Best Visions of Atlantis Songs

Visions of Atlantis is an Austrian band revolved around the Symphonic and Power Metal subgenres. The band is known for its alternating band members during its activity and employs a dual combination of male and female clean vocals. The band is also known to cite the band Nightwish and the myth of Atlantis as a strong influence.

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The Top Ten

1 Winternight Winternight Cover Art

Brilliant tribute to former vocalist Nicole Bogner, with excellent vocals from Delauney, alongside some really sombre and pretty instrumentation to boot. - CrimsonShark

Not surprised - Clémentine Delauney is a trained opera singer (soprano). - Metal_Treasure

2 Ritual Night Ritual Night Cover Art
3 The Silent Mutiny The Silent Mutiny Cover Art
4 The Grand Illusion The Grand Illusion Cover Art
5 Prayer to the Lost Prayer to the Lost Cover Art
6 Return to Lemuria Return to Lemuria Cover Art
7 Lovebearing Storm Lovebearing Storm Cover Art
8 Lost Lost Cover Art
9 The Last Home The Last Home Cover Art
10 Seven Seas Seven Seas Cover Art

The Contenders

11 The Deep & the Dark The Deep & the Dark Cover Art

The song that hooked me in. - MxJosh

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