Most Underrated Oasis Songs

Wonderwall, Don't Look Back In Anger, Champagne Supernova and Stop Crying Your Heart Out are all overrated songs. Whereas Oasis have done some overrated songs, they have done songs that sound better, have better lyrics and deserve more recognition.

The Top Ten Most Underrated Oasis Songs

Some Might Say

Great song. But's already #11 on best Oasis songs list. So in no way is this track the most underrated. Still, great song though. - Joeljohns249

A person whose all-time favorite song is the 2nd most famous song ever would still consider it underrated - Alkadikce

The lyrics and the music are just brilliant! This is one of my favourite songs in existance. Don't tell me that the overrated Oasis songs are better than this! - PositronWildhawk

My favorite Oasis song, everything in it is perfect

And so, a legend was born - SpectralOwl

Listen Up

Catchy guitar riff, very similar to supersonic not equally as brilliant but still very underrated

The drums from Live Forever and the guitar from Supersonic

I check this list out for this song haha

Good lyrics

Morning Glory

Great song. But's already #8 on best Oasis songs list. So in no way is this track the most underrated. Still, great song though. - Joeljohns249

Great guitar and lyrics - and of course the voice of Liam is amazing.

One of the best tune


The Masterplan

Great song. But's already #7 on best Oasis songs list. So in no way is this track the most underrated. Still, great song though - Joeljohns249

The Masterplan is a masterpiece and Noel Gallaghers lead vocals are perfect enough said

Without a doubt, Top 5 best Oasis songs

Easily Noel's best song, without a doubt,
although this song was made to be a b-side it still stands out to me, for personal reasons but is still a brill tune

Live Forever

This is underrated? Are you guys mentally ill? This is the 2nd best Oasis song according to this same site. - Joeljohns249

Got to something ridiculous like number 21 in the charts. Just shows that the charts mean nothing. Best if not second best (to Don't Look Back in Anger) oasis song!


It's so underrated many people don't list it, this one and "Whatever" are the two CLEAR contenders in this list, hands down. I would and "Columbia" to this list, but I don't think it is AS good as the two mentioned.

This absolutely should have been an A-side. What a kick-ass tune. Liam and Noel, trading vocals, singing their hearts out. Fantastic energy. Fantastic track.

None of the tracks in this list's Top 10 are underrated. - Joeljohns249

Yeah, it's a great song! Should NOT be a B-Side. - PositronWildhawk

Cast No Shadow

DEfinitely one that was ahead of its time, listening to it 20 years later you realise how many hidden gems never saw the light of day and this is most definitely one of them

Such a great song! Should have been released as a single instead of Roll With It

Such a wonderful song! Noel's backing vocals are amazing. The lyrics are so good too. Pure genius.


Amazing Song, not the best but severely underrated.

WICKED TUNE! This is one for the lads

Their best in my opinion

What a tune!

Rockin' Chair

I voted it here means it really underrated.

Very nice song... Unfortunately it's not having the right value

The Importance of Being Idle

Given that this song polled #19 in the best Oasis songs of all time poll when it is in fact a classic, it has to be their most underrated.

Even Noel Gallagher said it was one of the best songs he ever wrote

A kind of classic... So underrated

The Contenders

Stop Crying Your Heart Out

It's a good en, but it should be on this

(It's Good) To Be Free

This song's one of those little things that make me so happy

Second favorite after Slide Away

Maybe the best B-side they ever wrote

Half the World Away

People realise how good this is after the john lewis ad. Always loved this song and definitely underrated

My favorite song ever

Absolute beauty

Me transporta a lo más profundo de mi ser

Married With Children

In my opinion this is Oasis' best song

Gas Panic!

Yes, this song is TOTALLY underrated! This is not only the best song on the Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants album, but one of the best Oasis songs. Crazy how low it was on the Best Oasis Songs list.

I love this song, it's just so chill and the guitar work really compliments the vocals by Noel, it's just amazing, everything about it and really is an underrated masterpiece

Slide Away

The best song on the first album

Hey Now!

A song that in my opinion has attitude which makes it unique and a brilliant song.

When I first heard it back in 2009 I thought Oh my god this is superb I don't know why it didn't get popular

I'm Outta Time

Oh can't find the words to say

Liam's best piece of work as a song writer

I love it

D'you Know What I Mean?

One of their best surprised it isn't talked about more - Nebulous

She's Electric

Its good!
I'm telling you, This one is good!
It's like the intro tune recorded in my brain the first time I'm hearing it.

A good one, but not their best I think..

Sad Song

This is what you call underrated.

My favourite Oasis song and nobody ever knows it even if they consider themselves proper Oasis fans :(

Roll With It
Underneath the Sky

Most underrated song they have ever done by a country mile!

Liam's vocals is awesome in this song

Ridiculously underrated, even as one of their B sides.

I Am the Walrus

Absolutely better than the original version

Awesome Beatles cover; a lot better than the original and massively underrated. - PositronWildhawk

Be Here Now

Probably the most underrated song by oasis

This song is in my top 10 of best oasis songs

In the shadow of morning glory, the whole album is underrated, and this song be here now absolutley rocks

Falling Down

Most Underrated Song In The Most Underrated Album of Oasis

Go Let It Out
Talk Tonight

So underrated that I've had to add it to the list! Brilliant, deep and just means a lot to me. I know somebody who told me this was their favourite Oasis song when we were talking about Oasis and to be fair I'd forgotten about how brilliant this song is. In my opinion it's personal top ten Oasis songs material Top three would probably be Sad Song I'm Outta Time And Talk Tonight

In my opinion their second best song after slide away. The story behind it is also very interesting

Let's All Make Believe
Lord Don't Slow Me Down
Fade In-Out

Just unbeatable; the guitar is unique and the lyrics are great! Hundreds of times better than the Oasis songs that everyone's heard of. - PositronWildhawk

I Hope, I Think, I Know

Probably the most underrated song by Oasis, great lyrics, very in your face

Wow this song is really good can't find the words to say

Just rocking'. "Life is hit or miss"

Most of the songs in the top 10 aren't really underrated. Those are among the famous ones. Oasis didn't even play this one life and it's, as Liam would say, foking great d'you know what I mean?

All Around the World

Long but fun, that is how I view most of the song on Be Here Now and This is no exeption

Take Me Away

Some might say is definitely not under rated.


This is overrated. - SonicAdam

Keep the Dream Alive

Best song on DBTT. Best lyrics, melody, rhythm.

Bonehead's Bank Holiday

I need a little break for a Holiday so I can see the sun

Roll It Over

The underrated ''Champagne Supernova''. One of the best songs from ''Standing on the Shoulder of Giants'' and Oasis entire career!

Born On a Different Cloud

What a tune - can't believe this was never used on an album. So simple but so emotional.

Magic Pie

I dig his shooes

(I Got) the Fever
Guess God Thinks I'm Abel
A Quick Peep
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