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41 Tales of Berseria
42 Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 2: Assembly Required

Heil Hitler

Get out. - mattstat716

Mi9necraft Story Mode is pupoular but not in this site


43 A Hat in Time

Kickstarter produced a good game. Am I in some alternate reality or something? - Zach808

Why is this game so low? It's proved to be one of the best games overall, not to mention being great in its own category of 3D platforming, perhaps second only to Super Mario Odyssey

44 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Why is this so low?

This is they're second best game from the uncharted trilogy why tf is this so low?

I play it

I think this is awesome because after uncharted 4 I thought that there would be no more Nathan drake or anyone else in uncharted for another game with awesome action and car chases. turns out I was wrong and this came out, even though I didn't buy it I think uncharted 4 was better but here are what are the best parts
-Samuel drake returns
-more action

45 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle
46 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

That game is amazing

Truly Epic

47 Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

This game has the potential to be amazing depending on how and when it gets finished. The gunplay is amazing, survival takes a lot of strategy, and being in the middle of so many people in such a vast map is thrilling as hell. Unfortunately, the game just isn't there yet. There's a lot of bugs, there isn't quite enough content, and don't even get me started on the Xbox version. I'd say hold off for now and wait for it to be finished. - Zach808

Totally agree with you. With enough final touches, this game could be the literal game changer. - Pony

Fun fact your mind skips the the second the in this sentence - LavenderSheep

With the right people this game will never get boring! - YungGarlic

For PC this is best or fortnite.

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48 Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

Not out yet. - Fullwalking2

49 Nba 2K18

Come it’s 2k yall

50 Destiny 2

Much better than Destiny 1. People are complaining about lack of content, but BUNGIE WILL DELIVER! I promise that

Destiny 2 is everything Destiny 1 should have been. An incredibly well balanced and versatile video game.

Love the game and should be higher on the list and I will waste the weekend away - AlmigtyTiger18

How is this game only 47? This became my favourite game.

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51 Sonic Project 2017 Sonic Project 2017

This game is said to be a Nintendo Switch game of Sonic Forces.

This is Sonic Forces, oh the big expectations I had for this game... I bought it on PS4 and while the graphics were terrific and by far the best I had seen the gameplay was just "Meh" and the dialogue was just bad and cringey. The game was also not that hard even on difficult mode its more of a game to noobs whos first time is playing a modern sonic game. 5.5/10

52 Yakuza 0
53 Fortnite

An overall well rounded game with amazing graphics and gameplay

Why do people play these type of games? They're just games which you kill each other on!

The Battle Royale mode is so fun and I can't wait for Save the World to come out free!

This game should be higher. Honestly look at some of the games in front of it, sure, it's not BotW or Forza, but for what it is it deserves more rep. Just came out too late in the year I guess, got left behind.

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54 Star Wars: Battlefront II

When my Mom gave me this as a surprise gift right after my Xbox One S was right in front of our door, I was so exited. HOLY CRAP THIS GAME IS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO THE STAR WARS VIDEO GAME UNIVERSE. Even if there are still things that EA missed (like characters and game modes) but I still love this game. With a high detail of graphics, the way it feels satisfying to shoot a blaster, star cards, overall everything. It is so worth getting this game, especially getting the Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition, this game made me like star wars even more, Like the classic multiplayer battle on Naboo. Get this game, I beg of you.

The gameplay may be a little to advanced even for a shooter game, but other than that the graphics are great, the arcade mode is one of my personal favorites and I mean the campaign is one of the best campaigns I've seen in a LONG time.

Battlefront II's unique story and exhilarating gameplay has really failed to front a failed reputation of EA's shortcomings, and it's rocky start amidst the controversial inclusion of micro-transactions overshadowed this Star Wars title's successes. There is not a doubt in my mind that this release deserved better from both its publisher and its community.

Battlefront II does not deserve all the hate that gets thrown at it, it is a fast paced masterpiece! - Fuziion

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55 Player Unknown Battleground

One of the most played games on steam, and it's this low on the list?

How is the game so low the so fun

Every time I play I feel the adrenaline

Need to be higher than 42 sorry. maybe in the top ten. - BlairRafeKnox

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56 Nioh

This game is amazing! why is it so low? - Ale9991

57 Divinity: Original Sin II

Amazing sequel, definitely one of the years top games - worth replaying as well, you can get at least 2 full play-throughs of this.

Protip - Don't make a custom character. Pick one of the pre-gens and customize them as you like, but if you don't you'll miss out on an entire story arc devoted to each pre-gen. - ScorpioSymbol

58 Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

This is pretty interesting...

I'm actually ok with minecraft, I even play it like once or twice a year for kicks. But I actively despise this story mode thing. - SoldierOfFortune

59 NHL 18

Its fun and realistic for hokey lovers

Going to be like NHL 17 again - Zombieguy745

60 Fire Emblem Warriors
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