Top 10 VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets


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1 HTC Vive

How is Oculus Rift better? I don't know who made this list but it obviously wasn't a VR expert. - HarCher

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2 Playstation VR V 2 Comments
3 Samsung Gear VR V 1 Comment
4 Oculus Rift

If you want VR but are on a budget, get this and a 1050 Ti. It works pretty well. - Supergameplayer

Oculus Rift has probably commanded more headlines than any other VR system. First launched as a Kickstarter project and then acquired by Facebook, OculusRift is one of the most exciting VR systems you'll find.
The system comprises a headset that's loaded with sensors, offering a display for each eye and integrated headphones. It comes with a camera to add more movement detection information and initially ships with an Xbox One controller prior to bespoke Oculus Touch controllers launching later in 2016. You will also need a high-spec PC to run Oculus Rift, however, and this isn't included in the £549 asking price for the kit.
The result is a canny VR system and, from what we've experienced so far, one that's capable of creating some amazing VR worlds and games. It has been shipping globally from the States for a while, but is now also available in high street stores in both the UK and America. That includes John Lewis, Currys PC World and Game in the UK. - dipper31

5 Sulon Q V 1 Comment
6 Google Daydream V 1 Comment
7 Google Cardboard V 1 Comment
8 LG 360 VR V 1 Comment
9 OnePlus Loop VR V 1 Comment
10 Zeiss VR One V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 VR Box
12 Dream Vision VR
13 VR Sky
14 EightOnes VR
15 Motoraux 3D Virtual Reality Headset
16 Pasonomi VR Headset
17 Atill Virtual Reality Headset For 3D
18 Kollea 3D VR
19 Destek VR
20 Imax VR
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1. HTC Vive
2. Samsung Gear VR
3. Playstation VR
1. Playstation VR
2. HTC Vive
3. Oculus Rift
1. Oculus Rift
2. HTC Vive
3. Playstation VR

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