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1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of time is a great game. It sometimes is a bit tricky but nevertheless is an amazing game. I think it should be a little lower on the list, maybe a five.

Well, this is when the internet starts to hate me. This game, is the very definition of OVERRATED! How games like super Mario Odyssey and breath of the wild don't make it too 10, but this game gets number one!? Sure it was a product of its time, so they fix on stuff... But most of these peoples reasons (besides the fact that it's genuinely a good game) is the fact that it's revolutionary. SO!? People don't love super Mario 64 because it was revolutionary to 3D platforming! Oh wait, they do... You even got what you wanted with twilight princess, and this is also the reason that superior games like windbreaker get bumped down! The graphics, and ocerina of time! (Personally, the graphics are astounding! ) My biggest problem, (besides this game being extremely overrated! ) Is the fact that it doesn't utilize time travel enough! Come on, seven years! And I hate trying going back and forth because I can't use items as a child or adult. To all those people who like the game because it's a ...more

I won't lie. I think this game is very overrated. Not overrated for dumb reasons like Sonic Adventure 2, but I think people give this game too much credit (that said, it's an amazing game). I see people treat this game like it has almost no flaws at all... I've gotta disagree! This game has too many flaws for me to call the greatest game of all time'
Flaws: Navi does not want to shut up,
Hyrule Field is barren,
The water temple is annoying due to bad item control design,
The soundtrack is weak compared to other Zelda games,
And the side quests can be very mediocre.
I'm sorry, but I prefer the 3D Zelda title called A Link Between Worlds. I feel as if that game has even fewer problems! Hyrule and Lorule Field are both interesting, the soundtrack is very good, the side quests were interesting, and I don't have a fairy tagging along with me that won't constantly shout "Hey! Listen! "

I'm sorry but its not because a game is revolutionnary that its one of the best games of all times. I mean Super Mario Bros is revolutionnary but I give you the challenge to say why Super Mario Bros 3 is not as good than this game. If someone in the comments said some good reasons of why Orcarina of the best game of all time I would shut up but that's not the case. Heck! Some people don't even say anything else than it's the best game! And compare to Majoras Mask sidequest, twilight princess items and Breath of the Wild (AKA: the second best game of all time) possibilities, Ocarina of time doesn't stand out, its just a good game overall. The story is very good however.

2 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

While I may not play this much anymore, when it came out I was obsessed with this game. With well over 600 hours of total play time (not even counting Project M), I can safely say that this is the Nintendo game that I have played the most. The introduction of 3rd party characters Sonic and Solid Snake really opened up the possibilities for the future of the series, and the sheer amount of content was staggering for a Wii game. The Custom Stage Builder was rudimentary, but serviceable enough to make some interesting maps for battles and couch-multiplayer "mini-games" my friends and I sometimes played such as Tag and Spike Pit. While Melee may be more competitively viable and SSB4 may have expanded on many of Brawl's aspects, Brawl will always have a special place in my heart as my most enjoyed Nintendo game.

I'm not going to try to state it as a fact by being like "ITS BEST GAME. SCREW OoT! " I'm going to state it more as my own opinion. And I speak for all of the Smash series on this one, not just Brawl. I've played Nintendo games since I was in diapers, and without a doubt the Super Smash Brothers series contains my favorite games of all time. I remember when I got my first Smash game, Brawl. I was a child, so if course I thought I was amazing. Until I found about the Smash community and the competitive scene. Right now I play every Smash game, from 64 to Smash 4. I highly doubt I will be stopping anytime soon with all of the fun I have while playing them. So without a doubt, Super Smash Bros, all four (or five with 3ds) games, are my favorite games ever.

This should DEFIANTLY be #1. If you are a big gamer you have to like this game. It has all of your favorite characters with their own stage and special powers. In this game, it can easily bring out each characters personality and skills. The extras are some of the best parts of the game. Also, for anybody that thinks its just stupid fighting, it's a lot more that that. There's a story mode, fun training and lots of skill-building mini games. If you don't like this game, play it.

WHY isn't THIS NUMBER 1?! It has all my favorite characters and more. I'm addicted to adventure mode, and the brawls are great. Great story line, bringing all of nintendos best games together for an epic game. Absolutely love it. All time greatest characters fom all time greatest game. I can make teams of people from other games. I love how the pokemon are added, ugh, perfect game.

3 Super Mario 64

This game was getting things right when other games had no clue. Movement was perfect and this was months before Tomb Raider. The analog stick was revolutionary and is commonplace today, as well as the many ideas implemented within the game. It set a standard for all 3D games to live up to.

