Top Ten Video Game Titles Followed by "In My Pants"

Keycha1n, thevlogbrothers and Turkey all inspire me. Beware little kiddies, this might be a little too much for ya!

The Top Ten

1 Call of Duty... In My Pants

What are you, a hooker? - Turkeyasylum

And this is why I don't play call of duty. - shawnmccaul22

Duty calls...

I'm so dead X'D - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

2 Game of War... In My Pants

Not the funniest list, but these are becoming a trend! - gemcloben

Wow, that sounds weird - JaysTop10List

3 Minecraft... In My Pants
4 Pokemon... In My Pants

It's even better when you realize that pokeballs will be in your pants as well.

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5 Battlefield... In My Pants

What kind of pants are those? - JaysTop10List

6 Grand Theft Auto... In My Pants

So I wasn't doing crimes in Miami, I was doing it in my pants... - Delgia2k

7 Mario Kart ... In My Pants

I guess Mario isn't having fun in there - JaysTop10List

8 Resident Evil... In My Pants
9 Just Dance... In My Pants

Why in the hell would I do that? - JaysTop10List

10 Sleeping Dogs... In My Pants

Oh man that must be horrible - ExcaliberDG11

The Contenders

11 Mother... In My Pants V 1 Comment
12 Kirby's Adventure... In My Pants

I laughed so hard when I thought of this one! I thought you were rated E, Kirby! - Garythesnail

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13 Undertale... In My Pants
14 Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando... In My Pants
15 Wargasm... In My Pants V 1 Comment
16 Irritating Stick... In My Pants
17 Halo Reach... In My Pants
18 South Park: The Fractured But Whole...In My Pants

The stick of my pants would work too - shawnmccaul22

19 Dong Dong Never Die...In My Pants
20 Um Jammer Lammy... In My Pants

mmm - xandermartin98

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1. Game of War... In My Pants
2. Call of Duty... In My Pants
3. Minecraft... In My Pants
1. Minecraft... In My Pants
2. Game of War... In My Pants
3. Pokemon... In My Pants
1. Call of Duty... In My Pants
2. Pokemon... In My Pants
3. Grand Theft Auto... In My Pants

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