Top 10 Video Games You Do Not Want Turbo to Take Over

This list is based around the character Turbo from 'Wreck-It Ralph', the video game star of 'Turbo Time' who infamously abandoned his own game in an attempt to take over newer games. This list shows the games which you would not like him to take over.
Note: I'm not just restricting this list to arcade games, you can include any kind of games. Use your imagination.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Kart

Mario Kart races are already hectic enough as is, what with all the items flying everywhere and the wacky stage hazards. Imagine how much more insane it would be with Turbo driving around getting in your way. - SuperSonic17


2 Grand Theft Auto

When trying to evade the police, taking part in a drive-by shootout or just picking up chicks, having Turbo drive in your path would be all too problematic.
Not to mention if you hit him would that raise your wanted level to one star? - SuperSonic17

3 Sim City

Just imagine. You're slaving away, building your own utopia, when all of a sudden Turbo starts driving everywhere causing the game to glitch.
Especially if it was in the 2013 Sim City. - SuperSonic17

4 F-Zero (Series)

Speaks for itself.
Turbo may be fast, but he's not F-Zero fast. - SuperSonic17

5 Crazy Taxi

Aside from him being something getting in your way wouldn't you much rather be listening to The Offspring's songs than repeated lines of "Turbo-Tastic! "? - SuperSonic17

6 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Rolling around at the speed of "Turbo-Tastic! ". - SuperSonic17

7 Battletoads

I think we all know what level he'd reside in. Suddenly the Turbo Tunnel just got much worse. - SuperSonic17

8 Roadblasters

So you're just driving along, minding your own business, when all of a sudden Turbo starts driving in front of you, crashes into you and causes the game to glitch up.
That's a realistic scenario to what happens when Turbo takes over a game. - SuperSonic17

9 Super Hexagon

This game demands such high levels of concentration and focus that if Turbo was to just randomly pop out of nowhere it would definitely make you lose focus and blow your excellent run. - SuperSonic17

10 RollerCoaster Tycoon

Considering that the Go-Karts seem to be the most popular attraction in the game this would be only too easy for him. - SuperSonic17

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