Greatest Unsolved Mysteries In the World


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1 Phaistos Disc
2 Identity of the Babushka Lady
3 Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Brain scratcher for anyone. - PositronWildhawk

4 Truth Behind Bimini Road
5 Zodiac Letters
6 Pinpointing of the Star of Bethlehem
7 Genghis Khan's Final Resting Place
8 'Wow' Signal from Outer Space
9 Georgia Guide Stones
10 Voynich Manuscript

The Contenders

11 Rongorongo
12 King Tutankhamun's Pyramid and Curse
13 Locating the Remains of Christopher Columbus
14 Taos Hum:The Scary Sounds
15 D. B. Cooper
16 Identity of Jack the Ripper

Fascinating. Something I have actually wanted to know since my childhood - EdGeinFan

17 Disappearance of the USS Cyclops
18 Beale Treasure
19 Amelia Earhart Disappearance

They already solved the mystery she's presumed to be dead- Kevinsidis

20 Dyatlov Pass Incident

I believe it was either a Yeti or a U.F.O. - westofohio

21 Fate of Adolf Hitler's Stolen Wealth
22 Loch Ness Monster Loch Ness Monster The Loch Ness Monster (also known as Nessie) is an aquatic creature which reputedly inhabits Loch Ness (a lake in Scotland). Nessie is one of the most famous cryptids in history. The earliest report of the monster was in A.D. 565 where Irish monk Saint Columbia was the first person to record having more.

A sea creature that um died around I dunno.

Laura Thorn: "They do exist! I knew it! … Do dragons exist, too? And yetis and trolls? Oh! What about the Loch Ness Monster? So I was right all along… My life's work, vindicated! I have uncovered the unknown! Wait, can you lot do magic?! "
Mathilda Grimblehawk: "Why, yes, we can. Allow my colleague here to demonstrate…"

23 Bigfoot Bigfoot In North American folklore, Bigfoot or Sasquatch are said to be hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creatures that dwell in the wilderness and leave footprints.

That picture is a 7 footer in a suit. They found the guy. That one is a hoax - westofohio

The evidence for Homer Simpson if he is or is not Bigfoot is inconclusive

24 The Mary Celeste
25 Shugborough Inscription
26 Location of the Garden of Eden

Doesn't exist. Just more religious B.S. - westofohio

So Christians you believe that in the Middle East is a Garden that no one can enter after that cursed fruit incident 6000 years ago and is also being guarded by angels.
Do you think this is just as far-fetched as Noah's ark (8 people and 100,00000000000000000000000+ creatures on a wooden boat and caring for them and it surviving on the global flood), Jonah and the whale (A man can survive in a whale? no its not a fish that no one knows like the fruit in the garden of eden, it was always a whale), Tower of Babel (what about the moon landing? )

27 The Overtoun Bridge
28 Aluminum Wedge Of Aiud
29 Disappearance of Flight MH370
30 Stonehenge
31 Green children of Woolpit
32 Jack the Ripper Jack the Ripper "Jack the Ripper" was the alias of an unknown serial killer in Whitechapel, London who brutally murdered 5 women (mainly prostitutes) between August and November of 1888. To this day, he has remained a mysterious and popular phenomena among serial killers and popular media.
33 Spontaneous Combustion
34 Atlantis
35 Zodiac Killer
36 Babushka Lady
37 Ball Lighting
38 Black Dahlia
39 Roanoke Colony
40 Sailing Stones
41 Tunguska Explosion
42 Marfa Lights
43 Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance
44 El Chupacabra
45 Mothman Mothman In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967 . The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled "Couples See Man-Sized Bird ... Creature ... more.
46 Vile Vortices
47 Dancing Plague of 1518
48 Max Headroom Incident
49 Jonbenet Ramsey's Murder
50 Murder of Tupac Shakur
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