Top 10 Best Games for the Nintendo Wii

As the fifth home console generation released by Nintendo, the Wii broke new ground by offering a totally unique controller that got you more into the action than ever before. Even though the Wii lagged behind the 360 and PS3 in terms of raw power, it still provided one of the most entertaining console gaming experiences to date. This list contains the very best games for getting the most out of your Wii.
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1 Super Smash Bros Brawl

Fun, engaging, and unbelievably addicting, Super Smash Bros Brawl has everything to accommodate anything from a party game to someone just passing the time. SSBB is an awesome game for nearly anyone. It has a massive amount of characters, an enormous quantity of fight stages, and you can beat up Princess Peach, what's not to like.

This game has challenges, a side-scrolling adventure for story mode, and the usual classic mode as well. Even though I wish that there could be ties for first place, because I believe Zelda Twilight Princess and SSBB should be in the same place, I then remember that a lot of gamers bought the Wii solely to get SSBB and that's saying a lot!

2 Super Mario Galaxy

Some people say that perfect games don't exist. To them, I show Super Mario Galaxy. Aesthetically, the game is beautiful. The art is extremely creative, and the graphical effects are some of the best that the Wii can muster. The fur shading and water effects are particularly impressive.

The music is superb, capturing everything that an orchestral soundtrack can muster: it can be big and bombastic and also calm and serene, all fitting perfectly with the level aesthetics.

Speaking of which, the level design is phenomenal. The amount of creativity put into the different level themes and even the gimmicks is so great that they make up some of my favorite levels in video game history. The gameplay itself is perfect. Not a lot of what is done is particularly new, but it is so refined that there is nothing to complain about. What is new, specifically the motion controls, work perfectly as well.

All of this combined makes for an incredible game. In my eyes, it's not only the best game on the Wii, but also the best Mario game, the best 3D platformer, the best platformer in general, and one of the best games of all time.

3 Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii is an awesome game. It has 24 characters plus the Mii character divided into two outfits. This used to have the most until another awesome game, Mario Kart 8, took over. This game includes bikes and tricks for your characters. It also includes Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina's bike suits when they are riding a bike. This game has the hardest track in the game, Rainbow Road, the new Wii version. It also debuts the 12-player races, instead of the original 8. This game is awesome. All good Wii games should be on this list!

4 Super Mario Galaxy 2

This game was a great deal better than the original, in my opinion. I also do not understand the massive appeal of Wii Sports. Haven't people figured out how bad the controls are yet? I have no idea how Mario Party 8 got on this list, but whatever. My second favorite Wii game after this one would either be Skyward Sword or Super Smash Bros Brawl, but this one gets my vote.

The original Super Mario Galaxy was decent, but I think this game really brought Super Mario Galaxy to the next level. Yoshi, Rock Mario, Cloud Mario - everything here was awesome, including the Green Stars. I never beat this game 100%. I'm still working on it, and that's the glory of it. Super Mario Galaxy was very hard, but Super Mario Galaxy 2 was better than the first.

5 New Super Mario Bros.

This was the best and the first Mario game I have ever played. It was the first game I owned for the Wii and I could never put it down. I played it so much that the disks didn't work anymore.

Some of the boss fights are so original, but the ones that I hate are Iggy Koopa from 5-tower, Larry Koopa from 1-tower and 1-castle, and the first Bowser Jr fight from 4-airship. When you finish the game, it's not over. You unlock world 9. You have to get all the star coins from the corresponding world. For example, for 9-1 you have to get all the star coins from world 1.

This game is absolute perfection. My favorite boss fight is the second battle with Bowser Jr, from 6-airship. I only wish that player 1 could pick who he wants to play as.

6 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The way I see it, I see almost no flaws. I'm one of the people who enjoy more linear Zelda games more than open world because we can focus more on the main story instead of the side quests. The motion controls are pretty accurate, it has one of the greatest stories in my opinion, great music, and fun gameplay overall.

Skyward Strike! I love the bosses, temples, flying, and EVERYTHING in this game. It's very colorful and never gets dull. The gameplay is magnificent, and the Wii Motion Plus Controls make you NEED strategy to get a sword slash at your enemies.

