Top Ten Weirdest Soda Flavors to Be Invented


The Top Ten

1 Cheese

A perfect example of to things that are great by themselves but not so good together - BreakFastBeast2005

I love cheese but... Cheese soda's a bit much - SilviaCat

Does this even exist

2 Spinach
3 Carrot Carrot The carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. Carrots are a domesticated form of the wild carrot, Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia.

I'd drink it - MLPFan

4 Syrup
5 Pizza

A pizza syrup would just be gross. - Minecraftcrazy530

6 Chocolate
7 Vanilla
8 Whipped Cream
9 Milk
10 Pepperoni

I threw up from all of these ideas - OhioStateBuckeyes

The Contenders

11 Poop
12 Birthday Cake

Doesent anyone like birthday cake!
what is wrong with you people!
this should be higher in this list!

13 Bacon

This actually exists. I've seen it before.

Are you kidding me?!

14 Mustard
15 Triple Gooberry Sundae

LOL nice sponge bob reference

16 Potato
17 Taco Taco A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.
18 Spaghetti Spaghetti Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical, solid pasta. It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.
19 Blood


20 Swamp
21 Hot Dog Hot Dog A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed and served in a sliced bun as a sandwich.
22 Nacho
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