Best Walk the Moon Songs

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1 Anna Sun Anna Sun Cover Art

This is really really good, but I like Shut Up and Dance a little more.

Favorite Walk the Moon song I've ever heard. I've been singing it for days it's so catchy!


2 Shut Up and Dance Shut Up and Dance Cover Art

This is obvoiusly one of those great songs that are popular for all of the right reasons. It just is. It's not just WALK THE MOON's most popular song, and for good reason also. Just listen to it!

I like this songs beaucse, this songs is my most favourite and shut up and dance with me is okay and nice.

This is the only song that I listen from this band but I can't believe that this band can sing better than this! This song is amazing and so good

I listened to it for the first time a few days ago and now I am addicted to it. I just can't listen to anything else. This song is awesome!

3 Tightrope Tightrope Cover Art

Makes me sing with them!

4 Quesadilla Quesadilla Cover Art

Way better than shut up and dance

5 Shiver Shiver Shiver Shiver Cover Art
6 Tiger Teeth

One of Walk The Moon's best songs, if not their best. They should release it already.

I'd say it's their best song, and also saddest.

7 I Want! I Want!
8 Jenny

Their best song, I don't understand how it is so underrated

9 Work This Body Work This Body Cover Art

My favorite song since I was 6! I'm 9 now

A good lesson too

10 Lisa Baby Lisa Baby Cover Art

Hands down the best song live

The Contenders

11 Different Colors Different Colors Cover Art

So catchy! Love it, especially the "ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh! Different colors! " part!

Love it!

12 Avalanche Avalanche Cover Art

Catchiest song ever. When you want to have a good time, turn this song on!

13 Portugal Portugal Cover Art
14 I Can Lift a Car I Can Lift a Car Cover Art
15 One Foot One Foot Cover Art

This song is currently the most played song on my phone!. For 3 years now


16 Up 2 U Up 2 U Cover Art

This is such a powerful song! It really showcases Nicholas' voice.

17 Next in Line Next in Line Cover Art

I'm obsessed with this song. It's seriously one of the best songs to just blast with the windows down and have a good time

Best one

18 Blue Dress
19 It's Your Thing It's Your Thing Cover Art
20 The Liftaway The Liftaway Cover Art
21 Down In the Dumps Down In the Dumps Cover Art

Awesome song! This song makes someone that is down in the dumps have confidence in themselves. Great song and extremely fun. This deserves to get as big as shut up and dance, and it has the potential.

22 Aquaman Aquaman Cover Art
23 Iscariot Iscariot Cover Art
24 Kamikaze Kamikaze Cover Art

Best song ever created

25 Fixin' Fixin' Cover Art

Extremely underrated Walk the
Moon song. One of my favorites from them.

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