7 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess is the only reason I own a Wii. I prefer all other Nintendo franchises on the Nintendo 64 or GameCube! It's a really great addition to the Zelda series. Though not the best Zelda game created, the motion controls add extra functionality that never existed previously.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the one game that felt complete, and I loved it. It has earned a spot as number 1 in my heart, and let me tell you, it definitely deserved it. I almost cried when I finished the game.

8 Donkey Kong Country Returns

Why do I have the Tiki Tak tribe as my sleep paralysis demon? Also, why do I keep thinking about all the puzzle pieces and KONG letters that I missed? These are things that traumatize me to this day. Returns is the hardest of the franchise, bar none. The Volcano levels and the K levels were hell to go through. Tiki Tong is still laughing at me…

So much more fun than people may think. I don't get why people like New Super Mario Bros so much. This game has much more challenge and a cooler character to play as.

I love this game so much! It's challenging when you get to the later levels. If you have a Wii, you should get this game.

9 Wii Sports

I played Tennis all the time with my friend. Baseball was good only because we got to see all of our Miis we forgot. I would always play Bowling with my family. Golf required skill, giving us a challenge. And Boxing showed the Kinect who's boss. In other words, it was the best Wii game ever!

I don't think I ever played this game apart from the baseball, which I played once. I was surprisingly good at it. I voted for it anyway because I'm pretty sure it was one of the first Wii games. -Lizzy.

This was the game that started the whole motion control craze. Everyone wanted to copy Nintendo after the Wii was released with this game. How is this not in the top 5?

10 Wii Sports Resort

I remember when I first got it, it was late at night, and I had school in the morning. I was so eager to play that I got up an hour early just to be able to play. However, I will never forget the long tutorial on how to put the Wii Motion Plus on the remote.

I liked the cycling one! The golf, archery, and table tennis are fun too. It's a fun game to play against family and friends, very competitive in a fun way. My specialty is the swordplay. I pretend I'm a Jedi with a lightsaber! -Lizzy.

If it is possible to have too much fun, Wii Sports Resort is that. It has so many unique games (try swordplay, it's epic), breathtaking soundtracks, and beautiful graphics for the Wii. Plus, my mates and I have this ongoing thing that whenever there is an awkward silence in our class, one of us will sing the Wii Sports Resort theme. It is funnier than it sounds!

The Contenders
11 Super Paper Mario

Contrary to popular belief, this game is not short. It is a 20-hour game. While that could be considered short, it doesn't matter. It has a great story, audio, and gameplay, literally everything. It should be right up there, if not higher than Galaxy. It is so underrated.

The combat is easy, but the puzzles are not. Let's be honest, we all got stuck on one. The game looks awesome. The reason it "looks bad" in 3D is because of what the game is! Not all objects in the game are two-dimensional. Another thing I love is how it breaks the fourth wall in a lot of jokes like "No more sequels, Mario!" in the first Bowser boss fight.

12 Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Is this seriously only in the Top 15? This is one of the best Kirby games ever, and I would personally say it is the best Kirby game since the rise of the Nintendo Wii. With great graphics, exciting gameplay, and colorful level designs, this should definitely replace Wii Sports.

Seriously, even though Wii Sports was a good launch game, it only had five sports. Five! And the baseball was just overall terrible. This game is a great bundle and should at least be in the Top 10, maybe even in the Top 5.

This is actually my sixth favorite Wii game, but it deserves to be higher on this list. I consider this to be Kirby's comeback installment. I honestly think this is the greatest Kirby game since the release of Amazing Mirror in 2004 and a wondrous return to the home console where he belongs. I hope to see much more excellence like this in his next adventure in Triple Deluxe.

13 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

This game is great for its environments and new exciting weapons, but the controls are what you should get excited about! You can now just aim your Wii Remote and press "A" to shoot! Much more realistic! Well, sort of.

The controls are way more responsive than the other Metroid Prime games, and the Wii Remote aiming takes care of that GameCube shooting where you can only shoot straight ahead unless you hold "R" and all that other stuff. The environments are beautiful, and the weapons are awesome. However, remember that if you have a TV as poor as mine, set the brightness to 100% to see.

14 Sonic Colors

Sonic was in hard times. Sonic Unleashed and Black Knight had immensely failed, and it was feared that he would be forgotten. Then this piece of beauty came around. It's got amazing graphics, music, and gameplay - amazing everything! This is a must-have for all Wii owners!

