Top 10 Ways to Troll Undertale Fans


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1 Take a real-life flower and turn it into Flowey
2 Replace Sans with SASS at the end of the Genocide Run
3 Tease the possible idea of a Hard Mode coming out and then seemingly never actually complete it
4 Make an incredibly offensive Encyclopedia Dramatica article about the game

Ha ha, I really want to do that!

5 Force them to read the entire Alphys X Amalgamates fanfiction series in one sitting, preferably without throwing up

Nobody will read your cancer xandermartin98. Stop acting like someone else wrote it and you're reposting it because it made you "throw up". Perverts like you are just ruining the fandom's reputation.

6 Say that So Sorry is the best character in the game
7 Show them what happens when you fornicate with spiders

Lol, I don't want to know what happens, but I think I know it already:
You get poisoned and die.

8 Make a satire video where you deliberately act like a cartoon stereotype of them
9 Force them to watch Undertale Finger Family for at least ten minutes straight


10 Cosplay as Alphys and prank-call them on the phone every fifteen seconds or so

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11 Tell them that Endogeny is the cutest dog in the game

Wait, that's a fact!

I watched True Lab Origins, I think he was cute

12 Make them think that Alphys is literally nothing more than a female version of Francis from Super Paper Mario

I made the comment that stated that Francis is mah boi, and Alphys kind of is to be honest. - SocialMediaStinks

Francis is mah boi. One of my favorite video game characters of all time. He is so high technicaal and utterly hilarious

13 Force them to read all the way through the Giantess Alphys X Undyne scene from Alphys VS Undyne with a straight face

Yes, including the part where Undyne goes inside Alphys' brain and makes her dance naked to the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie theme song, because why not? - xandermartin98

14 Voice Mettaton with an exaggeratedly effeminate tone and an over-the-top gay lisp
15 Call every single one of them pedophiles just for innocently liking the child characters from the game
16 Add Sans into the a cheap texture mod of Ness
17 Challenge them to read the entire Alphys and Undyne fanfic without laughing
18 Make them watch all of 3LameStudio' videos in a seemingly endless marathon
19 Cosplay as Mettaton and tell them that Mettaton will never be as sexy as you because after all, he's a freaking robot
20 Say that Alphys is the worst character in the game just because her phone calls in Hotland were kind of annoying
21 Say that Sans is underrated and Alphys is overrated
22 Tell them that the Alphys X Undyne shipping is overrated and Alphys X Sans is way better
23 Add Toby Fox onto the "All-Time Worst People In History" list on TheTopTens
24 Make them believe that the Undertail versions of the characters are actually canon
25 Deliberately spoil every single thing about the game to them before they've even started playing it
26 Mockingly pretend to be Vinny doing a Vinesauce stream of the game
27 Create incredibly convincing fantrailers for Undertale newcomers to Smash Bros and then watch their reactions when they find out that it's all fake
28 Use Mettaton's theme song as a way to tastelessly make fun of David Bowie
29 Write fanfiction involving the marriage of Sans with Papyrus
30 Show them the Alphys NEO fight before they even know that it isn't in the actual game, then tell them that it isn't and laugh at the disappointed looks on their faces
31 Tell them that Sans is actually the easiest boss in the game
32 Tell them that Mettaton NEO is the hardest boss in the game
33 Tell them that the Pacifist Run is nothing more than an illusion and that Genocide is therefore the only "real" way to play the game
34 Tease them about how being romantically obsessed with Alphys and/or Toriel means that they probably have foot fetishes
35 Force them to watch a marathon of basically every Undertale meme video on the Internet
36 Tell them that literally all of the bosses are harder in Genocide
37 Tell them that So Cold is the best song in the soundtrack
38 Tell them that sending Temmie to college actually triggers something monumentally important in the game
39 Put a legendary artifact right in front of their faces and then have the Annoying Dog steal it from them by absorbing it up its bunghole
40 Actively prohibit them from shipping anything that isn't literally Sans X Sans
41 Show them the Alphys X Amalgamates fanart pictures
42 Cosplay them as Alphys, then use it as an excuse to tickle them
43 Make videos in which you make roleplay-dating phone calls to Undertale plushies, then somehow get rejected by every single one of them
44 Send Woshua into Reddit to literally clean every last trace of porn off of the Undertale subreddits
45 Tell them that the Amalgamates are 100% cute, cuddly, and harmless
46 Tell them that the only way to summon Gaster is to feed the Abandoned Quiche to Onionsan, then run in circles five-and-a-half times around Napstablook's house
47 Tell them that the Sans X Toriel shipping is overrated and that Sans X Papyrus is way better
48 Tell them that the Alphys X Undyne shipping is overrated and that Alphys X Amalgamates is way better
49 Tell them that the Asgore X Toriel shipping is overrated and that Asriel X Asgore is way better
50 Replace their Pacifist save files with Tainted Pacifist ones when they're not looking
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1. Take a real-life flower and turn it into Flowey
2. Replace Sans with SASS at the end of the Genocide Run
3. Tease the possible idea of a Hard Mode coming out and then seemingly never actually complete it


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