If you see this game and complain about the controls, I suggest you try again someday and spend as much time as possible in the very first area it drops you into. It's actually the tutorial zone. Once you have the controls down, proceed with the rest of the game, and good luck!

If it wasn't to the fact that Super Mario Galaxy is linear-mode, I would have chosen Mario Galaxy. But Super Mario 64 was revolutionnary, the very-first TRUE 3D game of all time with awesome graphics for the time, and it's one of the few N64 games that aged well. It might be the best, even tough it's not my personal favorite.

Quit complaining about the ds version. It is super mario 64 + portability + improved models and graphics + better sound + new characters + more. The only disapproval is the d-pad, which can be fixed owning a 3ds.

I hope whoever put this game on the list is referring to the original N64 version because it is the best game ever!

The DS version? Not so much, but the N64 version is best!

4 Super Mario Bros. 3

My favorite game of all time by a wide margin, and I only got to play it when I was 21. After I played OoT as a kid, I was quite sure no game could provide me a more memorable experience, but this game proved me wrong. SMB3 is a blast from start to finish, and you can beat it a 100 times and it'll still feel incredibly fresh.

Super Mario 3 is my favorite Mario game and I just love all the cool abilities you get and all of the bosses you fight. I can't really expect a lot of hate from it.

Fun game happy music hard super nice gameplay cool bosses the relse of the koopa kids and some levels you can just fly over wit the super leaf like the cape feder in super mario world best game ever!

Why is SMB3 the only mainstream Super Mario game/cartoon with the Frog Suit?! Why does it even debut there instead of Mario Land?!

5 Super Smash Bros Melee

Unlike the other Super Smash Bros games, Melee has the aspect of being both a party game and an extremely competitive multiplayer game. There is no other game that has such a unique community and history behind it. I suggest watching "The Smash Brothers" documentary on YouTube if you don't know much about Melee. Best documentary I have ever watched. Sure, Wii U and Brawl has more characters, stages, etc but that isn't what makes Melee so unique and enjoyable. The fact that it's so simplistic on the outside is what makes it so fun for anyone. The more you play the more you realize how complex this game really is. Melee is the best mistake Nintendo has ever made. I doubt they could ever recreate what Melee has become.

At first glance, this game looks vastly inferior to its Wii sequel, with a roster of only 25 characters, half of which appear to be clones of each other, and a generally lower amount of features. What it lacks in miscellaneous extras, however, it makes up for with its vastly superior gameplay to Brawl. While in Brawl, the player feels like they are floating through an enormous glob of Jell-O, Melee's fast falling speed lends it to more immediate response, and is generally more fun as a result.

A loved amongst fighting game fans and its easy to see why. Unmatched gameplay in the series and a high skill cap makes it way more interesting to watch competitively than later smash games. But its competitive scene is just half of it, as the game boasts great single player content, an astonishing number of levels, and cameos to every prominent nintendo series at that point.

Awesome game! Played it when it came out, and am still playing it today. You can never run out of things to do. You can stick with silly battles on single player, or you can brutally train with your friends to become the very best at it.

That goes for the whole Smash franchise. They should all be grouped together on one spot and put at #1!

6 Super Mario Galaxy

Mario pretty much formed my childhood. I started off with the Wii and eventually moved on to improved consoles throughout the years, but never once have I forgotten about good ole Mario. But we mustn't forget about his Luma friends and Rosalina herself, right?

This game is a gem in the world of Nintendo. From the incredibly cliche but still amazing start to the character redemption-filled finish (come on, you can't tell me watching Bowser Jr. dancing on that Airship wasn't fun), you just never want to stop playing. I'm pretty sure I nearly cried the first time the credits rolled. The controls are impeccable, the challenge level is just right for its style, and the graphics are cutting-edge and crystal clear for a 2007 game. And the soundtrack is also incredible; I still listen to the single Family from time to time to fall asleep. All in all, Galaxy is simply a perfect game... I fail to see why it's not #1.

Oh man. Where to begin? This is easily the best Wii game of all time, undoubtedly the best platformer of all time, and definitely one of the best games of all time. It's that good.
The gameplay is unique and fantastic- it throws out all the rules of platforming and uses individual planets with their own gravity instead. Each level has its own unique idea and utilises the gameplay in a fun, easy way. There are secrets everywhere, the graphics and soundtrack are amazing, and all in all it's a masterpiece.

This game... Where should I start?... This game is fantastic. From beginning to end pure perfection everywhere. So much fun! Great graphics! AMAZING soundtracks! I can't fit everything I want to say in one comment... This was the first game I ever played and it will probably be my favorite forever.

