I also like the song Pon Pon- AnimeDrawer85

31 Industrial Rock

Seriously underrated. If you want a good industrial rock band I recommend you check out Nine Inch Nails or Rammstein. Or even Rob Zombie.

32 Dream Pop V 1 Comment
33 Reggae

Most genres you hear in America are either any variation of pop (old school and new school), rap (gangsta, faker Lil Wayne etc) rock (punk, alternative, etc), electronic (dubstep, trap, etc), jazz, even classical. It's all overplayed. Most of us can name at least five or ten artists off out heads but what about reggae? Bob marley and his seed, peter tosh, burning spear, who else can people name? Reggae is a very underrepresented genre in the United States. Hell, even indie music has a large following in the US. Most if not all reggae artists write their own songs and they are from the heart. Most reggae deals with issues happening around us like corruption, war, and poverty. Lover's rock, a sub genre of reggae, is also extremely popular and are about treating your partner right and making love, not just about sex. Reggae is very popular here in Hawai'i where it is if not, the most popular genre here.

MOST UNDERRATED GENRE EVER! People know Bob Marley because of smoking pot and that's it, this is a genre of peace, love and full of soul...

Underrated! I think one of the most underrated albums here is "Two Sevens Clash" from Culture

It's underrated in the states because Jamaica was for a very long time a British colony. Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae were imported since the sixties in England ( where it has a big following ) and hardly in the states.

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34 Opera
35 Chillwave
36 Trap
37 Swing Jazz V 1 Comment
38 Power Metal

One of the most criminally underrated genres of metal. Not only it requires talent to do the melodic vocals and play the fast melodic riffs of power metal but also the lyrics actually not talk about drugs, party, girls and boys. The lyrics of power metal often are derived from fantasy and mythology and the overall structure of the song can bring excitement and optimism to the listener. If you are not convinced check some great bands of that genre like Stratovarius,Sonata Arctica and Blind Guardian. You may change your mind.

I really do hope that this gets more attention. Metal as a genre should. - 906389

Power metal is underrated,so the artists - zxm

Probably one of the more accessible (and also very skilled, complex and melodic)subgenres of metal, butunknown to people outside the metal community, most of whom think metal is all satanic unmelodic and screaming. Most powermetal is pretty much the exact opposite to it, people really should give it a listen. - Selanya

39 House

Should be higher

My favorite. - blst0033

40 Dance Pop
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