Top 10 Best Wii Homebrew Apps

The Top Ten
1 USB Loader GX

Backs up your discs to a USB drive and can play them through the backup! I'll warn you, it is pretty hard to get working though, since it only accepts FAT32 USB drives, which are not used much anymore.

I have this on my Wii

2 Wii64

high speed Nintendo 64 emulator for the Wii. Does choke on a few games like Goldeneye or Diddy Kong but most games run pretty good like Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie

3 WiiSXR

Wonderful PS1 emulator for your Wii.

4 Open Shop Channel

No need to hunt down mirrors for broken download links anymore! Open Shop Channel has all the most popular Wii Homebrews to install directly from the internet!

5 Multi-mod manager

allows for installing more channels to your Wii home menu

6 Sonic Robo Blast 2

A port of one of the most popular fan games of all time.

7 DosBox

Bit on the slow side, but still a good dos emulator

8 Clean Rip

Like USB loader GX, it can back up your discs, however it doesn't play the backups, but it does still support more formats, good for Wii emulators.

9 Duck Hunt Duck Hunt Product Image

Want to play Duck Hunt but have a modern TV? Try playing this great port instead!

10 Snes9x

Play all your favorite Super Nintendo games on the Wii!

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