Oh yeah. This is one of my favorite Sonic games due to how well it brought Sonic back from his deep dark abyss. '06, Secret Rings, Black Knight, and Unleashed were all either mediocre or just plain terrible. This game made him shine once again. Should be in the top ten.

15 Kirby's Epic Yarn

This is the only Wii game I have seen that not only has lived its store shelf life for a very long time but also maintained its price at $49.99. It outlived both Mario Galaxies, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, and even Brawl. That's how great of a game this is.

Kirby's Epic Yarn is not only creative and fun but also has some decent challenge to it. Super Smash Bros Brawl is my favorite, but Epic Yarn deserves higher.

This game always makes me feel nostalgic when I play it. It was my first Kirby game, after all! I now love the series. And it all started with some Epic Yarn!

16 Mario Party 8

This game is actually the best Mario Party I have ever played! It is totally fun if you play it as a family. The only thing that still hasn't changed is that when you win, the other players start saying "I want to quit" or they get mad somehow. I still love this game even though I have had it for four years already. Although the mini games are a little worse than the mini games in Mario Party 7.

It has great mini-games that are fun and creative. The whole tournament story mode is really creative, especially with the level design. It goes from getting 2 stars to reaching the end with 50 coins, to finding King Boo 2 times, to getting to this person with 50 coins along with creative traps. It's an overlooked game that has variety.

17 Metroid Prime Trilogy

Amazing game compilation with tons of bang for your buck. All three Metroid games are included and have been upgraded to add stellar graphics and use of the Wii remote. The only thing I could ask for is GameCube controller support, but otherwise, it's perfect!

What are Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime Trilogy doing down here? Below a poorly made movie tie-in game of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...

A compilation of all three Metroid games with even better controls than the GameCube version! What's not to like?

18 Xenoblade Chronicles

This game came out of the blue and took me completely by storm. I'm actually not sure which one I like better between Brawl and Xenoblade, but since this game is placed 37th at the moment of writing this, I decided to go with the latter, since Xenoblade deserves much more than just a puny 37th place.

It's a massive game with 70 hours of gameplay (excluding side-quests). It has a great storyline, lovable characters, huge worlds to explore, giving you the feeling of total freedom. It has an intriguing battle system. Grinding is almost non-existent. The game is just about as far from being linear as a game gets. It has challenging and epic boss fights. It has a mind-blowing ending.

And last but not least, it has the best soundtrack I've ever heard in any video game ever!

19 Mario Super Sluggers

Mario Super Sluggers should be in the top 5 with the rest of the Mario games. This is the only Wii game I play, and it is so addicting. You should get it. It is really fun. Best game ever!

Wait, this is a Nintendo Select?

20 Mario Strikers Charged

This game needs to be at least top 4. Seriously, it has a strong emphasis, great gameplay, and supreme power - masters, what's not to love about this game? It got good reviews, so why is it so low on the list? I can barely wait for the delayed sequel to come out. Seriously, top 91? Maybe this isn't very old on the list.

Personally, it is my favorite game of all time! I spent my whole childhood playing this game in legendary mode, finishing it, and then starting all over again. Once you get good at this game, you just can't stop playing it. I cannot wait for Nintendo to make a new one for the Switch!

21 Resident Evil 4

The best version of Resident Evil 4 due to the aiming controls and improved graphics. Best M-rated game on Wii and deserves to be in the top 10.

22 Okami

Speaking as a huge fan of this game, of course, I think it should be higher on this list. "Underrated" is the word!

This game is beautiful! I'm more for SSBB, but this game really needs some help! All the Okami fans know how underrated this game is.

23 Warioware: Smooth Moves

Totally the best game ever! Who doesn't like a fat, greedy, money-crazy plumber nemesis who makes you dance and tap your butt with the Wii remote?

24 Punch-Out!!

The amount of charm and personality this game has is amazing, but it also has flawless gameplay and even a fair amount of replayability. In my opinion, it deserves a higher spot than this.

The instrumental remix of the original soundtrack was my first instinct on how good the game was going to be.

Punch-Out is my all-time favorite game for the Wii and one of my favorite games of all time. It's a must-play!

25 No More Heroes

Everything a game should be: simple yet addictive gameplay, visually unique, great dialogue, catchy music, and truly a one-of-a-kind game that you'll not forget. A modern classic.

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