Top 10 Video Games of 2017


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41 Sniper Elite 4
42 Tekken 7
43 Cyberpunk 2077
44 Dragon Quest XI
45 Final Fantasy VII: Remake
46 Gran Turismo Sport
47 Mario Sports Superstars
48 Splatoon 2
49 1-2 Switch
50 Nba 2K18
51 Nioh

This game is amazing! why is it so low? - Ale9991

52 Night in the Woods
53 Sonic Forces
54 Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

I know Shovel Knight's from 2014 and all but this FREE DLC came out just last month on the Switch, this month for Steam. This DLC is AMAZING. It added a bunch of lore and backstory to the game as well as gave us fresh, revamped stages and yes, even boss fights. Like with Plague of Shadows, there are new fights sprinkled in but a few of the revamped fights really took the cake. At least a couple of them were so much more enjoyable and challenging than before.

The only real issue I had was getting used to the Gameplay. Like in the original campaign, they expect you to figure it out. You won't have a couple of Minions sitting around seemingly talking about how to play amongst themselves at the beginning. Once you get used to the Gameplay and learn how to use the various Relic-equivalents (Curios), this game shows off its polish. It borderline feels like an entirely new game.

Also, we finally get to find out a bunch of the various enemy names. - SilverJ17

55 The Last of Us Part II
56 Days Gone
57 Death Stranding
58 Detroit: Become Human
59 Spider-Man
60 God of War
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