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41 Tekken 7

This game is awesome, why is it below injustice 2? - Ale9991

How can injustice be higher than this? - Triceratops

This needs to be in the top 10

42 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

X and Zero is here! Even the final boss is sigma this game will be megaman 9 lol - Rajalatief

10/10 has Ghost Rider and Morrigan in it. Best fighting game ever; would tag out twice.

Great game can't wait for it to be released - MarvelcampomWWE

Sucks, it is a robbery - Ale9991

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43 Middle Earth: Shadow of War

I played shadow of mordor in my opinion it wasn't a good game - ikerevievs

How can you call it good if the game has not been released yet. - YourWaifuSucks

44 Destiny 2

Much better than Destiny 1. People are complaining about lack of content, but BUNGIE WILL DELIVER! I promise that

Destiny 2 is everything Destiny 1 should have been. An incredibly well balanced and versatile video game.

Love the game and should be higher on the list and I will waste the weekend away - AlmigtyTiger18


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45 Cars 3: Driven to Win

Best grahics of 2017 confirmed

46 Fire Emblem Warriors
47 Mass Effect: Andromeda

I like mass effect but mass effect andromeda is exception so many bug and no music when exploring it make boring - Rajalatief

The game is awesome and still feels like Mass Effect. Some people just don't give credit where credit is due.

Ding Dong, your opinion's wrong

Really bad

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48 The Legend of Zelda V 1 Comment
49 Red Dead Redemption 2

This game will not be released in 2017

The game was delayed to 2018

This will be released in 2018. - Fullwalking2

Best game of 2017

50 Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
51 Vampyr

I wanna party
I wanna samba
I wanna party
And live my live
I wanna party and fly

52 Player Unknown Battleground

How is the game so low the so fun


Need to be higher than 42 sorry. maybe in the top ten. - BlairRafeKnox

53 Forza Motorsport 7

Horizon 3 was good so this could be good too - ikerevievs

54 MLB The Show 17

Best baseball game ever

55 Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
56 Subnautica

I just love subnautica. Even in early access it's one of the best games I've ever play. Subnautica should totally be higher.

57 Yooka-Laylee
58 FIFA 18

I think FIFA should be #1 cause of the graphics.

I agree. Want to do a weegee bord with me? - ThOfficialDFC

You are the dummest person ever Fifa should be around position 5 or if not 1 totally dis agree. Whyyy this is an embarrassment to EA and Fifa. Game that comes every year in much better version. Long live EA. LONG live Fifa.

59 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
60 Sniper Elite 4
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