Top Ten Ways to Kill Zeus Cervas

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1 Get Spongebob to attack him

This list is awful. I don't like Modern SpongeBob either, but if you really want one of the writers dead for no reason other than "WAAH SpongeBob SUCKS NOW", then you are a horrible person! - GamerBoy

Who's Zeus Cervas?

A writer who worked on SpongeBob that everyone likes to blindly hate on. - GamerBoy

Why do you want to kill Zeus Cervas? who is he, anyways?

2 Drive him to suicide

Why is everyone getting so pissed off about a writer of a kids show? - IronSabbathPriest

One Coarse Meal says it all. But I still think it's mean to make death threats against the writers. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Because that's the point, IronSabbathPriest. This IS a kid's show. The guy used suicide jokes on a kid's show. That's right. A KID'S SHOW! Making fun of suicide is a bad influence on kids and is not funny.

Oh yeah, because I would really want somebody to die just because they made an offensive joke on something for kids. (sarcasm) - GamerBoy

3 Shoot him from Earth all the way to Neptune
4 Run him over with a bus
5 Cut out his brain and shoot him
6 Morph his face, killing him
7 Make him drink bleach
8 Pull out his intestines

And strangle him with it - bobbythebrony

9 Beat him with a gun
10 Give him a slow and painful death

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11 Send him to Pluto
12 Have Puffy Fluffy eat him

How could Zeus Cervas do this to poor Gary? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

13 Drown him in Bikini Bottom
14 Beat him with a baseball bat
15 Let all the TopTenners beat him up
16 Let Eric Cartman murder him
17 Let the Illuminati eliminate him
18 Rip his spine out and stab him with it
19 Push him in a pool and drown him
20 Slice him apart with a chainsaw
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