Top 10 Video Game Fan Theories

The Top Ten

1 Dormin is Allah - Shadow of the Colossus
2 Child Abducting Cult - Animal Crossing
3 Link is dead - The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask

Link Is Dead? Someone on YouTube managed to debunk every point MatPat made such as the world being named Terminal - The End then someone showing that the dev named it because like a Train Terminal it is where people come and go - YourWaifuSucks

4 Pokewars - Pokémon

Didn't it become official in Gen 6?

5 Rosalina is Luigis daughter - Super Mario Galaxy


6 Fifty year wars - Team Fortress 2
7 The message in the beginning hypnotizes you, the player - Bioshock
8 You are the villain - Limbo
9 The entire Super Smash Bros series have the characters as toys

That's actually true.

10 Squall is dead - Final Fantasy VIII

The Contenders

11 Herobrine is real - Minecraft
12 Jack is King's brother - Cave Story
13 Bently from Sly Cooper is the distant cousin from Rocko's Modern Life

Distant cousin (OF FILBURT) from - xandermartin98

14 Leonard Nimoy Reincarnated Into the Seaman - Seaman

He's the narrator.

15 The Strange Man - Red Dead Redemption

My theory is that The Strange man is the devil. In the old west, the devil is depicted as a guy with a suit and black top hat. And the 3 bullets that John fired at him killed John, Uncle, and Abigail. - ryanrimmel

16 Sans is Ness - Undertale


Not true.

This is the worst fan theory in the history of humankind. First, It's commonsense that Sans is not Ness because of copyright. Even if you ask an idiot or a zelot he will say that these 2 games are not related to each other. Secondly, this theory is the most embarassing theory to date. You getting your butt slapped by the developer for making an awful theory and also debunking it is the worst thing to happen to your theories. It's like saying the earth is flat only for an astronaut showing you a photo that the earth is a sphere and scientists also telling you that the earth is flat. - YourWaifuSucks

17 Harley from Pokemon is a girl
18 Bowser is King Boo - The Mario Franchise
19 Clemont (Pokemon XY) is an older version of Jeff Andronauts - Earthbound

Think about it. They're both inventors. They both look similar. They both lost their mothers. They even use psychic powers sometimes.

20 Dr. Eggman is Wario's abusive father
21 Dr. Mario is the third Mario brother
22 Link and Zelda are Toon Link's parents
23 Yidder, a phrase in the Tomadachi Life song Operation Robodachi Fist, is actually an in game racist term against black Miis
24 Little Mac Died in Punch Out Wii
25 Dark Bowser's Real Name is Bowser Backwards: Reswob
26 Dark Bowser is Really Called Reswob
27 Nintendo Never Lost the Rights to Banjo or Conker at All
28 Kat and Ana are a Lesbian Couple - Warioware Series

KatAnashipping confirmed!

29 Tails is Dead in Sonic 3
30 Ryder (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) was created to be an ally all the time, but something happened in Rockstar to make him an antagonist
31 Bigfoot exists in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
32 Pearl kidnapped Marina - Splatoon
33 Viridi sparking wars against humans and having a racial attitude against them is the result of a curse Hades set on her - Kid Icarus
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