Top Ten Most Unhealthy Desserts

These treats might be tasty, but they sure aren't good for you!

The Top Ten

1 Cheesecake
2 Chocolate Sundae
3 Banana Split
4 Churros
5 Chocolate Cake
6 Doughnuts

Mmm, donuts...they'll always be my guilty pleasure though they're so high in fat I only have them like once a month. - Entranced98

7 Milkshakes

I better not drink those things too often. They sure as hell are delightful to drink, but they can sure pack in a lot of pounds on me. I haven't been able to work out at the gym recently, so I'll try to lay off the milkshakes for a while. Hopefully, I can have time to go exercise now that I'm suspended and can manage time more wisely now. But for the record, I am in no way obese. I just have a big belly is all. A few abdominal crunches at every gym routine I go to should do the trick. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 Carrot Cake
9 Brownies
10 Ice Cream Sandwiches

The Contenders

11 Fat Free Fruit Yogurt
12 Low Fat Ice Cream

Ok, so with less fat they would add more suga and sweeteners

13 Jalebi (Sweet)
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