Wow. I just LOVE this game. The idea behind this is the best ever. The sequal wasn't as good but there is one star that is impossibe to get (but then again, I am bad at this game) that my friend got for me but the levels are innovative and the power ups the introduced were so amazing, that I can't belive they didn't reuse most of them!

7 Super Mario World

I love this game! It is my favorite Mario game of all time! I just love playing as Mario and jumping on my good pal Yoshi.

This is more my Dads favorite game, so dad if you see this, Your daughter shared your likes to other people.

The game that defined my childhood. No game makes me happier to this day.

Amazing game with a variety of levels plus yoshi!

8 Super Smash Bros. Wii U

My favorite game on the Wii u. I will say tho, smash ultimate is better. It's not as fair, and a good deal harder, but that's part of why it's better. There's also loz botw which is just pog. But this game brings back a lot of memories and I really had fun with it

This is by far THE best Smash Bros. In terms of gameplay it is the most fair and has probably the most balanced character roster out of all the games in the series as well as the largest. It should definitely be above Brawl.

Why does people like melee and brawl more than this. Yes, I like them too but this puts everything good about the other games and makes them better. This also the most fair out of all of the games as well.

It's my favorite game of the top 10 and I'm kind of surprise that ssbb is second place. SSB wii U is for me the greatest smash game by far thanks to his cool selection of character and spectacular 8 players mode. Also, none of the characters are really OP like Pikachu in the original, fox in Melee and Meta Knight in Brawl making smash four well balanced.

9 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask is the most darkest and complex Zelda game, if not, any game by Nintendo that is "suitable for all ages". Though Majora lacked the amount of dungeons that Ocarina had, it made up for it with its amazing plot as a sequel to an equally great game. It was sinister enough with the impending apocalypse of the nightmare fuel that is a grotesque moon, but the fact that, after every attempt to help someone from their pains and misfortunes, it all resets after every 3 days, all to save the world from an equally emotionally strained kid wearing a cursed mask. The game definitely made my childhood great and memorable.

This game is Ocarina's younger brother. The biggest feature of the game is by-far the in-game clock. Everybody runs on a schedule and you'll never be able to do it all in one cycle.

They fixed certain things that Ocarina had issues with. Like swimming as a Zora for example.

There are tons of stories to be found here. All of them are dark and they get your mind to start wondering about the world and its inhabitants.

The only way to get the happy ending is to beat it!

A dark emotional tale with storytelling, character development, and world building that is matched by few works of fiction to date. Lots of side quests and collectibles with one of the series's most vivid worlds. Much more in-depth, varied combat and puzzle solving all thanks to the masks, one of the greatest features when coupled with other classic Zelda items.

Guitar hero isn't even a Nintendo game this list is just weird. I had no idea paper Mario was this popular, and I really don't think super smash bros deserves that much credit. I predicted number one, but I couldn't predict anything else. Majora's mask is my favorite Zelda game, and it would have either been this or super Mario 64, so I just went with this.

10 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Underrated I wish people would give this game a chance. This game has some of the best items and dungeons in the series and has a deep character roster. The game also has an excellent story. 2nd best Zelda.

Not my personal favourite that is super mario 64. But this is the best Nintendo game and the best game ever. It feels like a sequel or updated version of ocarina. The true zelda game not breath of the wild.

I will really try to like this game but Midna destroy the experience.
She looks like the kitten from Disney Bolt and with a bigger stone then her hole body

Awesome gameplay, awesome atmosphere, awesome story, awesome ending. One of the best games ever.

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11 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

I'll be honest. I didn't like the game at first because it didn't tell you what to do or where to g most of the time. And I hold true to that statement to this day, especially in the Forest Haven when you start. How the HECK was I supposed to know to roll into the great deku tree to get the chuchus off? But it does give you a huge sense of accoplishment when you figure out the puzzles. I also didn't like how Link can't jump, but this was my first Zelda game (except Botw) so I wasn't used to that concurring through ALL the Zelda games. Overall, great game.

This game is AMAZING! It's my favourite legend of Zelda game. He child like features and amazing sound track make a great game. Plus, the new hd version is super and I can't see and flaws. Sure, it can be annoying waiting and waiting in a sail boat traveling around, but the game makes up for it. There's been loads of times I've went to dragon roast island just to dance around to the music. Personally, this game should be in the top 3 at least.

The best Zelda game (until Zelda Wii U, hopefully). It easily has the best art style of any Zelda game, which has withstood the test of time. Yes, the sailing may be tedious, but it gives the world a vast, and epic feeling to it. The gameplay is still as fun as ever. This game should be #1

The wind waker is an unique Zelda experience that is unlike any other. The graphics are beautiful and the story is just as entertaining as Ocarina of Time.

