Weirdest Yahoo Answers Questions Where Justin Bieber Is Compared to Legendary Music Artists


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1 Who's more talented: Mozart or Justin Bieber?

Um Mozart for sure! He is a classical musican, and was a child prodigy that had absolute musical pitch. Fun facts, did you know by the age of 6, he played music professionally and composed over 600 pieces of music during his short lifetime? Affirmative, he was amazing! - RockFashionista

See what ignorance can lead you into. - Kiteretsunu

These are all troll questions - TwilightKitsune

I think you r lacking in common sense. Even my baby bro can answer this

2 Justin Bieber vs The Beatles?

Beatles by far. - TopTenTed

I like both but I choose The Beatles. Bigger fan of The Beatles, I have been since I was little singing "Yellow Submarine" in Primary School.

Even worse was one question asking why The Beatles copied Justin Bieber's song "Let It Be"! - PetSounds

Oh gosh. The Beatles for sure. Only John Lennon alone is 1000 times more talented than Bieber

3 Poll: Led Zeppelin Or Justin Bieber?

Led Zeppelin all the way

I don't understand how questions like this even come to mind - LizardKing99

4 Queen vs Justin Bieber?

Friend:Which one do you choose?
Me:I choose Queen DUH!

To the visitor, how is the band Queen a girl? I know you might not know that there is actually a band called Queen, you might be thinking of the Queen herself. Queen is made up of guys. Second of all, how does being a guy dictate which is better? - Minecraftcrazy530

5 Which song is better - Baby or Bohemian Rhapsody?

He's talking about Bohemian Rhapsody, jackass!

Worst song ever vs Best song ever! - keyson

Baby, dude!
Baby all the way!

No, not really

Let’s call it a draw.

6 Metallica vs Justin Bieber?

Honestly, I don't like Metallica, but they are still better than Dustbin Beaver!

Wow I salute your question

Metallica for sure


7 John Lennon or Justin Bieber?


Actually I prefer John Lemmon and his band the Beatowls. Best band and singer ever! - TopTenTed

Did Justin Bieber ever found a band as influential as The Beatles? No, My vote is for Mr. Lennon

Lennon was deported to Canada true story check it out like father like son

John Lennon. He's hotter, better singer and songwriter. Also cared about world peace much more then Bieber

8 Justin Bieber vs Green Day?

It's a hard question but biebs is better because he has nice hair and teeth

Green Day of course,What is wrong with you people? 😒

Are you that dumb?!?
You have to be out of your mind if you ever thought JB was better.. 😞

9 Justin Bieber or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson. - TopTenTed

DUH! Jackson would win


10 Pink Floyd vs Justin Bieber?

Justin beiber is just a small electron revolving around the nucleus of an atom, and this atom lies in a small peck of dust alongwith billions and trillions of other atoms. And this small dust particle lies alongwith billions and trillions of particles on a small unknown planet. And there are infinite number of such planets and stars which are scattered across this universe aka the pink Floyd. That's how they stand against each other.

You say Sorry, I say Comfortably Numb.
You say Baby, I say Brain Damage.
You say What Do You Mean, I say Another Brick in the Wall.
You say Boyfriend, I say Welcome to the Machine.
You say Despacito, I say Time.
You say Let Me Love You, I say Wish You Were Here.
You say Beauty and the Beat, I say Hey You.
Simple as that, I prefer Pink Floyd playing some real music over Bieber fever trash.

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11 Justin Bieber vs Jim Morrison?

Even if you don't like Bieber, this would not be a good thing. Morrison would probably put Bieber in the hospital or worse.

Jim Morrison would beat Justin Bieber to a pulp.

To think that Bieber would ever be the most popular tourist attraction in Paris, second only to the Eiffel tower, you must be more drunk than the only man who is and ever was ��" Mr. Mojo Risin!

12 Justin Bieber vs My Mom?

My mom would beat him in singing and physically if they fought. (and I mean with a pair of heels)

Even though I don't like JB, to tell you the truth, he actually sings better than my mom



Wait! My mom or your mom? - 3DG20

13 Who do you like better? The Rolling Stones or Justin Bieber?

Even my fart can answer this

The stones. No contest

14 Justin Bieber vs Iron Maiden?


15 Chad Aplin vs Justin Bieber who's a better singer?


16 Which is better, Runaway by Kanye West or Baby by Justin Bieber?
17 Aaron Carter vs Justin Bieber?
18 Jesse McCartney vs Justin Bieber?
19 Calvin Goldspink vs Justin Bieber?

Calvin Goldspink he was in S Club Juniors.

20 PJ and Duncan vs Justin Bieber?
21 S Club Juniors vs Justin Bieber?
22 Mini Pops (80s) vs Justin Bieber?
23 Kidz Bop vs Justin Bieber?
24 Aaron Renfree vs Justin Bieber?

S Club Juniors again.

25 Go Compare vs Justin Bieber?
26 Honey G vs Justin Bieber?
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