Top 10 Ways Carly Rae Jepsen is Better Than Led Zeppelin


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1 She has talent

Not feeding the troll but Carly Rae Jepsen is an untalented one hit wonder who'll be gone and working at McDonald's in a few years. Not feeding, just being factual - bobbythebrony

I'm only in here for the reactions. - Swellow

Funny thing is, I actually agree with this list. *flame shield* - WonkeyDude98

When you agree with this list HAHA - AlphaQ

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2 Led Zeppelin is overrated

This list was obviously created by a juvenile with absolutely no taste in music at all. It's not funny, it's pathetic! I've heard this girl sing and she's not good at all.

Guys look, stop feeding the troll, and from the looks of this list Carly is overrated.

This list is absolute RUBBISH! Whoever compiled it must be a child or a very immature adult.

Yeah zep's overrated.but that doesn't mean they are worse than Carly Rae Jepsen. - zxm

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3 Her songs Run Away With Me and I Really Like You are better than Stairway to Heaven

At the least, they are somewhat original. - WonkeyDude98

4 She can sing better

Not true, because she can not actually "sing" at all without electronic enhancement.

I suggest you please and please listen this song fool in rain and'll change your mind - zxm

5 She is very underrated

Okay I'll never be on this page.bye bye.not because I have no answer.because the owner of the list called me an idiot.but before going I just wanna say a thing.did Carly Rae Jepsen ever played guitar or drum or bass.she just writes songs and sings.but as a whole team led zeppelin played their all kinds of music.jimmy produced all of his albums.and people calling them least they made their own music.but Carly Rae Jepsen just gives money to her producer and they make music for it.I know a toptenner who hates led zeppelin.but at least he gives some respect to the band. I just wanna say this for them who is going to vote for stairway to heaven's solo is was the riff they've stolen. not the solo.riff is just some chords you are playing rapidly and solo is a progression of chords.and the solo is free of plagiarism - zxm

Also, you say Carly never played guitar, therefore she is terrible. There are actual used instruments in a lot of her songs, like the strings on Call ame Maybe and the sax on Run Away With Me. And if we apply your logic, then bands like Led Zeppelin (fight me), Limp Bizkit, Three Days Grace, NickelBack, Creed, and Hinder are better than a good 89% of electronic and hip-hop artists. Bye bye. - WonkeyDude98

6 She has most of the talent

I bet no one debating against CRJ has listened to anything she's made besides I Really Like You and Call Me Maybe. Try Your Type. Or LA Hallucinations. Or All That. Or Black Heart. Or Run Away With Me. Or When I Needed You. Or E*MO*TION. - WonkeyDude98

7 Led Zeppelin rips off songs

They stole Taurus by the Spirits. - AlphaQ

OK guz/gals I think that all right now by free and highway to hell by AC/DC sounds pretty same.especially the intro.that doesn't mean AC/DC steal their songs.sometimes because of same guitar chords and same strumming it could be same.when I first strum my guitar it's pretty same as someone who is strumming his guitar for first Jimmy Page is famous for some of his works that ain't accused of plagiarism - zxm

8 She is beautiful

I am a male and every single member in Led Zeppelin is more hot than Carly.

Maybe, by beautiful, one could mean vocally you know - ProPanda

What's it's to do with better - zxm

9 She is more of a teen idol than Led Zeppelin

This is probably true, people of all ages love Led Zeppelin, but the minute they reach the age of 18, they stop following teen idols, and wonder why they ever liked them in the first place.

10 Her songs are more melodic

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11 John Bonham is the worst drummer ever

Whoever added this sucks. - DynastiNoble

12 She is intelligent

In interviews, she sounds like a total airhead.

13 Stairway to Heaven is the worst solo ever

I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but if I wanted the solo, why not listen to Taurus by The Spirits, where the solo originally was? - WonkeyDude98

what! - zxm

14 She isn't a Satanist

Well, Page has never conformed nor has he ever denied. - lavashooter

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1. Led Zeppelin rips off songs
2. Led Zeppelin is overrated
3. She is very underrated
1. Led Zeppelin rips off songs
2. Led Zeppelin is overrated
3. She has most of the talent
1. She has talent
2. She can sing better
3. Led Zeppelin is overrated


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