Most Uplifting Billy Joel Songs

A good deal of Billy Joel's songs are negative, but there are many in his deep catalogue to raise the spirit.

The Top Ten

1 Vienna
2 Leningrad
3 And So It Goes

Yes, I have paid attention to the lyrics. I've also seen Billy in concert and I can play every song on every album from Piano Man through The Bridge, plus a handful from Storm Front and River of Dreams. The singer is obviously insecure, but it's a beautiful song about opening up after being hurt--much like "An Innocent Man." - PetSounds

Uplifting? Have any of you paid attention to the lyrics?

4 Piano Man
5 The Longest Time
6 New York State of Mind

"Comes back to reality, but it's fine by me, 'cause I've let it slide..." - PetSounds

7 An Innocent Man
8 You're Only Human (Second Wind)

Just purely going by the list title, I think it has to be this song, a pretty underrated song too. - truckturner

And of course, the music video. - PetSounds

9 Only the Good Die Young

I find this song strangely uplifting. Don't ask me why. - PetSounds

10 Keeping the Faith

"Tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems..." - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 Uptown Girl

This song is just so catchy

12 She's Always a Woman

Again, have any of you listened to the lyrics? This is an anti-love song. ''She'll promise you more than the garden of Eden, then she'll carelessly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding''. Sounds great.

13 Don't Ask Me Why
14 Tell Her About It
15 The Downeaster Alexa
16 You May Be Right
17 Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
18 Running on Ice
19 Just the Way You Are
20 Why Should I Worry?
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1. Vienna
2. Leningrad
3. And So It Goes
1. Vienna
2. Leningrad
3. And So It Goes


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