Best Wicked (Musical) Songs

A list of the best Wicked Songs of the Broadway play. All written by Stephen Schwartz.

The Top Ten

1 Defying Gravity

Before entering this list, I had this lovely song in mind. So pleased you chose it as your #1 - Britgirl

Defying Gravity is awesome. Love Idina Menzel!

2 No Good Deed

While Defying Gravity is the best track on the soundtrack, No Good Deed certainly is the second best in my opinion. Probably because it's just so catchy, and it's a great turning point in Elphaba's life. And I don't know, I just love hearing Idina Menzel scream, "Fiyero! " in the beginning. Just cause. - Elric-san

Love it when she sings and shouts Fiyero. Also, the song is catchy.

3 Popular
4 The Wizard and I
5 For Good

Idina and Kristin are wonderful together - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

6 As Long as You're Mine
7 What is This Feeling?
8 Dancing Through Life
9 I'm Not that Girl

Don't lose track of who you are

10 Wonderful

The Contenders

11 Thank Goodness
12 One Short Day
13 No One Mourns the Wicked
14 March of the Witch Hunters

It's got a wicked trumpet solo.

(See what I did there? )

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