Top Ten Video Games That Don't Exist

The Top Ten

1 The Hall of Game

It shows he best games of the month by connecting online

Dis list is stupid

2 Rufus
3 Extreme Bomb Golfing

Whack it at your opponents!

4 Evil Guy

You are an evil guy and you try to take over all earth, state by state in every place on earth with good guys trying to stop you

5 Star Quest
6 Pokemon Z
7 Animal Army

You load animals with extreme weapons like laser cannons and armor

8 Rascal Flatts Simulator
9 Get the Money

You collect hidden money sometimes treasure in caves and buy upgrades like x2 coins you can find sometimes

10 Lupe Fiasco Target Practice

The Newcomers

? Polybius

This game does not exist, although it is a good spooky story to tell.

The Contenders

11 Agario 2
12 Extreme Hiding

Hide from the people who are giant and going to eat you and you have to be clever because the giants will look inside things randomly

13 Boring

Exactly what the title says- maker of the list

14 Eat

Eat things and earn coins for eating things depending on the size and get upgrades to eat bigger things

15 Universe Simulator 3
16 Half Life 3
17 Cave Story 2
18 Sonic Adventure 3
19 Miner

A rip off of Minecraft but not blocks

20 Five Nights at Freddy's 100
21 Invention Land

Nothing exists in the world yet and you have to find things to invent and if you invent stuff you earn experience and the higher level you are the more things appear like places to find materials

22 Eminem the Video Game
23 Jason Voorhees Simulator
24 Kirby XXX
25 The Emoji Video Game
26 /wars

Using fair commands to the game, you can fight the other team. You can spawn dragons, dinosaurs, and other stuff ya want.

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