Top Ten Ways to Tell Someone to Shut Up


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1 Shut the f*** up

I always use this...It works sometimes other times ya just need to be straight up and say " your breath stinks stop polluting the air...

This should be #1 - HomogeneousKhalidus

I use this one a lot


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2 It is over now? 'cause I've had enough of your foul mouth smell

Really they suck, they are disgusting!

Okay. they have went over board, stick a cookie in there mouth.

3 I'm sick and tired of your words so just shut up!

The best one, because I like things which are simple and to the point. - Kiteretsunu

Just getting to the point - OneWayStreet

YEAH just be real and get to the point.


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4 Oh just shut it, go and shove your head in a toilet!

No way no one should stick there head in a toilet stool? (which they wont)? Tell them to go catch a butter fly and fly with it.

It's the funniest one I've ever heard


5 Be careful you might choke on those words

Haha! This is a good one! - cosmo

My style of telling people to be quiet. - Cyri

With a composure... - Ananya


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6 Can you shut your trashy dustbin please?

Haha! I've gotta use this... Maybe. - Turkeyasylum

Um, I would never leave the lid to my trash can open.

Just tell them to take a walk. or (else you will take there gas money. ) case close.

"trashy dustbin" y e s

7 You look beautiful with your mouth closed

Haha! I love this one if I ever get another bully on my back, I'll be sure to use this one. - JaysTop10List

Amazing love gonna use next time I need to

I actually worked when I told someone this

8 And I thought that Bieber was boring

LOL! Right way, and I may try it.

That is awesome



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9 Bye for now

Bye for now means I, am going on vacation for a while. no phone calls no text messages. just me and the wind. my life has begun. (now)

10 You know right now I just want to put a fork in it

Sound like if you don't get (help) quick? You might put a fork in the T.V. or anything. ? (go get a float) and chill out.

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11 You know that your vocal cord is horrible?

Of course my vocal is (trebile) I talk on the phone at work. scream at the kids when I get home. (Yell) at my hubby) he was out all nite. so now I cannot talk. (I put on a tape ) with Britney spears. , and play a couple of songs by the Beatles. and a song by the (dells) oh what a nite. ? So my vocal cords seem to be doing (Alright) until tonite?

Lol, what is this. 1970? I'm gonna use this. - IronSabbathPriest

Crappy vocal chords - Demon_Kitty

12 Shut up

Sometimes, you've gotta stick with the classics. - Turkeyasylum

I think this one is really common. - cosmo

Simple, to the point. Me like. - JAE29

Simple but powerful! - Userguy44

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13 Zip it up!

Zip up your mouth - Demon_Kitty

No one wonts to zip up. but they will (shut up ) try giving them a list of chores that need to be done. (they will run)?

14 I'm sorry, were you talking?

My teacher didn't care about my cousin passing how rude

Definitely a good one.

Best comeback to say to girls that don't shut

15 Ok I've had enough

We all have enough. that's when you leave the house and take the bank card and the car. and (say hello Florida or (Anywhere town) to get this stressed off of me. even if you have to hop a bus (just go go go)

16 Lalala

Look away and whistle

This is a good one. - Userguy44

17 I'm not interested please
18 Stop talking. Your voice is worse than Bieber.

Lol this is enough to force a person to commit suicide - Ananya

A good insult always includes dustbin beaver being better!

That means you're moaning.

It's the best way - Musicislife

19 KYS

No. Don't use this. - Cyri

That's just death threat. - BorisRule

Kook Yourself Swine*


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20 Stop whining, I get enough if this crap from my six year old and he's less annoying than you, at least he shuts up!

Yeah after I whip him with my rusty work belt he shuts right up u know what I'm saying

I said this to a 6 yr old lol

21 Don't ever pass up your chance to shut up

Lol. Love this one.

"An inspirational way to tell someone that they are talking too much. For instance, I have a friend who I used this on. It worked! "


Like now and forever.

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22 Just stop

Simple, effective, can be used for pretty much anything really - tgbhj

23 Put a sock in your piehole you big buzzard
24 Don’t talk crap about the only friend you are gonna get



25 Go die

It's not a death treat if they aren't saying they're gonna kill you

Lol that's rude - Spy_Man

Another death threat. - BorisRule


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26 Go to hell

Lead the way. - Cyri

27 Stfu noob. Also get rekt'

This is so stupid

This isn't Call Of Duty. - Qryzx

When you talk to gamer girls

When you being MLG in a wrong way - BorisRule

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28 Do you know how to shut your mouth...? Just give it a bloody rest we're all fed up of you..

I used an Irish accent with this one

29 I honestly do not care at all!

I say this often. Just when I have a leave me alone moment! - Userguy44

30 You know the smartest people stay silent for long periods of time.

Pretty funny

31 Shut it

Can�'t go wrong with the classics

32 Kill yourselves

Yet another death threat. Seriously, this is not a good way to shut them up - BorisRule

What. That was just on here

33 Shut up and buck up!
34 Shut your trap!

A bit jarring, but a classic.
If yelling at someone to shut up can be classic, that is. - Rocko

A very rude way of telling a person to be quiet.
On 9/11/17 there was somebody that tried to watch us and watch Reading Rainbow. A few minutes later, people was talking and he said “Shut your trap! ” and my friend tried to skip ads and the class was like “SKIP IT! DON’T SKIP IT! ” Then he paused the 27-minute video. We watched literally 18 minutes! Then my teacher came back and he reported to my teacher saying “The class said YAYAYAYAYA SKIP IT! ” Some of my friends made comments about this incident. So we had to write a letter to my teacher even though I didn’t do anything wrong!

35 Sick of all these people talking... wait... you’re so annoying it sounds like more than one person

And the first part is Halsey lyrics.

36 Can you shut your mouth or is it always open?

Shut your crusty mouth hoe

Haha. Good one - Userguy44

37 Do you kiss your mother with that mouth

I'll use this one.

This is the best insult. I was watching Avengers 2 with my friends at was at the part where Iron Man asked Capitan America that question and my friend said "I do" and then I told him "You kiss your mother with Capitan America's mouth? "


38 Can you please STFU?

This is great


39 Shut your face grandma

Impractical Jokers reference, I like it!

no u - AlphaQ

40 Urgh! When are you going to shut that dustbin? It stinks.
41 Are you writing a book?

I get it. - Qryzx

42 A bit of shush thanks
43 Zip your lips
44 Do you want me to tie you up with tape on your mouth?
45 Nenene

By talking over them saying this

I love this one! - HelloWhyImHere2

46 Stop right now!



Like it.

47 Close your speaking hole
48 Please, just please
49 Your dustbin is full enough you turd

I can hardly shut my big brother up

50 Do you know my friend Chad..Chad up
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1. Shut the f*** up
2. You know that your vocal cord is horrible?
3. You look beautiful with your mouth closed
1. I'm sick and tired of your words so just shut up!
2. It is over now? 'cause I've had enough of your foul mouth smell
3. Oh just shut it, go and shove your head in a toilet!

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