Top 10 Warfaze Songs with the Best Screams

Warfaze has some good screams in their songs. Some of them are given here. I'll try to update the list.

The Top Ten

1 Ekti Chele

I didn't know this song but I found it on youtube - yes, the scream starts like the Gillan scream in the intro to Highway Star. - Metal_Treasure

A good screaming at the ending. Always reminds me of Ian Gillan's screams in Highway Star. - zxm

Yes, @Metal_Treasure. The band themselves said they were inspired by bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake. They even did covers of Deep Pruple songs like Smoke On the Water and Highway Star. Ian Gillan was favorite metal singer of their's. Especially Sunjoy's, their first vocalist. Who sang this song. - zxm

About 17 seconds scream. From 5:57 to 6:14. Saw a live T.V. show once, the new singer hardly screamed. Not even close to the original. - zxm

2 Boshe Achi

Both new and old version have a screaming at the ending. The new one has extended screaming. But the old one is also good. However personally I like the new one screaming more. - zxm

The old one is about 15/16 seconds long. the new one is almost 18 seconds long. but it was power that I liked about the new one. - zxm

3 Ondho Jibon

Another great screaming at the intro. - zxm

From 0:02 to 0:14. 12 seconds, not very long, but it was powerful. plus some other screams. - zxm

4 Hotasha

Screaming at the ending. He screams "hotasha-aaa". - zxm

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5 Shomoy

I wanted to add Shomoy new version. Both Balam and Mizan screamed in this song. But Mizan is a better screamer than Balam. - zxm

6 Shekhano Bornona

At he ending of this song, he screams "Naaa". - zxm

7 Moharaj Moharaj

Balam's best screams as with Warfaze. Wish he hadn't become a commercial pop artist. - zxm

8 Shesh Prohor

He screams at the ending of the song. Before the keyboards solo. He screams "theke-e" - zxm

9 Bosonte

He screams after the middle part, before the outro. - zxm

10 Oshamajik Oshamajik

Has some screams. But not very powerful. That's why not on top. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Onno Bhubon
12 Protikkha

This song has also got a scream. But he didn't scream too long in this song. It'd be unmatched for this song. Because this song wasn't very heavy. - zxm

13 Otit

Not very powerful scream. But has a scream at the ending. - zxm

14 Bewarish

16/17 seconds screaming, from 6:36 to 6:54. but the reason why its not on top cause he got very low( I mean weak), at some points. - zxm

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15 Na

Little bit of screaming at the end. - zxm

16 Keu Nei Eka

About 10 seconds scream. - zxm

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