Top Ten What Animal Would You Rather Have As a Pet Questions

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1 Dog or Cat?

Cats rule dogs drool

Cat of course! Cats are WAY better than dogs!


I would pick dog cause I never had one but I had a cat

2 Rabbit or Goldfish?


Rabbit. My first pet was a bunny named Reilly. RIP. She was such a good pet, I recommend rabbits. - Swiftdawn

Rabbit because I already had the other option... it died. - RevolverOcelot

Rabbit because they are so cute and fluffy!

3 Monkey or Panda?

I love cute and cuddly pandas with beautiful stripes, however I also love cheeky mischievous playful monkeys. Probably the panda because they are more tame but I like both


4 Horse or Hamster?

Horse - ArcticWolf


Probably the hamster


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5 Bear or Tiger?

White tiger

Tiger - ArcticWolf

Tiger because a bear would be more likely to eat me. Both are extremely dangerous pets though.

Nah I'm definitely going for da bear because bears are more friendly and less likely to attack me

6 Robin or Turtle?

Probably the turtle



7 Dolphin or Guinea Pig?

Dolphin - ArcticWolf

This is a toughie for me, but Guinea pigs are my choice since some are fun! I teach mine plenty of tricks and they are so darn cute when they eat! (Mine have chubby cheeks so that's maybe why I prefer Guineas) I WOULD LOVE A DOLPHIN, but where would I put one?

Easy one. Dolphin because they are always happy and you can swim with one - imagine that. Guinea pigs are kinda boring


8 Eagle or Wolf?

Wolf I get more I can call the pack with my wolf


Wolf. I can attack my enemies! I have long lasting grudges, don't judge.

Eagle. Wolf is cool, but eagle is cooler, and wolf needs LOTS of meat - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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9 Zebra or Giraffe?


10 Golden Retriever or German Shepherd?

German shepherd I always love bigger dogs!

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11 Meerkat or Peacock?

Peacock - ArcticWolf

Meerkat because peacocks scare me to death when they open up there feathers.

Peacock since it is an extraordinary creature!

Sorry for improper grammar

12 Lion or Tiger?

Lion - ArcticWolf

13 Puppy or Dog?

Shiba puppy

14 Dolphin or Red Panda?

Dolphins are horrifying creatures in reality look it up. - RevolverOcelot

15 Siberian Husky or Newfoundland?


Yes. - RevolverOcelot

16 Red Panda or Koala?

Red panda because they are so much cuter!

Red panda. Best animal ever.

17 Cat or Red Panda?

Red panda. I've actually put this thought into a lot of question even before reading this. Red pandas are pretty much cats, but they're a lot cuter.

18 Polar Bear or Hippo?
19 Great Dane or Chihuahua?


Errr I don't know

20 Puppy vs Kitten?
21 Moose or Deer?
22 Hamster or Guinea Pig?
23 Tiger or Puppy?
24 Cheetah or Leopard?

Cheetos are better than leotards - RevolverOcelot

Both - ArcticWolf

25 Crossbreed Dog or Purebred Dog?
26 Goldfish or Betta?
27 Cat or Koala?
28 Giant Panda or Red Panda?
29 Grizzly Bear or Polar Bear?
30 Siamese Cat or Ginger Cat?
31 Hedgehog or Turtle?
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