Top 10 Ways in Which Nature Cat is Superior to Nella the Princess Knight

This list is targeted towards parents, and older siblings of kids who watch either of these shows. This list is made to help parents and older sibs decide which show is better for their children and siblings. This list is also made to praise Paula Kerger (the president of PBS) and Adam Rudman, David Rudman, and Todd Hannert (the creators of Nature Cat). This list is also made to make Cyma Zarghami (the president of Nickelodeon) and Christine Ricci (the creator of Nella the Princess Knight) realize what they can do to fix Nella the Princess Knight.

Keep in mind, I like both of these shows.

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1 Nature Cat teaches about nature, while Nella the Princess Knight teaches the same old social skills

A big complaint that some parents have about Nature Cat is that the educational concepts are apparently "too subtle" Well people who say that Nature Cat's concepts are too subtle are just Negative Nancies who have probably only seen one episode and judged it off of that.
"The show focuses more on the act of experiencing nature than it does on teaching viewers much about nature itself. Most learning points are very basic -- hamsters like to eat nuts, the moon rises at night, and animals need water to survive, for instance. In each case, kids see the characters take a challenge from start to finish, identifying and resolving problems as they go."-Common Sense Media
CSM is actually correct for once. And according to Wikipedia, through the learning experiences of the characters, this series intends to encourage children to similarly engage with and develop understanding of nature, a motif which draws inspiration from the book Last Child in the Woods.

Nella the Princess Knight ...more

Both are so cool, but it doesn't really make sense. This list is completely awful.

This doesn't make sense. I like both of them.

Both shows rocks

2 Nature Cat is for everyone, while Nella the Princess Knight seems more for girls

Nature Cat is for both boys AND girls, and doesn't seem to skew towards either of them specifically. It's just for everyone. There is a gender-equal ensemble that features two males and two females. Both the male and female characters are strong role models in their own right. And it's not too girly, and not too boyish either.

Meanwhile, Nella the Princess Knight seems to skew towards girls too much. The show is very similar to the first season of Shimmer and Shine: tons of pastel colors, sparkles, etc. Nickelodeon did say that they try to appeal to boys in this show too, but I don't see how it could appeal to everyone. NTPK has a gender equal ensemble too: Nella, Trinket, Garrett, and Clod, but Garrett and Clod don't appear in every episode. For example, they didn't appear in the episode "Three's a Crowd"

That's sexist! It's for both boys and girls!

3 Nature Cat has better characters

In my opinion nature cat sucks

Well, duh. I'll stick with Nella.

I'm going to compare Nature Cat, Hal, Daisy, and Squeeks to Nella, Trinket, Garrett, and Clod

Nature Cat vs. Nella: Nature Cat is the leader of his group, and he's my favorite character. Nature Cat is a great leader, and is very enthusiastic. Taran Killam appraises Nature Cat as a positive character for children, describing his handling of adversity as “a great example of when you fall down you get back right up… and try it again" Nature Cat is also relatable. He has fears, such as the dark and water, but he will eventually find his confidence to persist. Nella is also the leader of her group, but she's not my most favorite character. Nella is an 8-year old biracial girl. She has all the qualities of a princess, but she's also a knight that wears armor. She's pretty cool, she has a sword and a crossbow. However, she is sort of a Mary-Sue. The commercial says "She is a picture-perfect princess" for crying out loud! Nature Cat is more realistic, so Nature Cat ...more

4 Nella the Princess Knight is overrated, while Nature Cat is underrated

Nella the Princess Knight is the fourth most overrated kids show on the entire planet, only ever behind Rusty Rivets, Shimmer and Shine, and PAW Patrol. A lot of kids and their parents and especially Tumblr users love it. I like it too, but it's not my most favorite Nick Jr. show. Like the other shows, it's overrated by Nickelodeon and they're constantly promoting it, and also always citing it as one of their flagship preschool shows. And they recently ordered a second season, and Nella the Princess Knight is getting a toyline next year, so we can expect to see merchandise spammed everywhere by Christmas 2018.

Nature Cat is the fourth most underrated kids show on the entire planet, only ever behind Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, and Ready Jet Go. Except this time, a lot of kids and their parents overhate on it for no reason! Nature Cat is one of the most overhated shows of all time! Plus, it's #13 on Worst PBS Kids Shows. Ridiculous. If you hate Nature Cat, that means you hate ...more

Nella the Princess Knight stole the name of the anime and manga series"The princess knight"

They're both underrated, dumbass. What are you? 11?

5 Nature Cat has better voice acting than Nella the Princess Knight

At first I was going to compare Nature Cat's animation to NTPK's animation, but to be honest, the only strength that NTPK has over Nature Cat is the beautiful animation. So I decided to compare their voice acting. One of the best things about Nature Cat is that it has managed to get celebrity voice actors on the show. With the exception of Kate Micucci, all of the primary cast members are better known for their work on the hit NBC comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live. So obviously they are very talented voice actors. The voices never get irritating or annoying. They are very fluid and vibrant.

On the other hand, NTPK's voice acting isn't that bad, but some of the show's characters have some of the most annoying voices I have ever heard. Trinket's horse friends act like stereotypical teenage girls and they have valley accents. Like I said before, Garrett has an extremely annoying voice and he sounds like he's whining 100% of the time like Caillou does. But Trinket has by far ...more

6 Nature Cat is less formulaic

Nella the Princess Knight is once again, formulaic like PAW Patrol, the first season of Shimmer and Shine, and some of Rusty Rivets. It's not as formulaic as the other three, but it still kind of is. The episode usually starts off with Nella and her friends planning/doing/going to a fun event or activity. But then along the way, a creature comes along and ruins the fun, or social problems within Nella's group arise, or both. Then, Nella does a transformation sequence from a princess to a knight. She then either saves her friends from danger, or she vanquishes the creature by turning them into a friend instead of a foe, and the episode ends with an Aesop.

Nature Cat does not follow a specific plot formula thankfully. The only things that appear in every episode are the educational parts about animals, but usually the educational parts tie into the plot. This allows more creative freedom into Nature Cat's plots. Sure, some plots are alike, but Nature Cat usually does whatever it ...more

7 Nature Cat has a better theme song

Both theme songs are so cool.

8 Nature Cat has been much more of a ratings success than Nella the Princess Knight

Like PAW Patrol, Shimmer and Shine, and Rusty Rivets Nick execs always cite Nella the Princess Knight as one of their highest-rated preschool series. Well, the highest rated episode had a 1.06. That may seem like much to you, but in Nature Cat's case...

The Nature Cat series debut in November achieved nearly 3.7 million viewers, and by March it has achieved 69 million video streams across online platforms. And digital streams count towards ratings, so yeah. Eat on that, Nickelodeon! Your preschool pipeline may hold the distinction of being the top 4 out of 5 preschool shows on CABLE television, but PBS is a public member station, so haha.

9 Nature Cat is on a better channel

Like both two shows on the title and Ready Jet Go.

10 Nature Cat is funnier

Nella the Princess Knight is a good show, but it doesn't make me laugh a whole lot. None of the jokes are like, laugh out loud funny. It didn't have any cool pop culture references or jokes for the parents or any meta/self-awareness jokes. The only thing close to humor in this show is Clod, who serves as the comic relief, but his jokes were very forgettable.

Nature Cat is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Like Odd Squad, Nature Cat is very satirical and is very self-aware and also puts its own unique spins on several cliches and stereotypes by parodying them. It also has tons of pop culture references and some jokes for the parents here and there, for example there was a Cameron Diaz joke in the episode about camouflage.

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11 It doesn’t have any toys
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