Top Ten What Animal Would You Rather Have As a Pet Questions

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1 Dog or Cat?

Cats, but I don't think I can ever own one because everyone else in my family hates cats - FireWasp2004

Cat. I always want to have a cat. Sadly, I'm the only cat-lover in my family - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Simply a question that I cannot answer. I've owned and adored both. - PositronWildhawk

Dogs are the best. So playful

2 Rabbit or Goldfish?

Rabbit because they are so cute and fluffy!

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3 Monkey or Panda?

I love cute and cuddly pandas with beautiful stripes, however I also love cheeky mischievous playful monkeys. Probably the panda because they are more tame but I like both

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4 Horse or Hamster?

Probably the hamster



5 Bear or Tiger?

Tiger because a bear would be more likely to eat me. Both are extremely dangerous pets though.

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6 Robin or Turtle?

Probably the turtle



7 Dolphin or Guinea Pig?

This is a toughie for me, but Guinea pigs are my choice since some are fun! I teach mine plenty of tricks and they are so darn cute when they eat! (Mine have chubby cheeks so that's maybe why I prefer Guineas) I WOULD LOVE A DOLPHIN, but where would I put one?

Easy one. Dolphin because they are always happy and you can swim with one - imagine that. Guinea pigs are kinda boring

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8 Eagle or Wolf?

Wolf. I can attack my enemies! I have long lasting grudges, don't judge.

Eagle. Wolf is cool, but eagle is cooler, and wolf needs LOTS of meat - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Eagle! Wolves are more dangerous

9 Meerkat or Peacock?

Meerkat because peacocks scare me to death when they open up there feathers.

Peacock since it is an extraordinary creature!

Sorry for improper grammar

Peacock - FireWasp2004

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10 Zebra or Giraffe?

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11 Red Panda or Koala?

Red panda because they are so much cuter!

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12 Golden Retriever or German Shepherd?
13 Lion or Tiger?
14 Cat or Red Panda?

Red panda. I've actually put this thought into a lot of question even before reading this. Red pandas are pretty much cats, but they're a lot cuter.

15 Polar Bear or Hippo?
16 Great Dane or Chihuahua?

Errr I don't know

17 Puppy vs Kitten?
18 Moose or Deer?
19 Puppy or Dog?

Aren't they the same thing? - FireWasp2004

20 Hamster or Guinea Pig?
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