Top 10 Ways to Make a Video Game's Ending Better

Some good ways to end video games. These will make them better. Please add more.

The Top Ten

1 Alternative Endings

With so many alternative endings,when you are restricted between several options,you are in a tight situation what to choose,and you choose the one,that could be worse or best,but it totally depends on you,what you chose,your game,your preferences your choice how to end this game,so I think it's the best thing to end a game - zxm

2 Good Ending Story

This is my vote - lukemcnamara72

A good ending of a story will always stay in your mind,that will make you to love the game - zxm

3 Good Sound Mixing

When you are playing the last mission,the game is about to end,suddenly some great music comes,which makes the moment more cheerful and excited,and this makes the video game ending more remember the music,only for that music the video games ending could make this video game's ending better even if its not a good ending - zxm

4 Twist Ending

Some twist endings could make you to love the game - zxm

5 Death of Protagonist

The protagonist is dead,so the game,all the missions that you played with protagonist is now gone with him/her - zxm

6 Emotional Ending

On low cause if protagonist dies then it would be emotional,other then the people who will die. - zxm

7 Ability to Choose Whom to Save and Whom to Kill

It's a great way to finish the game,totally depends on you whom to save or whom to kill,it's better if the choice is between major characters - zxm

8 Memorable Quotes

Some quotes that'll always stay in your mind with the game,and you will keep loving the game forever - zxm

9 Happy Ending

I don't like happy endings but some may find happy endings good - zxm

10 New Feature That Can't Be Used In Previous Missions

Its like a mystery,some new features that werent used before now you are using those now,will make the ending better. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Terrifying Ending

Yeah that's also a good one - zxm

12 Video game series' Finale ending scene with main protagonist's face being closed up then flashbacking to the original opening for the first game

Heck no - lukemcnamara72

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