Video Games With the Best Endings

The Top Ten Video Games With the Best Endings

1 Portal 2

Imagine this: you were trapped in a big, underground training prison all of your life with no escape or exit, then after taking down two mega AI's you finally see the true light of day. How great is that?

Fantastic - TriggerTrashKid

This is the best game ever and when I finished the final showdown with wheatly I was like...OH YE-YA! (plus Has anyone mentioned the companian cube? )

Are you kidding me? Number 17? Call of Duty GAMES HIGHER? This list has some horrible games in the top 10. Bioshock is great, but shouldn't be number one. This game, however, is masterpiece in its ending. Emotional, funny, and musical number. Fantastic.
Shadow of the collosus and MGS 4 are not in the top ten. Horrible list. - StormingShadow

2 Mass Effect 2
3 Red Dead Redemption

RDR2 beat it with ending

Probably - TriggerTrashKid

4 Shadow of the Colossus

The ending was so incredible, I did not think that until I have seen the work of nomad colossus and his video"light and dark", then I was so curious to see all the forums dedicated to this game and this is how, by seeing all the work and how smart the game was designed that the game passed to one of my favorite games to my favorite game of all times. By far.

it's sad.

5 Spec Ops: The Line

Ending has the feeling that I were watching porn

Great game, must play!

6 Batman: Arkham City

I like more the ending of the harley quinn's revenge, are wee taling of that? Because I don't liked the original ending

7 The Walking Dead

You knew it was going to happen eventually, but it was still a blow to the feels when it did

Clem made it - TriggerTrashKid

8 BioShock

BioShock is full of chills and its storyline is so gripping, so of course the ending is good!

Amazing game. One of my favorites, for sure.

The good ending made me smile like an idiot for an hour.

This was a good game but the ending was ok - Therandom

9 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Like killing makarov

10 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The best end you feel satisfied for what you did the best game ever - suve

That last battle against Ganon is so satisfying.

The Contenders

12 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Glad to see this one high on the list. Not only was the writing in this game amazing, the ending was pure Star Wars. I actually clapped at the end of this one.

13 Hitman: Blood Money

The first time I played this game, I didn't know I'm supposed to get agent 47 up in the last mission.
I cried so much because I thought agent 47 died and the wonderful franchise ended.
I cried too when I figured out the true ending, because it's such a relief that the agent 47 is still alive and this amazing franchise would go on.

This game has "the" story that has the potential to craft an awesome movie

too bad the movie turned out such a disappointment
orphans, a girl, so many kills don't get me started... such a disaster.

14 BioShock 2

Everybody loves bioshock one and infinite, but no one recognizes this game, it really is sad it's just such a good game and ending

The good ending is so beautiful, its impossible you can't cry with this

It is better than the originals ending. - Therandom

15 Mother 3
16 Okami
17 Call of Duty: World at War

Music makes me so happy to see them scumbag Nazis finally fall

Die nazi douchebagz - TriggerTrashKid

18 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
19 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
20 Tomb Raider: Legend
21 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
22 Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

The ending was epic! How can this not be #3? (MW3 and MW2 are #s 1 and 2) - Alpha101

23 BioShock Infinite

The ending for this game is so awesome that words cannot describe. The level of awesomeness is like... Chuck Norris squared! And if you haven't been paying attention to the story, then it can be just as confusing as well - Kazzong

In several minutes it tied the whole trilogy, the game, and even reality together in a way that really makes you rethink things in the game

24 War Craft 3: Frozen Throne
25 Undertale

Spoilers, obviously:

Well Undertale was something I didn't expect. There are a lot of endings in Undertale but the only one I did is the best one. Just think for a moment, everything in your world doesn't exists anymore, your friends, your family, eveyone you loved and knew died, and they are not coming back. The only things that still exist are a flower with powers who only God can match him and wants to kill you again and again and again, and then there is you a little kid who has nothing just one thing, it isn't an item, it isn't in the game, something everyone have but we decide how much we have, it's called "DETERMINATION" and that's is the only thing we need to win this fight. You could leave the game if it's to hard for you, but if you have enough Determination you can win it.

At the end you win and you have two choices kill or mercy, it isn't like other games that if you choose the obvious choice you get the bad ending, no, It's justified why you want to kill ...more

Definitely should be much higher, I like it way better than Portal 2's ending

I never understand people who do a genocide route, they propably aren't really smart at all

26 Chrono Trigger
27 Call of Duty 2 Big Red One
28 Super Mario Galaxy

The lost Luma finally got back to Rosalina. WHAT A HAPPY ENDING! *SOB*

29 Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare

Can't believe its not on the list! Well I don't like all those other games just Call of Duty and this has my fave ending its very sad.

NO, this is by far the best game with a great ending, a sad ending, but an awesome payback ending, its way better than BIOSHOCK, in fact bioshock sucks

30 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
31 Silent Hill 2
32 Saints Row


NUFF SAID - bendanna

33 Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction
34 Call of Duty: World at War Final Fronts
35 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
36 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
37 Final Fantasy VI
38 Far Cry
39 Tomb Raider: Underworld
40 System Shock 2
41 Paper Mario
42 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Simply epic and unexpected. It goes so much, yet so slow... And every second is amazing. You can't possibly consider it a bad ending, and it's realistic too. - Rigas

43 Halo 3

Why isn't this #1?

"I remember the start of this war, what your kind did to mine. I can't forgive you. But I can thank you. Hard to imagine he's dead."
"Were it so easy. (line that began the game)"
"Things look different, without the Prophets' lies clouding my vision. I'd like to visit my homeworld. To make sure it's safe."
"Take heed, for we have made it so."
"By your word, Arbiter."
Best ending EVER

44 The Last of Us

The Last of Us has an ending that is based on a half-truth. Joel somewhat lies to Ellie to calm her down, to protect her, and to quell her suspicions. This will lead into the upcoming sequel very smoothly. The unofficial father-daughter relationship between Joel and Ellie is still a little uneasy, which allows for more development and story in the future.

Let me tell you a story:
My bro finished this game and was going ON AND ON about how amazing and meaningful the ending of this game was. I was like, show it to me, I'm never actually gonna play it. So, after convincing him, he showed it to me, and I cried my eyes out, even though I only very basically knew what the game was about before that. I ended up playing the game BECAUSE OF THE ENDING. Even though it's horrifically sad, it's one of the most impactful, meaningful, honest endings I have ever seen to anything, be it a game, movie, or book. The ending truly makes the rest of the game so much more meaningful.

Legendary - TriggerTrashKid

45 Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

The rest on this list suck.. Might and magic will have to do :D Mandate of heaven is my favourite but it has a crap ending

46 Rock Band
47 Star Wars Battlefront II

The bad guys winning really mixed it up. One of my faves.

48 Kingdom Hearts II

Quite the final battle.

49 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
50 Portal
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