Top Ten Ways to Get Banned from Animal Jam

Guys, this is soooo important. It's wors than getting scammed. Do you want to get scammed or just not be able to play AJ at all because you're banned FOREVER! I hope you read this list because it's important. BTW, I did not put this in order, they are all really bad.

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1 Bad words

I was banned for talking about math! I said" Round these mixed numbers as wholes" to my friend and... A message popped up saying You are suspended from animal jam. ;-;

As whole works

You don't get suspended for the worst words, they just won't let you type them. You get suspended if you type "as whole" as well as if you type "stripes club". I don't know why for the second one.

Oof I didn't get banned cri

2 Hack

I'll choose this one because hacking is the worst things on animal jam and play wild, I can tell you that we had a holiday called hack day. That holiday is about black bunnies that try to hack you, on my moikonda4 account, I did not get hacked. BECAUSEEE, it's fake. Once I scammed people for pretending to be hacked, plus I was playing on the play wild version. On the play wild version, you wont get hacked for scamming. Story long time ago.

Hacking is for losers

I love hacking!

Some people just do it for fun. And of course, some do it to get rarer. But who wants to waste hacking time limits on a pixel item? (At least I'm pretty sure there's hacking time limits...) beats me.

3 Mating

It's a children's game, that shouldn't be done.

I tried the second one and I was banned it was hilarious I was pranking my bro by doing it on an account just like his like his accounts twin

Some of the thing are stupid

This is so true

4 Swear in a masterpiece

Yea my friend got me suspended after taking my spikes so ima gonna perm ban them )

Why animal jam why? why swerar in a paniting?

I once was making a masterpiece with an anime girl saying hello in japanese, but AJ would not let me share it! At least I did not get suspended... - Wisteriasun37

Oml it really works I tots got suspended

5 Scamming

Someone scammed my rainbow spike and the next day I searched their user and BOOM it said they were banned

Once I gotten scammed for nutcracker boots last year... at least I'm glad the scammer was suspended! Also I been scamming a rainbow and BOOM I did not get suspended. Now what in the world... I wasn't banned for scamming.. wow.

Report laylabuns she scammed me! I want her to learn her lesson. Tysm for your participation!

Actually, it only suspends your trading. I know because when my long was scammed (couple years ago, old news :P) I perpetually asked for it back and then I got a Jam-A-Gram from their friend saying that their trade was suspended. Another time, my brother tried to scam (ended up getting scammed himself by a new jammer lol) and his trade got suspended for three days. - RedTheGremlin

6 Logging in to the beta days

I want to log in!

Yup. I know you don't believe me but you can log in to the beta days in animal jam. There's this thing called the way back machine that can bring you back there. The point is not to log in, but to see what the beta days looked like in 2010. I almost got banned believe it or not. It's basically a hacking process.Remember that the only point of going to the beta days page is to see what the beta days page looked like. Don't log in because you WILL be banned from animal jam.

The reason you could get banned is because when ever you log into something as old as the beta days, you never know where your user information could go. And that person could see it, and hack, ban, or suspend you. Or he could even see it and think you were trying to hack into it. So, it's just a possibility.

You actually could get scammed, hacked, or banned logging into the beta days. Of course, I'd just bring you right back to the regular animal jam. So basically, it's impossible to get into the beta days. You can still get into the beta days page though.

7 Inappropriate looks

I have red in my colour but I also have green and yellow so it just looks like reggae colours, not blood.
- TheDuttyGyal

If ajhq saw you look in' bloody, that ain't good. Now you are probably thinking they can't tell. But if you named your self something like Daredevil awesome shark And made yourself look bloody, they can tell.

Yeah bloody might ban you but if you make a look like the lost jammer or fman you will not get banned

Ya I got banned once for doing that

8 Calling super mean names that make people mad

I called a guy a weird fat cow in animal jam play wild it was a joke we were all dissing each other and I got to send it and never got suspended or banned - DijaUnicorn

Oh yes, this happened to me. I buddy requested someone, and they said, I'm not your friend lady! You are crusty, and not smart! Rude right?

