Top 10 Upcoming Artist in Jos

This is a list of the most hardworking artist in jos city, Nigeria.

The Top Ten

1 Deece Emz Deece Emz

Stage name Deece Emz also known as Fire boy. Is probably the most fired up act in jos, his passion and consistency to the trap music will make him a superstar. His latest duo feat Manny b titled My Phone was a major hit. Go watch the video via you tube - stunn4h

2 Promphizzy

One of the major acts the city has to offer. Pomack dennis is a Talented musician who can probably be the next break through act like bizakeem - stunn4h

3 Timzy Mani

His major break through was Adeleke.. The song trended for over a month in Jos city and his a fast coming star. - stunn4h

4 Nesti jay

The coined artifact. He tops at 4. Set to drop his ep soon. life schedule - stunn4h

5 Mizta Zack's

The multi talented jos artist and producer aka ZeeBeats.
Magic touch on the keys - stunn4h

6 Jesse

SMG main act. Jesse kalamu aka yfdp makes no 6. His last hit was titled God. Since then he went solo. Rumoured to drop a single title toyin tomatoe soon - stunn4h

7 Tall cheezy

Jos Main list Rapper.. Caleb tabena, is a soul rapper. One of the best the city has - stunn4h

8 Eunik

The man with the magic. Although he have been quiet his previous hit are still trending. His album set to drop soon enough Barman! - stunn4h

9 Bam bam

I don't know if its really him.. Haha catchy intro the kid has.. Watch out cause he has a huge potential and may bring huge eyes to the industry - stunn4h

10 Stunn4h

Youngest but the wildest. The kid just got in but is already making a name for himself. He have dropped few tracks which roamed the city such werey yo and get down featuring bam bam, Jesse,mista Zack's.
The upcoming star has more room for improvement and lists the table with 10. - stunn4h

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