Top Ten Ways to Get Banned from Animal Jam

Guys, this is soooo important. It's wors than getting scammed. Do you want to get scammed or just not be able to play AJ at all because you're banned FOREVER! I hope you read this list because it's important. BTW, I did not put this in order, they are all really bad.

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1 Bad words

Well someone said that the if you type the word as with whole, you get suspended. I had no idea it was even a bad word. I typed it in and I was scared. So I slowly clicked the enter button and got suspended. I asked my mom if it was a bad word, she said it was. I told her I didn't know what it meant. She said ''never type in something that you don't know what it means.'' by the way, this happened last year.

Trust me, everyone acts like bad words are such a big deal. Sinning any sin is just as bad as that. But I cussed to this boy because he made me so mad, and almost all the grades knew about it in school. (by the way, I don't cuss anymore) It is SOOO rare you would ever see me cuss. But hq makes a big deal about it because cuss words are harmful, and they just seem real mean. I don't know why.

I said AS WHOLE before and they killed me bad

When someone swears, or says something like, "sit your as down! " Kids make a big deal about it. Your parents swear, you didn't get blown up and launched into space without protection, so please stop overreacting. Remember ajhq's files?

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2 Hack

Some people just do it for fun. And of course, some do it to get rarer. But who wants to waste hacking time limits on a pixel item? (At least I'm pretty sure there's hacking time limits...) beats me.

I pretty sure you get banned from doing this

You will be suspended if you do this.

If you do something dumb like hacking into nothingness, you'll just get suspended for 3 days. If you hack someone's account, you'll be banned. I hope.. - Puppytart

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3 Logging in to the beta days

Yup. I know you don't believe me but you can log in to the beta days in animal jam. There's this thing called the way back machine that can bring you back there. The point is not to log in, but to see what the beta days looked like in 2010. I almost got banned believe it or not. It's basically a hacking process.Remember that the only point of going to the beta days page is to see what the beta days page looked like. Don't log in because you WILL be banned from animal jam.

The reason you could get banned is because when ever you log into something as old as the beta days, you never know where your user information could go. And that person could see it, and hack, ban, or suspend you. Or he could even see it and think you were trying to hack into it. So, it's just a possibility.

You actually could get scammed, hacked, or banned logging into the beta days. Of course, I'd just bring you right back to the regular animal jam. So basically, it's impossible to get into the beta days. You can still get into the beta days page though.


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4 Mating

This is what ' happens when 22 year olds have no girlfriends or wives or husbands. They ruin a CHILDREN'S game by mating because nobody cares about them and they'll be forever alone in a box in Antarctica.

It is so gross like why around like 8 year olds that's bad

What's wrong with these people they are disgusting!

Sounds sugar inappropriate!

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5 Inappropriate looks

Yeah bloody might ban you but if you make a look like the lost jammer or fman you will not get banned

If ajhq saw you look in' bloody, that ain't good. Now you are probably thinking they can't tell. But if you named your self something like Daredevil awesome shark And made yourself look bloody, they can tell.

That's why I am scared to use red in my color

Ok wow

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6 Scamming

I absolutely hate getting scammed. And it's pretty annoying. And your heart sinks even if it's just a game.

You can banned I have seen people scam and the next day they were still there

If you do this you literally might get banned and that I say is BAD!

I hate being scammed, it just ruins it for everyone. I was scammed some really good items not long ago and it was so stupid, any scammers deserve to be banned for life

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7 Saying "What is your sky?"

Me and my friend used to say stuff like "go on sky" and never got banned but now we know not to do that anymore ( we go to the same school so don't freak out.) thanks!

So, it sounds like you are asking a password or username. You will get banned FOREVER. So do not ever say that.

If you say it once you'll be banned forever? I don't think forever only once...

How many times do you have to say this to get banned? - Transformers234

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8 Calling super mean names that make people mad

Oh yes, this happened to me. I buddy requested someone, and they said, I'm not your friend lady! You are crusty, and not smart! Rude right?

Yeah to the other person and the person beside you takes offense to it

Someone told me in a jam a gram I was worthless and they litterally had no idea who I was and my heart sank really deep

There are so many mean people in aj. So many.