Yeah to the other person and the person beside you takes offense to it

There is a girl named wonderw106 who said that she did not care about somebody and said it was good that he did not make any friends.

9 Repeating the same thing over and over again

That is one of the STUPIDEST bans ever! Getting banned for repeating the same thing? That's HILARIOUS!

Actually one person kept saying fish are the best and they were not banned... I also tried doing it, I didn't know it would BAN me because people said I would not be BANNED, guess what? I was not banned or suspended!

Yeah I saw that person saying fish are the best and nothing happened to them, people started saying it with them and nothing happened

My Ajpw account is crystalcat8 if you wanna buddy me or anything

I got suspended for repeatedly saying HAMMER.

10 Extreme AJ Mating

Okay so... 8 year olds? Mating? Seriously?
I'd like to know what 'extreme' means. Actually... never mind. But anyway- people 'mate' when they're old enough! Not when they're flippin' 8!
That is a way to get banned because if you do that it's horrible
even if just in roleplay - itsuniminecraft

As a lesbian, I have to say I have never witnessed 'extreme mating,' and seeing as these are pixelated animals, I would honestly be surprised if any genuinely heterosexual youth were turned homosexual by this. Again, they are moving pixels, nothing more. I'm not saying it is okay, but there is no need to specifically bring in homosexuality as the problem.

I had to freinds that were doing that on ajpw but they were doing it because someone named skiskate2 told them to do it or else he would report them

What's wrong with being homo?


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11 Saying "What is your sky?"

I. Got banned!

Me and my friend used to say stuff like "go on sky" and never got banned but now we know not to do that anymore ( we go to the same school so don't freak out.) thanks!

So, it sounds like you are asking a password or username. You will get banned FOREVER. So do not ever say that.

If you say it once you'll be banned forever? I don't think forever only once...

12 Saying, What's your paw word? (Password)

I tried on a spare, I was banned almost instantly... Thank God it was a spare

That happened to me lol - ArcticWolf

I did this on a spare account cause I wanted to see what would happen LOL.

Haha I tried it and I got suspended for 1 day

13 Saying the words "meat spin" & the words "stripes club"

One question: What does meat spin mean? I know what strip club is but not meat spin

My friends and I were playing animal jam at school on chromebooks and we were saying stupid stuff like "Heil Quackity" and my friend said "I beat my meat" and got suspended for a day. It was the best

Today is 1/1/19. I was being an idiot and I scrolled through this and tried this one. I said "stripes club" 2 times and it only said "WARNING it looks like the conversation you are having is not appropriate" so.. yup!

I got banned to because saying this word... but its ok because the account that I'm using is new!

14 Having orgies

Yep. I got banned FOREVER for having orgies.


(blinks) uhhh WHAT DA HECK

What the heck

15 Saying "My cat's name is Midnight"

That's... Oddly specific. But I don't see how your cat's name could hurt anyone, or yourself. Midnight is a common kitty name (I Love them).

I said this and I got banned for sharing personal information. The crap?

Midnight is a cat from a horrible and gory game called Fran Bow. It was actually kind of funny to see this

What the heck? Midnight is a good name for a black cat, what's so bad about it? - Puppytart

16 Telling people to kill themselves

This is rude! - ArcticWolf

:o. no. suici- children- no. - itsuniminecraft

Why would you... what?

Why would u say that they might do it boi

17 Trust Trade

Well you don't get banned but trading gets suspended for 1 day (24 hrs)

I said trust trading! Today.

Nope you can still trust trade without getting banned I made a joke video about someone trust trading me and the account I used did not get banned

I was gifted an actual spike yesterday and nothing bad happened... I thought he was going to trust trade my rares...