12 Super Mario Galaxy 2

This is an absolute masterpiece. If you own a Wii, GET THIS NOW! Whilst I enjoyed the original Galaxy, this is much better, why is it lower on the list. The controls work well and the level design is amazing. It is also much easier to navigate than the original game and has 242 stars. I have completed this game completely and the amount of extra content is astounding. And the graphics are good, despite being on the not-very-powerful Wii. It is a shame that the new 3D Mario games aren't as innovative as this gem I really hope for Galaxy 3 soon!

This game continued what SMG 1 started. This, as well as the first one, is a masterpiece. The variety of levels, the mechanics, those graphics that pushed the Wii's little power to the absolute limit, the amount of levels and missions to complete... Everything. I will not forget this game. It doesn't deserve so.

I like Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's an excellent game, and my personal favorite 3-D Mario game. No, I'm not gonna say that Mario 64 is "better than the others 'cause it came first".

Best game of all time. Amazing use of motion controls and so much post game content you'll be soaring through the galaxies for years to come.

13 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This game is the best game Nintendo has created. Before this, I didn't play much Legend of Zelda. Of course, I played the original, and I also played a bit of Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, but other than that, I hadn't played it much. However, my father got me this game and told me he loved the old Legend of Zelda, and wanted to play this one to see if it was any good, and if I would like it. Then I got that first opening shot - one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. The graphics were absolutely beautiful, and the gameplay was awesome! I loved exploring Hyrule at my own pace and never having someone bug me to do the next quest. I adored collecting swords and shields and armor of all sorts of kinds. It was one of the best games I have ever played - no - the best game I've ever played. The story was amazing, character development was great, everything was awesome! 10/10

My favorite Nintendo game of all time. I grew up with the N64 and played OOT, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, etc but while these were revolutionary, never have I had as much fun as BOTW. I was skeptical of all the amazing reviews when this game came out, but I finally got around to buying it for myself and I completely agree. Never have I been so immersed in a game before. Go fast and play the story, or go slow, explore, find koroks, do side quests. It's all so immersive. And it looks beautiful every second I played.

There is no discussion, this is the best game nintendo has made. If you have ever played it through, you will understand. Although I may admit that I like some of their other games more due to nostalgia, I can't help but applaud the effort and time that they put into making this game so much better than any other nintendo game created to this point.

This game shines with so much polish and attention to detail its amazing. I have played my fair share of Zelda games and none have stood out like this one. I'm on my fifth playthrough already and I'm still not tired of it. Over all It is a amazing experience and my favorite game of all time.

14 Super Mario Bros.

This game resuscitated a dying industry and gave rise to the Nintendo empire. This deserves to be number one or at least in the top five. At least Mario World and Mario 3 are higher on the list.

It might not be as good as most games Nintendo made later on, but still, it is the one that started it all!

This should be number 1 this game saved the video game industry.

The most influential game of ALL TIME. Childhood favorite and still holds up

15 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

One of my favorite games of all time in my opinion! I love it SO MUCH! I played it non-stop when I first got it.

Of all the Paper Mario games I have played (and I've played almost all of them) this one is the best. It should be in the top ten

This is one of the best games of all time. It deserves a place in the top 10.

I put over 50 hours into each file. I've replayed it almost 25 times!

16 Super Metroid

This is my second favorite game of all time (right below Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga) And I've been playing it over and over again. After a mere 7 playthroughs I was already beating it in way less than 2 hours and in one sitting, and I enjoy every time because no playthrough is the same. The amount of sequence breaking this game allows makes it timeless, the soundtrack is fantastic, the controls are fluid (the wall jump is as well- if you can't do that, that's not the controller's fault, that's yours), and the replayability is out of the ROOF. Top off that with a simple yet incredible story, a heartbreaking ending, and beautiful graphics (even today), and you have yourself in my opinion the best game of all time.

And no, I am not blinded by nostalgia. First time I played this game was when I was 18, and I was blown away. I went in fresh, and I still agree that Super Metroid is, in fact, the best game ever made.

Why is Super Metroid not in the Top 10? Well, few people know how good this is. This website is based on votes, so it would be obvious for Metroid games to be low in lists like this. People don't play Metroid beause they think it is terrible. I consider it the greatest video game franchise of all time. Super Metroid is the best Classic available today, period.

Unbelievably detailed. The amount of care put into this game is almost unparalleled. This is without a doubt, except for possibly Breath of the Wild, Nintendo's greatest game.

Metroid is good. It should be top ten but it isn't as popular as stuff like Zelda. I firmly believe that this game should be in the top ten and that more people should play it.

