Top 10 Most Underrated Musical Instruments


The Top Ten

1 Accordion Accordion
2 Bouzouki
3 Cello Cello

Sounds pretty cool

4 Flute Flute

Definitely underrated. There are some bands which use flutes. But those bands are very few. - zxm

5 Saxophone
6 Synthesizer

Must be one of best inventions since fire.

7 Viola

No one knows but it's pretty cool

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8 Dulcimer
9 Chapman Stick
10 Harpsichord

The Contenders

11 Harmonium
12 Bass Guitar

It's always overshadowed by the six string guitar, but it's more important than six string guitar. People say that because it has four strings it's easier than guitar when it's not, let's see the average douchebag guitarist play Victor Wooten or Marcus Miller. It can also have more strings than the basic four string, the six string bass tuned BEADGC is a perfect example. Give the bass the respect it deserves because when you dance to a good song the bass is making you dance whether you know it or not.

I like the guitar more, but the bass is a great instrument. It keeps the other band members from messing up (at least when playing live) and there are good bass lines like the following : For Whom the Bell Tolls, Peace Sells But Whose Buying, Under Pressure

Also, the bass normally has 4 strings, but that doesn't make it easy to play. I saw one at a music store yesterday and the size of the fretz made my come out of my head and land on the moon and turn around to see if the bass was gone yet. My eyes didn't return til I left the store - Skullkid755

13 Euphonium

I bet half of you don't know what a euphonium is. Trust me low brass needs more attention! - PianoQueen

14 Ukulele
15 Baritone

This is so underrated it so undrated that it's at the bottom of the list for this list because most people are not sure what it is or if it I an instrument even though it is better than all those instruments above this one. that is a disgrace that its at 23 when their are 23... just a disgrace to music

16 Keytar V 1 Comment
17 French Horn

This is probably the most beautiful and versatile instrument that I know of. If you don't believe me, listen to pretty much any movie score.

18 Washtub Bass
19 Piccolo
20 Bassoon
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1. Accordion
2. Bouzouki
3. Cello
1. Accordion
2. Bouzouki
3. Cello
1. Synthesizer
2. Chapman Stick
3. Bouzouki



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