18 Painting a picture of something inappropriate and sending it to AJ HQ

I sent f*** you in art and they banned me for a year :(

Gee I wonder why - Puppytart

Hey, I didn't think about this one. Cool.

Yea its true I tried it

19 Spell out a swear word with pillows in your den

I've seen that happen before... a New Jammer came and somebody was like "NO NEW JAMMER DON'T LOOK! " But er... she did
It said f***... another time I did see a huge heart... when a few people got there they sat in the middle. Not sure what that means but then probably a spare came on and sat there? Then they slept so uh... I left and reported... - itsuniminecraft

I saw someone do this but with carpets

You're a genius, doing this now.

Quick story in ajhqs den, a random wolf was saying "GO TO MY DEN NOW! " Woo I went inside.. There was a pillow saying sex and two wolves having sex in the actual den.. I can't make the image away.. 😥

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20 Sending a help note to AJ that is offensive

Okay? Maybe animal jam did some stupid crap like make everything cost diamonds and force you to buy them

If you email a help note that is offiensive to AJ, who knows what the consequence could be. Maybe they'll send an email to your parents. If your parents don't care, you know what the other consequence right? Getting banned.



21 Saying a bad word

But don't actually say that - itsuniminecraft

I already put bad words at the top. That's okay though. I just think it's better to pay a little more attention to the list so you'll know. Again, it's okay.

Um I just said that fudge was yummy how long will this suspension last

Its not GOOD to say bad words!

22 Impersonating a player

Already I have seen a bunch of people inpersonating Wistieramoon with the name Wistamoon or something. Whoa.

Its because they are fans of them. This will not get you banned or suspended. - Foolishmagic

23 Saying the f word

I was messing around and said f'uq and it suspended me for a day I was so stupid back then.-.

That happened to me got suspended because was mad

I said it and I got banned for a WHOLE day what the f word is toast norms :/ UGH

God nooo

24 Saying Bit Cheese

I said bit cheese like today 9/30/18 and I got suspended

I know what that's means

Heck yeah this works, I've tried everything to ban myself untill I tried this. It works guys!

If your confused about how this will get you banned, here's why

The reason why you'll get banned for saying "bit cheese is because if you put those words together, it'll spell b*tcheese, which you can see that it has the B word in it.

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25 Bad role play

You know, like a horror movie.

Yeah, I was thinking of putting this down, Lol. Ty.

Bad roleplay?

II rips heart out II

26 Gory looking den

I don't know. There are these beta sword things and then make your den have a red carpet and creepy music with ghast in it.

How can you make a gory looking den?

With red den items and torture device-looking furniture like the Cactus Chair. And reindeer poop. Not sure why that's in a kids game, but whatever. - RedTheGremlin

Exactly, animal jam can't put capable "gotta items

But how can you report someone for an innapropriate den when hq doesn't put innapropriate stuff for you to put in it. I mean sure, red paint used as blood, but they deleted that.

Cactus chair could be like a torture thing... sitting on prickles, ouch. The bee chair, bees sting you. Reindeer poop. Need I say more? - DijaUnicorn

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27 Getting reported for scamming 1000000 times

If people reported you for scamming a whole lot of times, you could get banned forever because you keep breaking one huge rule.


28 Saying things that can be taken the wrong way

None of these work and why ban yourself anyway

By the way stripe club. Strip club. Ew. - DijaUnicorn

The stripe club. I don't know get that one. I do get the first one.

Said stripes club and got banned

29 Making and impersonation of Fman122

My cousin pretended to be fman122 and she did not get banned

AJHQ does know if you're pretending to be Fman122 or making your name ''Fman122''. AJ will just change it, or ban you because they may be worried you may have glitches to hack the game and jammers.