17 Pokemon Red

Perfect storyline. Doesn't try to be deep but is still very intimidating and exciting to play through. The trainers you fight and the pokemon you use are iconic. Nothing beats the initial pokemania!

Why is Pkmn Red here? It had so many glitches. Not to say it was bad (because it was awesome) but there are definitely better ones like Emerald.

Why isn't this no. One this is my childhood in a nutshell? So life change fun and revolutionary, nintendo wouldn't be half as succesful if it wasnt for pokemon and mario series

I like blue more but Great game as I have both the American and Japanese version!

18 Star Fox 64

WHAT?! 42nd?! This is the most amazing game I have ever played. Unique levels, butt-kicking animals, easy-to-learn maneuvers, great graphics, challenging bosses, versus mode, training mode for beginners, different power-ups, and great critical reception. SHAME ON THOSE WHO THINK MarioKART DS IS BETTER! That game is bull-crap! Crappy graphics, impossible controls, pathetic battle mode, and shameful track selection. How the heck does that piece of crap compare to this cartridge of glory on a phenomenon of a console? HOW!

19 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

This is the best Smash game, hands down. Really happy they brought in more music, all the themes, and more fighters. Story Mode is also great. They even brought back one of my favorite characters, the Wii Balance Board, as a Dojo owner. Thanks, Nintendo.

Definitely, this is the most complete and viable game of the Smash Bros. series, both casual and competitively. It should be in the top 10, as the representative of the series.

It should be higher but I'm glad it's on the list.

Banjo Kazooie, Ridley, Inklings, Isabelle, King K Rool, Steve, Sora, Enderman, Sans, Doomguy, Cuphead, Vaultboy, Sephiroth.

Need I say more? Most fanservice a nintendo game had. This should be in the top 3.

20 Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

No doubt this is one of Link's most memorable adventures.

This game justifies the purchase of a snes. So epic!

This is ocarina of time just a tad worse.

Definitely my favorite Zelda game.

21 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

Wait… Wut? Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the game that Kept the SNES around for a whole year after it's original US cancellation date, the game that revolutionized Mario games and platform games in general? This isn't my favorite Nintendo game, but it gets my vote simply because it needs to be higher. MUCH HIGHER.

This game is so fun and cute! It has a fun storyline and adorable characters and enemies!

It's pretty good. Underrated game, but not worth the five rehashes of the same game.

This game deserves to be top 4. Seriously, this is one of the best games ever!

22 Super Smash Bros.

The combination of 3D models and 2D explosions just does it for me.

Face it, all 4 the smash bros games are perfection!

Ohh... these bring back memories!

23 Donkey Kong Country Returns

This game is extremely fun. The graphics are outstanding and nice gameplay. The controls could be less difficult, but overall this is a fun game you can enjoy with you and your friends.

This is so good. If you don't like it, something is wrong with you.

I played this game about 5 times. It is awesome.

It has awesome level design chanlegeing difficulty and loads of content

24 Paper Mario

If this one's referring to Super Paper Mario, or if it's just referring to whatever game the reader played, it deserves to be higher. The Paper Mario series is criminally underrated, and Sticker Star did nothing to fix that, but the first three are simply mind-blowing, with creativity, music, especially style, and all. Nintendo really needs to make a Paper Mario game that can survive the death of the Wii U, but is more play-alluring than Color Splash, a final note to the fans upset with Sticker Star.

A favorite of mine. Very cute and sentimental in its presentation. God tier battle mechanics with really solid mario style levels and events. Must play!

I loved this game and played it the whole way through, it's upsetting that the series didn't get very much recognition, I agree that it should've been top 10, the game was time and money very well spent.

How is this not number 1!?!?!? It has a confusing, but sad story, great villains, fun characters, colorful graphics, and best of all, perfect ending!

25 Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fire emblem is an amazing game. The characters are all very unique and different and they make you feel good about embracing what makes you different. I call it the "charming cast of weirdos." The meaning it gives off is also fantastic as the Villains are not all black and white. Some of them are good people who truly care about their comrades and are only fighting for their cause. (chapter 10 for example) I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone especially people new to rpg games.

This is my favorite game of all time an has bin there when I needed it most. It has amazing characters and good story I highly recommend this to anyone that love Fire Emblem or Nintendo RPGS or any RPG I love it that much an so does the community.

A great game that allows in game customization of your units like no outher Fire Emblem game before it. As well as the support conversations that let all of your "shippings" come true. All around this is a great game that I would recommend to anyone

Fire Emblem has the weirdest fans. Chrom is the only good character. The rest suck. Especially Robin and Corrin. Marth looks like a freak.

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