Top Ten Ways Led Zeppelin is Better Than Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Queen & the Who


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1 Better albums

I guess many people still don't know about Led Zeppelin big plagiarism problem - they were sued and many of "their" songs were credited back to their authors. You are all kindly invited to visit these lists:
Top 10 Songs That Led Zeppelin Ripped Off
Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs That Were Ripped Off From Another Artist
Top Ten Original, Non-Rip-Off Led Zeppelin Songs - Metal_Treasure

2 Better music artists

Well, they are an extremely good cover band - this is the level of their musicianship, the level of a cover band. Most of their ripoffs are so close to the originals that the Court labeled them "uncredited covers". I would say they are the best cover band of all time. The only problem is that they didn't say the songs were covers... - Metal_Treasure if you watch the lead vocalist: NO! Freddie Mercury was much much better vocalist, than Robert Plant.

The only thing maybe correct. But still there are things I don't understand, for example:
Better Albums: Nothing compares to The Dark Side of the Moon
Better Music Artists: Vague. They all are great, but I don't think they are the Best. (from these Bands) Best Vocalist: Freddie Mercury, Best Guitarist: Jimmy Page, Best Bassist: John Entwistle, Best Drummer: Keith Moon
Better Songs: Better Rip-Offs would fit better
Biggest Band of the 70's: Nah. The Stones were bigger
Started Hard Rock: You should considerate Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, The Stones, even the Who as Hardrock (started earlier)
Wrote Stairway to Heaven: So? Queen wrote Bohemian Rhapsody, The Who wrote My Generation, Pink Floyd wrote shine on you crazy Diamond
Led Zeppelin managed to add Folk Rock, Blues Rock and Hard Rock to their songs: THEIR Songs?
Led Zeppelin created a legacy in the history of rock: The Other Bands you named did it too.
They wrote Whole Lotta Love: The Same as Stairway to ...more - waldo

3 Better songs

Half of plagiarized LMAO. - XxembermasterxX

Since Led Zep best songs were massive ripoffs, you can see what's left and may change your mind: list - Top Ten Original, Non-Rip-Off Led Zeppelin Songs - Metal_Treasure

4 Led Zeppelin were the biggest band of the 1970's

Yes, they were the biggest band of the 1970's but later their ugly plagiarism was revealed and currently more and more people realize that Led Zeppelin didn't deserve it. They are the most overrated music artist of all time. - Metal_Treasure

This one is correct, then followed by the Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and Elton John. At best, Queen was #6 of the 70's. The Beatles ended in 1970, and the Doors ended in 1971, or they would be ahead of Queen also.

Well they might be but they might be the second biggest band especially how big bohemian rhapsody was

I didn't wanted to vote for anything on this list, because nothing is true, but this one is partly. And I just voted, because I wanted to write a comment. So:

1. Better Albums: There is No Led Zeppelin Albums That Would Be Better Than the Dark Side of the Moon or Who's Next
2. Brian May and David Gilmour were much Better Guitarists Than Jimmy Page, Roger Daltrey and Freddie Mercury are Way Better Singers Than Robert Plant, Keith Moon is a better drummer than John Bonham and John Entwistle is more influental bassist than John Paul Jones.
3. Except Kashmir and Immigrant Song their most known songs are partly rip-offs.
4. Maybe biggest, but not the most influental
5. No, no and no. Hard Rock wasn't existed in the '60s. Early Led Zep songs were simple blues rock songs. The true hard rock started around 1972-73. Earlier heavy songs from the '60s were mostly garage rock, later were mostly psychedelic rock.
6. Yes, they wrote, but only the lyrics. The acoustic ...more

I disagree with here. Roger Daltrey is not better than Robert Plant. He could scream better than Plant. But Robert Plant has got better voice. - zxm

5 They wrote Stairway To Heaven

Haha, yeah, I agree about the help from Randy California: part of this song is another ripoff - from the song Taurus by Spirit, written by Randy California. - Metal_Treasure

With the help of Randy California.

Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands. I am a huge fan of theirs. But I think this list won't prove anything. Don't take this offensively. But you know there will be users who will visit this list and comment, which will get huge votes on them.

So, it's better to not compare them with this bands. - zxm

More like stairway to cancer. Screw Dread Zipperlin

6 Led Zeppelin started hard rock

If you didn't add Queen then I could add many things. But unfortunately you added Queen. Otherwise I'd add Robert Plant is better singer than Roger Daltrey, Mick Jagger and David Gilmour. But sorry dude, cause I can't add that Robert Plant is better than Freddie Mercury. Because people won't agree with me here. - zxm

It's a simple opinion. Even Metal_Treasure who doesn't like Led Zeppelin, likes Robert Plant - zxm

Umm, no. If you insist, that would be The Yardbirds.

Sorry dude, I wish they did. But it was my generation by the who, first hard rock song. - zxm

7 Led Zeppelin managed to add Folk Rock, Blues Rock and Hard Rock to their songs

They managed to rip off songs from even more genres - Folk Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Blues, Gospel, Traditional... - Metal_Treasure

8 Led Zeppelin created a legacy in the history of rock

The best part of "their" legacy was credited back to the original authors of the songs Led Zeppelin ripped off. Not much is left. - Metal_Treasure

9 Led Zeppelin started the art of shredding in the song Heartbreaker

No, Ritchie Blackmore was shredding neo-classical style before that and he was better. - Metal_Treasure

10 They wrote Whole Lotta Love

Haha, they didn't write it - they ripped it off. Give a listen to two songs: You Need Loving' by The Small Faces and You Need Love by Muddy Waters. - Metal_Treasure

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11 They wrote Immigrant Song

It's a good song

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