People well be mean and tell they are fman122. And one day my was playing animaljam she saw someone just like fman122 and she got and told me. And also... Mating is bad to. One day my sister was play Animaljam then someone hop on her and she was wondering what was him was doing. And I saw them and I told them to stop. Animaljam is going to be put down if people won't stop doing this stuff :( Then everyone won't get to play Animaljam until people stop doing it. AND THERE LESSON IS STOP MATING ON ANIMALJAM THIS GAME IS FOR KIDS NOT FOR SOME PEOPLE LOVE DOING GROSS THINGS INSTEAD OF DOING WHAT THERE THERE MEAN'T TO! And a lot of people just don't care about animaljam at all if you want animaljam not to be put down... DO THINGS YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO and people please stop with the aj mating.

Love Ashleemay98,

Please stop it with the things you can't do.

Animaljam is amazing and it it's for kids.


30 Saying mating words

Trust me, when people mate the say things like, sticks thing in her whole or puts wiener in her fanne. If you say that enough times, You will get banned

One time in AJPW someone was mating with another person on my Princess Chaise Lounge during a party I was hosting. One of them was like, "Push it out! and the other one was like "IT'S TOO DEEP! OHHH" I asked them to leave, but they didn't and I didn't want to lock everyone out, so I just "hired" a dude for security and everyone else began to hate on them. Lol. They left when I removed the Chaise Lounge. Go figure! - RedTheGremlin


31 Saying random things over and over again

Yup it's true. They will suspend you for being anoying! It's happened. I just kept saying do a little dance, and about the 7th time I was banned. don't DO THIS!

32 Having your sentence blocked way too many times

Yeah. I LEGIT GOT SUSPENDED FOR GETTING TO MUCH your sent ace was blocked bla bla bla

Oh yeah. I've seen people complain AJ won't let them say anything... it's happened to me too. HOW CAN THAT NOT BE APPROPRIATE ITS PERFECTLY FINE WHAT THE FLIP AJ!
Update your flippin game - itsuniminecraft

I said Purdy was a very cute cat and I got suspended for trying to repeat it after it was blocked. Seriously, why is it in the chat system if it gets blocked and leads to suspension? - Puppytart

Geesh. Reminds me of Club Penguin Island. You always got banned even if you didn't say anything bad. They're chat system is broken, but aj's is pretty nice.( Mostly) Also CPI sucks. DO NOT PLAY IT. Just a fair warning. - Transformers234

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33 Acting in love

Yeah... I was roleplaying and my friend in the roleplay decided to get 'married'?
When I logged back on she said she got a kid. I asked really, wow, how?
Err... mistake
She said she had se666 and then AJ suspended or banned her or something... been playing on spares so I don't know if she got banned or not - itsuniminecraft

I know people do it all the time. I tell them to stop but they don't listen. by the way don't try this you could get banned

I was sitting in the Sarepia Theater and this wolf was putting the face with the heart eyes while looking at me O.O Than I said " Stop! " And I left. HE CHASED ME! I just locked my den and went inside. °·°

In AJ play wild you actually may act like love, seriously people in the pillow room say like:school role play my den! Crushes! Dorms and more! seriously it won’t get you suspended, it’s actually cute! I have a girlfriend on ajpw, by the way I’m bisexual atm so ya... I’m a girl and ya.
Ajpw username is newmrsblackandwhite1
I know it’s long

34 Saying poop

I have said poop so many times and I never got suspended I was just doing it to confuse and anger people.

I have a spare account that me and my friend share and the first time we went on that account (we were having a playdate) we said “poop” to everyone and we said it maybe a hundred times and nothing happened

I think I said it once and it didn’t let me log in for 30mins

Not on ajpw, I said it. I think aj thought I said reindeer poop, the item. - DijaUnicorn

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35 Being a bully

So there was this person who always bullied me there username was thelargestusername22 once they called me a stink and said I smell like an onion -bunnycutie100

If you are a bully, most people will report you, because who wants a bully? The more reports you get, the more likely you get suspended.

