Top Ten Vocalist / Guitarist Duos That Should Combine to Make a Group


The Top Ten

1 Ozzy Osbourne - Kirk Hammett

Real Badass Combo!... Would Love To Hear Them

2 Axl Rose - C.C. DeVille

Might sound real good! - HezarioSeth

3 Joe Elliot - Angus Young
4 James Hetfield - Slash
5 M. Shadows - Dave Mustaine M. Shadows - Dave Mustaine Matthew Charles Sanders, better known by his stage name M. Shadows, is an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter and founding member of the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold.
6 Brian Johnson - Brian May
7 David Lee Roth - Joe Satriani David Lee Roth - Joe Satriani David Lee Roth is an American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio personality.
8 David Grohl - Eddie Van Halen
9 Robert Plant - Eric Clapton

I would orgasm if this happened

10 Billie Joe Armstrong - Joan Jett

The Contenders

11 Ben Burnley - Adam Gontier Ben Burnley - Adam Gontier Benjamin Jackson Burnley IV is an American musician, composer, and producer, best known as the founder and frontman of the American rock band Breaking Benjamin.
12 Art Garfunkel - Paul Simon

They were a group, of course... But they should never have broken apart. Best in the history of music

13 Adam Young - Slash Adam Young - Slash Adam Randal Young is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for creating the synthpop/electronica project Owl City. Other important projects he has taken part of are Sky Sailing, Port Blue, Swimming With Dolphins, Seagull Orchestra and Adam Young Scores.
14 Ivan Moody - Mark Morton
15 Jon Bon Jovi - Jimmy Page
16 Richie Sambora - Nirmal
17 Axl Rose - Slash
18 Corey Taylor - Kerry King
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