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9 Extreme AJ Mating

As a lesbian, I have to say I have never witnessed 'extreme mating,' and seeing as these are pixelated animals, I would honestly be surprised if any genuinely heterosexual youth were turned homosexual by this. Again, they are moving pixels, nothing more. I'm not saying it is okay, but there is no need to specifically bring in homosexuality as the problem.

What's wrong with being homo?

This is gross, but I don't get what's bad about liking different people AND NO AJ MATING IS NOT OK - Puppytart

This extreme mating NEEDS to stop. It is very disgusting, kids like 8 year olds could be seeing it which creates them to become sexual, and has 99% chance of them becoming gay/lesbian. This disgusting thing REALLY needs to stop. If not, lots of people will get involved which leads them to being


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10 Swear in a masterpiece

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11 Repeating the same thing over and over again

If you say ''The stripe club''. Let's say, over and over again, you will get banned.

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12 Sending a help note to AJ that is offensive

Okay? Maybe animal jam did some stupid crap like make everything cost diamonds and force you to buy them

If you email a help note that is offiensive to AJ, who knows what the consequence could be. Maybe they'll send an email to your parents. If your parents don't care, you know what the other consequence right? Getting banned.



13 Trust Trade

Nope you can still trust trade without getting banned I made a joke video about someone trust trading me and the account I used did not get banned

I was gifted an actual spike yesterday and nothing bad happened... I thought he was going to trust trade my rares...

Sorry, forgot about this one.

Trust Trade is to like trade your friend a spike say for a necklace. aj will be like... THEY IS TRUST TRAYDIN BAN THEM BAN THEM!

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14 Painting a picture of something inappropriate and sending it to AJ HQ

I sent f*** you in art and they banned me for a year :(

Gee I wonder why - Puppytart

Hey, I didn't think about this one. Cool.

Yea its true I tried it

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15 Saying the words "meat spin" & the words "stripes club"

Ok so this wolf I forgot his user name but supposely he was giving away his red long spike and he said to win u had to say the words faster than the other people and I didn't know what " meat spin" so then he siad to type those words and then after I typed those words I got suspended for 1 day so don't say it

16 Saying a bad word

I already put bad words at the top. That's okay though. I just think it's better to pay a little more attention to the list so you'll know. Again, it's okay.

Um I just said that fudge was yummy how long will this suspension last

Its not GOOD to say bad words!

lol agreed

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17 Impersonating a player

Already I have seen a bunch of people inpersonating Wistieramoon with the name Wistamoon or something. Whoa.

18 Saying "My cat's name is Midnight"

That's... Oddly specific. But I don't see how your cat's name could hurt anyone, or yourself. Midnight is a common kitty name (I Love them).

I said this and I got banned for sharing personal information. The crap?

Midnight is a cat from a horrible and gory game called Fran Bow. It was actually kind of funny to see this

What the heck? Midnight is a good name for a black cat, what's so bad about it? - Puppytart

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19 Bad role play

You know, like a horror movie.

Yeah, I was thinking of putting this down, Lol. Ty.

Bad roleplay?

II rips heart out II

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20 Making and impersonation of Fman122

My cousin pretended to be fman122 and she did not get banned

AJHQ does know if you're pretending to be Fman122 or making your name ''Fman122''. AJ will just change it, or ban you because they may be worried you may have glitches to hack the game and jammers.

People well be mean and tell they are fman122. And one day my was playing animaljam she saw someone just like fman122 and she got and told me. And also... Mating is bad to. One day my sister was play Animaljam then someone hop on her and she was wondering what was him was doing. And I saw them and I told them to stop. Animaljam is going to be put down if people won't stop doing this stuff :( Then everyone won't get to play Animaljam until people stop doing it. AND THERE LESSON IS STOP MATING ON ANIMALJAM THIS GAME IS FOR KIDS NOT FOR SOME PEOPLE LOVE DOING GROSS THINGS INSTEAD OF DOING WHAT THERE THERE MEAN'T TO! And a lot of people just don't care about animaljam at all if you want animaljam not to be put down... DO THINGS YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO and people please stop with the aj mating.

Love Ashleemay98,

Please stop it with the things you can't do.

Animaljam is amazing and it it's for kids.


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