36 Saying The Tree Is Hitting Me Tonight

This probably means about sex

What does that even mean

I said this, and got BANNED. It’s dumb rilly

37 Fake gifting

I gifted someone a lava spiked collar, I didn't want it anyway figuring they'd give me at least something of it's worth but they gifted A FLIPPIN NECKLACE. - itsuniminecraft

Someone in jamaa may say if you gift me I gift or u gift I gift this means if you gift them they will gift you back but one time when I was in jamaa I saw a owl saying gift me I will gift you back so I gifted this jammer a rare but they never gifted me back then also blocked me for no good reason never trust jammers you don't know!

I gifted someone a crossbow and they gave me a FROG RUG FROM JAMMART FURNITURE!

Jammers should become yxgamers

38 Sharing passwords

Yea I shared my password then the next day the girll who shared her password with me, her spike went missing thought it was me and took all my good/rare stuff, and I had a lot of good stuff

AJ does not want you sharing passwords because of people being hacked not even with your best trusted friend.

A BIT obvious but okay. ~Mistyrain


39 Saying adult jokes

If you say perhaps "sugar honey ice tea" they will block it.

just say "LOOK AT THE BEGINING OF EACH WORD BRUH" then say any word where you have to look at the first letter of each word to form a bad word.

40 Jammers saying sexual stuff to "attractive jammers"

Hey, like, lol. Do you even know if they look good in real life to you? No reason to do it.

This so sad' don't say sexual things to good looking jammers

41 There is no creepy beta sword item

This was a reply to a comment in no. 26

okay? - Transformers234

42 Refunding a membership/buying a membership without parental consent


My sister bought an animal jam membership with the family PayPal but my mom wasn't happy so she asked for a refund since it was purchased without permission. As a result, the AJ account and Parental Account was banned.

43 Saying, "What's the Password" Will Get Your Account Taken Away.

That ones obvious

Said it, Gone for a day...

44 Telling a jammer they look horrible

Dear world, if you want to put something down that will get you banned from animal jam, do it please.

So you'd like it if someone called you horrible? I doubt it.

That's just cold

Maybe not this one...

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45 Personal information

This always gets you suspended. One time, I gave my pass away, and got suspended plus hacked! But you wanna know what annoys me? Hq bans YOU for giving your pass away, and DOESN'T ban the person that hacks you just because you're the one who gave your pass away. But still! They did wrong too right? They shouldn't just get suspended, they should be banned for life!

I gave my password to my real brother, and he hacked me, wasted all of my diamonds on multiple hyenas. I was quite pissed, but I bought a new membership and deleted all of those hyenas. Except the cute ones. - Puppytart

Well asking for a user is ok, but you can clearly see in on their name tag.

Asking for peoples usernames or passwords can get you suspended.

46 Using Free Chat as a way to say bad words

You can't even say yeet on free chat plus - itsuniminecraft

I once said something involving the words "if you" and I was typing fast so the I in if didn't show up... let's just say aj didn't like that

I was actually able to say pee and poo and kill with free chat

What's and about poo and pee? Or crap?

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47 False Scamming Yourself

They don't don't that anymore. I made a spare and emailed AJHQ telling them the spare scammed my black rare long.
I got emailed back saying they couldn't replace any items and couldn't give me anything.
W.T.F. - itsuniminecraft

False scamming yourself because you watch a video saying " hi guys! I just went to my acc and saw my tiki mask was scammed I mailed ajhq, got a magenta tiki mask! "
do not false scam yourself of ANYTHING instead of getting rare like you wanted, you may be banned FOREVER!

48 Being bloody

Yeah totally

I have all ready done this for two days straight and nuffink happened apart from the fact I got reported.

49 Saying see eel X-ray


That doesn't get you suspended. Your putting perfectly find words into a sentence trying to make it sound dirty. What if you saw a eel getting a x-ray?! Perfectly fine, not gory. Grow up. - Foolishmagic

50 Saying "The info is [password]"

I tried it and it gets you suspended a little bit later when AJHQ notices. - Kookiespring

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